Jan Cox Talk 2599

The Front Man is Being Pushed


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Condensed Transcript

Jan Cox Talk 2599 – November 01, 2000

notes by CF  2008
Suggested title: The Frontman is Being Pushed

All I can talk about is what I enjoy talking about, and what I enjoy talking about is what I enjoy discovering or making up.
As soon as I started and found some books about this I was already quite well impressed that what I was, was asleep. What I needed to do was observe myself,what I needed to do was remember myself.
Being able not to let my consciousness get so involved, so identified with my own thoughts and passions that I cease to exist as an individual conscious person.
Being awake, being enlightened, is really realizing what’s going on. it is not a state, it is a realization.
You look out at life, you look at the grandest projects. the hoover dam, the space station. It comes from that one little area in our brain that produces conscious thought. This one small thing, this small area produced the Hoover dam, the space station.
When it turns on itself and tries to achieve enlightenment, it tries to awaken, to expand one’s consciousness.
Consciousness as we know it is not something tangible. Thoughts are not tangible. You can’t lay a thought on the table, you can’t weigh it, you can’t measure it. You can only measure its results when dealing with the physical world. Neurons have no mortar and bricks.
Neurons cannot move.  How are they going to expand themselves?
Thought needs physical action or they are nothing.
How are thoughts going to change thoughts?
Here is a picture I haven’t used. You wake up in the morning, there you are, its you, you wake up out of your dreams. There you are. You are conscious, your eyes are open and its you. “you” is like this thing that thought has pushed up to the front of the brain. This is beyond me saying “you” don’t exist. It is much richer than that. What I have found are richer pictures, which gave me additional help.
You take whats going on in your head as consciousness. That area in the brain that produces consciousness, that goes on day and night. That is your sensation of you. Besides the body.
I could almost see a little me. That the brain, in that conscious area, had conjured up and gave it a push. I picture something like the frontal lobes and the edge of a cliff. Its like up to the edge of where Life and “me” meet. And its as though the brain has pushed this me up there.
Its like your brain says go on, go on out there and it pushes it out there and its standing there in front and I can feel it literally. What I am describing is genuinely, spatially valid. physiologically.
The brain itself, the neurons in the brain, produces thought and thoughts end up with a sense, the feeling of me, the feeling of individuality. That can design and build a space station.
It exercises control to such a degree, that it can create destruction, that it can become addicted to alcohol,drugs, tobacco.
But one morning I woke up and my “me” turned around, it looked and understood what a fraud this was. It has literally been conjured up by the neurons in the brain and pushed out there and I simultaneously understood. I saw that the brain, the neurons that produce consciousness. when I’m saying the brain, thats what I mean.
The neurons must have some knowledge/awareness what they are doing. They are the ones producing thought.
I see the desire to awaken its neurons, the conscious part of the brain, realizing when those thoughts, when not engaged with problem solving, would be still and calm and act as a sentry.
Thoughts can be a sentry.
Your “me” looks over at the clock, sees the time and that little “me” can make your body get up out of bed.
It is not what it seems to be.  Neurons have conjured up this me, that human beings call themselves.
I see us trying to awaken, I see thoughts as the brain’s attempt to study thoughts. They push this ‘me’ out there.
Neurons in an area of my brain, they are the one’s that want to achieve enlightenment. Neurons can’t do it, so they have us do it.
The “me”; I can see it operating. The brain has me trying to wake up so the brain cells can figure out what they are. The cells are trying to find their own story of creation. The “me” up front, the “me that is “you” of consciousness. It is the spokesman, the spin doctor, the sentry.  It’s the frontman for our neurons. It is not in control, it is a frontman.
If you look over and see it, it is a great liberation.