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Mind Is Infinitely Unstable ( Mush )


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Condensed Transcript

Audio of Jan Cox
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2015
Notes by Cfish August 2015

Suggested Title:  Mushy Areas of The Mind

Begin:  Something I find useful (can’t explain how I use it) is the interesting fact, that the first writings and oral traditions are all about God or gods. If you ask an ordinary person why, they would say it just proves how important God is. The minority view, Jan’s view,  would be why is there not another view?

05:00 What would six billion people say of another possibility/view for the flowering of consciousness? Consider/picture the first humans being conscious. Imagine the atoms of consciousness, firing up, thru all cultures, Thoughts just happened. And thoughts helped with survival/progress.

10:00 But how come this other view/possibility that thought could be other than God is in the minority? The very first writings and oral traditions (no matter the culture)  are of gods, not wars or love. (Unless the Gods were at war) Consider how different history would be without God.

The local ideas of God were mostly that they were invisible.  Greeks had their gods as invisible spirits living on Mt Olympus. (One hour drive from Athens with a good car) Bur what if the flowering of consciousness/talking part of the brain had been looked at in a different way?

15:00   I have no answer and have nothing in mind. I am just trying to get you to consider how the mind is infinite and infinitely unstable. (not mental illness unstable but mushy unstable) The mind is more like a three dimensional spiral than a merry go round.

20:00  The three dimensional  spiral is infinite and infinitely unstable and in  non physical matters the mind never gets to the root of the problem. It  is a simple observation but hard for the mind to see. No one knows (I don’t, you don’t) the root/first cause of non physical problems.

Even success in fields such as medicine, which extends life, have not been able to get to the first cause of an illness. No one sees, the human mind cannot get to the root of a problem. The exceptions being something humans did physically. (Build an engine, repair an engine)

25:00 There is nothing innately in the mind to stop the mind, which fits right in, with there being, no root to the problem.   From one view it is the mind’s greatest talent. (ex. technology) The mind’s speculations make progress in the physical world possible.

30:00 The arts, for example, when comparing twentieth century art to nineteenth century art, is not necessarily progress. You may like the new art better than the old art. (ex. Bach v. the Beatles) But who cares. It’s not progress. Its change.  And just step outside the arts (ex. politics and religion) and its social change not progress.

Technology extending life, is progress. The ordinary could see this for a second. A change in the taste of music, it maybe something you like better, but it is not progress in the sense that extending one’s life expectancy is progress.

35:00  People don’t mind the arts being attacked. (You can always shift the blame to the arts. It has always been on the fringes of society.) But when it comes to religion/politics, people’s personal darlings, people do not mind you picking on a pig in another person’s yard.

40:00  Avant Garde theories, concerning things like crime, regulate themselves. It is one reason people cannot see the mind is infinite. The mind being infinite is usually seen as being positive but for this discussion, the mind being infinite is why the mind cannot come to a definitive conclusion.

It is one of the reasons mathematics is singular. Mathematics reigns the mind in. In non physical matters math is where infinity is lacking. (You can still come up with childish questions like “what is world’s biggest number?”) But 2+ 2 = 4 all over the world. (day or night, hot or cold)

45:00  I find it useful to consider, that since recorded history – twelve billion or so people who have lived on the planet, few, if any have ever noticed,  that the mind cannot come to a definitive conclusion. (Getting to the root of non-physical problems)

If humanity had, then the question “How do we cure it?” (ex. the non-physical, crime, poverty, mental illness) would be of a whole new complexion. I don’t see how ordinarily anyone can even see it. I can barely put it in words.

In the non-physical affairs of man, the problems, the speculative theories, the treatments, and the mind never sees a definitive answer. (ex. What causes crime and then what cures it?) It is a mushy area for the infinite mind.

It is like the mind gets tired, it starts getting dark and late, and trying to follow the idea, the mind gets mushy, and wants to go back, and I say no, not yet, I want you to realize there is no end, to a definitive answer to a non-physical problem.

50:00 It is not the purpose of the human mind to come up with the root cause of anything non-physical. (ex. The mind’s idea of God) The mind does not have the ability to reach definitive conclusions, even if there is one. The mind can only speculate on the first cause, of anything, non physical.

The mind is made to speculate. It is what makes progress possible in the physical world. The mind looks at things but does not see them as they are – it sees them as they could be. Therefore it can damn near cure and treat diseases that were fatal a hundred years ago,

I am trying for a bit more scientific view of the mind. The fault is in not finding a first cause. It is the mind is incapable, even if there is a first cause,  of  ever seeing it. Even if the mind sees the first cause, all the mind could do is speculate on it. (ex. can I put it on a muffin and eat it)

55:00  When the mind speculates on the physical world, it benefits technology/survival (directly and indirectly). And when the mind looks at non-physical problems, (crime, morality, etc.) , the problem will not stay still because the mind is fluid, infinite, and unstable.

The mind’s speculations in the physical area, (technology/survival) is its prime talent. But in the non-physical area, (crime, morality, etc.) the mind’s speculations turn the problems into silly putty.  Constructively, me. you, six billion people, contemporarily, never even conceive that their could be another explanation besides God.

60:00  Understating, my view is closer to the truth, than the view of six billion people on the planet earth.  Knowing this, I am faced with the twelve billion people who have lived on the planet, who have never seen the mind from this view.

I find it useful to realize another explanation besides God.  Life is simple. You don’t have to look for the truth, you are stepping in it. Coming up with examples on your own would increase the chance of the usefulness striking you.

End   66:23