Jan Cox Talk 2578

Stalins of the Head


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Condensed Transcript

Jan Cox Talk 2578 Sept 15, 2000
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2016
Notes by CF Sept 2016

Suggested Title: Stalins of the Head

Begin: I want to point out to all of you here and on tape, I am very aware of everything I say. They are not slips of the tongue. And sometimes I say things for a reason and doubt whether the reason got across. No offense to you.

Talking to you folks is the only thing I take seriously in life. (Its not a burden) And I assume you know I do not have a serious cell in my body having to do with religion, nationality, or even nowadays my health.

05:00  Reads: “A True Yet Staggering Fact” “The dumber they are, the greater their taste for power.”  It’s true outside of you, regarding other people, and inside of you, regarding your own brain cells.

“Stalins of the Head” I had a picture of this. Pack animals, instinctively the alpha male, is not usually the smartest. He could be clever for a wolf, but in some sense he has to be the meanest.

Dictators, maybe illiterate, maybe the clever ones call themselves interim leaders, but you are thinking when you see them, “God, I hope I don’t have to sit beside him on the bus.”  It is not as extreme in elected politics but its still there.

10:00  The dumber they are, the greater their taste for power. I could probably make an ordinary, educated, person temporarily see this. I say it is also true for our brain cells. Geniuses do not have a taste for power.

If I point out, after a quick survey of human history, under normal circumstances,  its the opinionated, parochial, mechanical, nationalistic, views of human life,  that can be seen thru a pinhole, are primarily running your thinking; humanity’s thinking.

15:00  Consider Papa Joe Stalin, who killed twenty percent of the population, (ex. villages 3000 miles away with peasants and children, burned to the ground) because he got nervous about being overthrown, protecting his power.

I picture in my head, commingling with flashes you grew up with, views of life, that right behind your forehead there is a Papa Joe Stalin. With the insincere smile, the little wave, as he stands for hours watching his troops march by.

Consider: The dumber they are, the greater the taste for power. Why else would they kill each other to sit on a throne, or taking over some Podunk Country that is already broke? You can’t imagine an Einstein doing that.

Is not that the same situation in your brain cells, the whole world’s brain cells,  that seem to have the greatest taste for power? Why would things be arranged that the dumbest brain cells are those that naturally seek power?

My everyday brain cells, my everyday view of things, makes the past views, which seemed enlightened at the time, as pinheads compared to what is now the basis of my normal thinking. My older ideas were dumber.

20:00  I did not buy these ideas so how can you explain them. Everyone has the potential brain cells that are a little smarter than the ones in charge now to show up so why don’t the smarter brain cells show up?

Why don’t the brain cells wake up a little bit and maybe see ideas such as this? (Like, Hey what was that in my head?) Why should it be the dumbest brain cells have the taste for power?

Cultures all over the world have traditions when a child becomes a man, especially the males, where one begins (pretty much) to express opinions. It could be as simple as hating the same neighbor as the older males.

25:00  I can see parents shaking their heads as the kid is no longer cute and it is against the law to kill them. When the child hits puberty, starts expressing opinions, he has gone from being cute to a rip roaring, automically fueled, shit ass.

He is expressing opinions. He is expressing his own little Joseph Stalin. I can see it in his eyes. He is becoming a little man. How can you explain it is not the tolerant brain cells in charge but the mechanically, opinionated, Stalins in the head?

Next Item: You cannot be grandfathered into an exemption in criminal law, only the civil law. Civil law is between individuals. (property rights, lawsuits) Criminal law is law enforced on our behalf. (murder)

30:00  People in power exercise power so civil laws and criminal laws change constantly.  A liquor store in a residential community could be grandfathered and allowed to continue operating if it was around as long as a grandfather.

In criminal law, if you were executed for a crime and the powers that be, drop the death penalty, they cannot grandfather you back to life.  Allegorically speaking “being asleep” is not a civil matter, its a criminal matter.

Once guilty, always guilty. You can’t grandfather your way out or weasel your way out of being asleep/distracted/living in a dream.  (ex. maybe it wasn’t  that bad, I was asleep) Once guilty, always guilty.
And the other, that’s not true…. Well, It’s clear to me, so I will stop here.
END 36:35