Jan Cox Talk 2573

The Most Sleeping Word


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Condensed Transcript

Jan Cox Talk 2573   Sept. 4 2000
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2016
Notes by Cfish February 2016

Suggested Title: The Most Sleeping Word

Begin:  Reads: The Super Method; Do not think of yourself as engaged in a search for the truth or for correct knowledge to replace the fallacious ideas presently in your mind. Instead learn to recognize and accept that what’s actually at the bottom of the mind and everything of the mind is nothingness, a liberating emptiness.

Link the above to a related story about how man can take the subject of the truth/struggle to awaken as a most serious matter and that ignorance/fallacious ideas being unworthy of any note. But I say take a bass-ackwards approach and realize the truth is ridiculous/silly.

Folks like us, entangled with these ideas, may believe we are trying to replace sleeping/incorrect/distorted thoughts with correct knowledge/the truth.  It’s not necessary to analyze it in these words, but just check with yourself.

I submit to you that that is not the only way to go about it, and while I went to the trouble of digging up the bass-ackwards approach – it is not necessarily the exact opposite, the antipodal – but then, why not.

05:00  You can save time and effort by just glancing, a mind that says it has correct ideas/the truth about Life is a sleeping/distracted mind.  When the dog of attention’s little teeth are locked on some bumper/distracted and you catch yourself you think, “If I were more awake….” your mind not be visited by such bullshit.  That is not true.

10:00  I repeat there is another way of looking at it. (ex. If I were more awake I would not be a victim to sleeping/distracted thoughts.)  Anyone mildly attracted to seeking the truth/struggle to awaken is open to any discussion concerning “the truth.”

But I say it is an assumption/not true/meaningless (not being sarcastic) to believe you are struggling to awaken/seeking the truth. Even if you don’t see it as some expansive metaphysical sense,  and even if you believe you have abandoned the idea of seeking the truth.

Attempts to replace incorrect ideas/sleeping thoughts with correct ideas/awakened thoughts is not what is happening. And if you can see this, it will shake things up internally. You may believe/enjoy thinking you have new ideas/pictures of relationships with women/coworkers/Uncle Charlie…. that is foolishness.

It is the kind of pictures one labors under to ever get started. It is nothing anyone plans, no errors made in the beginning. In everyone’s struggle to awaken, be it zen, sufi, etc, they believe the thought or struggle to awaken is a superior thought and the other thoughts are sleeping thoughts, incorrect thoughts, inferior thoughts to be looked down upon.

15:00  Mechanical thoughts about a drunken father have nothing to do with waking up. (even if actually true)  Anything older than a split second ago is in the sleeping category. Your one thought of awakening should see that clearly. (Don’t know for sure if you have seen the thought of awakening)

I am not saying the idea the thought of awakening/correct thought is trying to replace the inferior/sleeping thoughts is incorrect (though I just did) but it is not the only way to look/approach it. You have weighted down a leg believing you are seeking the truth and that you are attempting to shed yourself of the ignorance you now have.

Check with yourself. Ordinary conditions would never consider that the belief, seeking the truth/struggle to awaken may not be correct. Having correct thoughts is not Buddha Mind or Sufi Mind. The human mind takes ideas about the truth seriously.

20:00  But I am saying the “search’ for the truth is silly, ridiculous as opposed to being quite serious. What could be more important, especially to my type of mystic, than  when the thought of awakening is in my mind; these lucid moments and I am no longer distracted.

I say that is illusion. Fallacious ideas/ignorance/sleeping thoughts are not serious. Calling them silly may be too strong. Slightly humorous maybe a better word. If anyone says they are awake/enlightened and describes it as a serious matter, they just fell into a deeper dream.

Nobody has ever awakened and saw “the truth” about things and saw anything serious. Seeing anything serious is being asleep. Usually, with you, I say something like other than death. Assuming you enjoy being alive.

25:00  There is a difference between being mistreated in life and paying any attention to it. I received an email from someone who showed flashes of understanding. He was whining about some problems and I wrote him saying among other things there are no problems in being alive, other than death.

He wrote back and said I did not understand/have tolerance for other people’s problems. That he did not fear death, but that he had other fears. (ex. hospitals, etc.) His thoughts felt exempted/exceptional to the fear of death.

30:00  How can you entertain your mind having ideas, that certain ideas are superior to others, because you surely have a problem or you would not continue to do this. But I say there is no such thing as problems.

I understand problems and where they come from. But I’m saying the word “problem” is the most sleeping word in the world. But if that is true how do you explain the fact you keep trying to awaken? If you say you are seeking the truth, trying to awaken, you are saying your ordinary state is a problem.

What if discovering the truth is not the problem, not the only way,  and not the best way, of looking at it?  A holiday of many questions.