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Pre Preconceptions


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Condensed Transcript

Jan Cox Talk 2572   September 1, 2000
Copyright Jan’s Legacy 2016, Jan Cox
Suggested Title:  Pre Preconceptions
Notes by CFish

Begin:  Reads: The reason that no one’s views or opinions, including your own, are of any use in getting to the “bottom of things” is that all views and opinions are “preconceived” and if that was not bad enough, they were never “preconceived” by the people who hold them.

Views and opinions arrive in your mind already preconceived and ready to rumble. How else do conversations flow so effortlessly between strangers and neither one knowing what the others going to say? All knowledge of secondary matters is not knowledge but opinions.

Thus all knowledge in things, in secondary matters, (ex. politics or religion) is preconceived and not representative of actual circumstances.  The words that constitute secondary matters are representative of nothing other than themselves.

05:00  What ordinary people call knowledge in secondary matters (ex. religion) are beliefs, opinions, and views. And if your mind’s preconceptions and opinions are listened to, you take them seriously, and its almost impossible not to listen to your mind.

10:00 Your mind may say it knows the difference between an opinion and knowledge but to put it bluntly secondary matters (ex. politics) are not tangible survival enhancements. Secondary matters are of that world that grows out of the mind.

The mind does not think about “what it thinks about”, as its momentary opinions.  A person’s mind does not think it is dealing with anything other than knowledge. You might want to think about why the mind came up with opinions, beliefs, and views.

15:00 The mind may say it does not have sufficient knowledge to go forward with a matter, but if you look, that is also an opinion. All opinions are preconceived even if they are seen as having value. If the opinion is made in advance it’s a preconception.

All opinions/views are preconceived decisions made about something beforehand. And they are not preconceived by you. If it is not knowledge based on objective realization, it’s an opinion.  And assuming you can see it, a preconception/opinion is something you already decided, a pre-judgment has been made.

20:00 How can you preconceive something? How can you decide about something  before you decided about something? Or playing dirty “what are you going to say next?” Ninety – nine percent of what people say has no significance. 

Someone emailed saying he enjoyed my writings which was followed by two or three paragraphs of how his life sucked. I wrote him back and said there are two kinds of suffering, worrying/whining about a root canal and having the root canal. And one is worse than the other; and most people don’t even recognize the difference, and then signed it Best Regards.

A few hours later he wrote back and said he understood and then went into even greater detail about how his life sucked. Normally that would have been the end of it but he showed flashes of understanding.

25:00  I then wrote a note back and stated, “After further study I agree with you. Your life obviously sucks. I guess I didn’t see it at first.” I didn’t send it. But what if I had, would it haveaccomplished anything? I guess it could have shook him a little.

But knowing people and their mind what would be the possibility of him getting anything from it? The reason I brought it up is to point out – it is damn near impossible not to listen to your mind. For the moment,  lets assume you can’t shut the noise of the mind off. 

Six billion people, minus a few, do not notice the noise in their head, that I rant about. Auditory adaptation, for example, is how someone working in a steel factory gets accustomed to the noise of the place. But there is a difference between cutting it off and listening to it.

30:00  You entertain the mind, take it seriously,  when you listen to it. Consider how it is almost impossible not to listen to the noise in your head, and then consider that if you do listen to the noise in your head you will take it seriously. It could be a task. (set aside and hour and just look)

You don’t think about taking seriously what goes on in your mind. That could be enough to wake you up. You never “not” take it seriously. The mind may say different by saying – there is stuff I don’t like and will argue the point. 

Which leads to “I am either a moron or engaged in self deception.” Finally down to good choices. What goes on in the mind, almost entirely, is nothing but preconceived opinions, prior judgements in secondary matters, (ex religion) that are shipped into you.

35:00  Your mind may make it sound like the preconceived opinion started out with one piece of knowledge, like stumbling onto  the wheel of an automobile, then later the chassis, and then later putting all the pieces together to make the automobile.

Except that is not what occurs and no one seems to notice. Preconceived opinions come to you full blown. They are not something you found. They are shipped in to you, fully formed, ready to go, right out of the box.

Have you ever been thinking and mid thought the opinion falls apart? Picture a tractor trailer driving by, and half way thru the tractor trailer just falls apart and disappears. (which can’t happen) Consider “have you ever had a thought going thru your mind and mid-way your mind went “wait a minute” the rest of the thought is not coming?”

40:00  First part of the thought/opinion was ok – what happened to the other part? It never happens and no one finds it curious. If preconceived opinions were your own you could take the credit and the blame. No one seems to notice the mind does not start blank. Here is the real point I am working up to tonight – “ Our lives are preconceptions.” 
45:00  Driving home tonight consider – everything I think (99%) is a preconception, and the preconceptions are not even mine. A preconception is not thought about before the preconception. A decent mystic could think about “how my life is a preconception.”

Preconceptions cannot be denied or confirmed. Unlike pre destination which you either believe or don’t believe. It may be  life’s sleight of hand to keep man from pondering “my life is a preconception.” Views/Opinions/Beliefs and the lives people lead are preconceptions.

Obviously it is something life does not want us to think about. I don’t know if it is true or not true. It is just a view I found on my own. It was just laying there, with a flipper hubcap on it. It started talking to me. “The lives men lead are actually preconceptions.”  

end 50:29