Jan Cox Talk 2594

Flipping Criticism


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Condensed Transcript

Jan Cox Talk 2594 – 10/20/2000
Notes by JoeC

Suggested Title : Flipping Criticism

00:06 I was going to say some more about thoughts personifying,

00:46 Everyone has a stock footage of say, a sidewalk cafe in Paris, even if they haven’t ever been to Paris, that comes from movies and TV, and you forget where you pick this up.

03:57 It is part of what brings about the pathology of Man’s mind.

05:00 You begin to live lies because of Television and Movies, It makes it hard for us to distinguish reality from fiction . I could make an attack on this and it would not be that hard to support.

05:30 Below the non-conscious level of man, nothing you can point out about a man engenders a feeling of condemnation or criticism. It is only things in man’s secondary reality that this happens

10:07 Most people would see what I just pointed out as a criticism, but just as likely and more profitable a view is to see it as absolutely marvelous.

10:37 Being able to abstract things that are beyond your experience is what gives thought it’s power. I can also say that  it is absolutely marvelous for it’s entertainment value.

12:15 It could just as easily be taken as a criticism to say that people are living their lives vicariously and it’s just a short step from that to mental illness, to delusion.

14:31 Anything that can be seen by human thought can be looked upon as what is wrong with human thought.

16:26 Anytime you think a critical thought, you can benefit by seeing it as something positive and it is just as valid. The critical side will get you nowhere, you can feel the impotence of it. It should almost annoy you.

20:47 You let that which is mechanical go through you and then later you complain about it. That is what being asleep is.

21:22  You don’t argue with the critical thoughts, you can’t win, you’re fighting ghosts.

22:09  You can just as easily see it as benefiting humanity from a wider view.

22:39 Does anybody care to apply that to your own criticism of your own thoughts?  That’s when mirrors get headaches.

27:00  From one view any criticism is well founded, but it is equally the opposite from another view. Now, right quick , can you do that same thing to “your” own  attitude of your own state of conscious thinking?

29:00 Finding a critical view of what’s going on in your head is no problem, but can you turn that on your own view of your own consciousness, or a better question would be is, do you realize the difficulty in doing so?

29:54 Once thought is critical of itself, there is no relief.

32:01 Neurosis is merely thought being critical of itself, to a point that you are willing to pay for therapy

35:33  There is no relief of thought being critical of itself other than waking up to what’s going on.

42:17 If  people’s thinking gets too critical, their thoughts turn to dreams that other men’s thoughts have previously conjured up as a response and an attempt at treatment to thought being critical of itself.

45:02 Ordinary thought has no cure or it would have done it a long time ago, not only does it not do anything about it, it does not know the basis of what the criticism is.

47.09  Any criticism that your thought latches onto can be instantly seen as just the opposite, but can you take that same attitude and turn that on your own criticism, on your own thoughts about being asleep?