Jan Cox Talk 2531

The Mind can’t Grab the Mind


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Condensed Transcript

Jan Cox Talk # 2531  –  May 29, 2000
Notes by DC (Some of paper above is included here.)
Suggested Title: The Mind can’t Grab the Mind

00:09  First a little private note to you out there in the cities….change in format….My druthers is…that you still get together.

01:48  [Reads]  Throughout the history of this sort of thing, those interested have been told that to wake up to what’s really going on that you must understand the mind…the sole source of all things that fill the mind are feelings…

02:14  A man’s thoughts are not a statement of what he thinks, but of what he feels.

02:23  To take the mind seriously is to take a reading from a seismograph for an earthquake.

02:30  Consciousness is charged with registering and remembering the activities of feelings.

02:41  Feelings are constantly monitoring the state of the organism and its environment, and thoughts are their readings put into manipulable, abstract forms:  words, images.

02:52  Based on this model, thoughts are not actually “things” in and of themselves, but are just registrations of feelings which are supremely real and responsible for our survival.

03:11  When the mind is not consciously and specifically engaged in problem solving pertinent to your survival, it is a mechanical device which reruns, reaffirms and refreshes your memory of previous profitable responses to challenging situations.  Thus, daydreams can be viewed as the mind staying in shape, staying prepared to make quick, beneficial decisions whenever the feelings of our total organism are in need of such assistance.

03:47  Those with an interest in this sort of activity have been forever assured that they need to have a mind that is free of preferences to ever achieve enlightenment.   And yet, no such mind is possible, for the thoughts a man normally has have an emotional past for him, or else he would not be having them.

04:05  All feelings — passions of the body, you might say — are preferential, which is their purpose.  And since all thoughts are simply mental notations of some feeling, they too will always be preferential, biased and prejudiced.

04:24  From this model it is not sufficient to forever just study the mind.  You need to go deeper into the subject to get to the bottom of the mind.  Which will bring you face to face with feelings.  It is feelings that are at the bottom of the mind, not some other secret.

04:48  The voice you hear in your head is not the sound of your mind, but is rather the noise of your emotions sounding in your brain.  Thoughts are like a shadow speaking for an unspeaking object.

05:10  In your second-to-second existence there is no comparison whatsoever in the importance between feelings and thinking.  Compared to feelings, thinkings have no importance.

05:24  Even though all thought comes solely from feelings, at any given moment the words and images in your mind may or may not bear an apparent direct relationship to the feelings of the moment.  You could, from this perspective, even say that feelings are your real self and thoughts your illusionary self.  The reality of this would also throw bright light on the seemingly endless conflict men say they experience within themselves.

06:01  And I have named a certain method vis-a-vis this alternative model by the name of the acknowledgement of the obvious, whereby you see quite plainly in both model, theory and actual practice, that thoughts are not separate entities unto themselves but are merely registers of feelings, file clerks for emotions.  And thus, all attempts to directly ‘deal with thoughts’ in some metaphysical fashion is pure foolishness….

06:47  I urge you to try and abandon all concerns for thought and the mind.  Don’t struggle with them.  Don’t look at them.  Don’t even think about them.  Cause yourself to be aware that you’re always being run, directed and controlled by feelings, not by any thoughts you may be having….this type of feeling has nothing to do with the way you physically feel.  It is having awareness that feelings are all you intend to notice.  And when you discover your own way of doing this, you’ll experience immediate freedom from the annoyance that you feel being apparently captive of the mind.

[ Finishes reading ]

07:38  Looks like it would be appropriate to me to maybe right now give a good solid commentary on yak, yak, yak, yak….

08:04  You know, when you are free from having your consciousness, your awareness, drowned, overwhelmed, carried away by thinking it makes you supremely aware…of the reality of what I just got through talking about inwards.  And that is, the inanity….no one could ever wake up without the words of someone else…but then the curious part is:  if it weren’t for words, we wouldn’t be in this condition.

11:07  For the last several nights I have…tried my best to refer you to try and fix your attention…it’s not trying to stop thought, not to me;  that’s not the way it’s done…you have to be able to do something else.

12:50  I can see that there have been many people who faced up…to the problem of trying to stop thought.

16:57  Well, if I can’t stop it, I’ll control it.  I’ll stay more alert to it…you try all of that…I found none of it satisfactory…

17:42  And you finally have to realize that this is the way we’re structured:  that what we call consciousness, what we call the mind is made to think.  That’s its whole purpose.  And if you don’t have any particular reason to think, thinking goes on anyway.

21:00   What I’ve been describing to you is the closest thing to a trick, a continual trick.  In fact, to me, it’s a little more than what I call a trick.  But you can’t do it on the basis that “I am not going to think.”

21:39  The mind can’t grab the mind.

24:37  If someone tells you that the way to achieve Buddha mind…is to always remember the awakened Buddha….if you hear that, you’ll think about it….and you can believe that you’re doing something worthwhile…

26:05  Somewhere along the line, people realized the futility of trying to stop thought.  And so they divert their attention.  Rather than me wrassling with my mind, I’ll turn my mind over to Buddha….whatever it is, it’s something outside of you.

28:04  …It’s really physiologically unassailable that thoughts, in their purest, original, basic form — well, in all their forms — they’re an outgrowth of feeling.  Because it is feeling, it is sensation that keeps us alive.  It is sensation that produces all of our thoughts.

29:30  We do not have silly feelings….you see very few people past 60 and 70 years old jumping up and clicking their heels and hollering “Wheee!” and throwing out daisies as they skip through the field.

30:13  All feelings have to do with survival…the whole point of feeling is to have you reacting to life…

30:22  If we didn’t have feelings we wouldn’t think.  There would be no need to think.  It would serve no purpose.

34:36  [Thoughts] are feelings with a voice….something stuck on top of a feeling…

36:07  If you can’t stop thinking, and it does you no good to decide not to…[if you could never again think about being asleep, would you be enlightened?]…What if you could do something else?…imagine a guy who’d been trying to control the mind for years and years….

41:12  If I’m going to do something to keep from being tied up in thinking;  if that is the source of what I call being asleep…what can I do?  Well, you’ve got to turn your attention somewhere besides the mind…you have got to turn the mind’s attention away from itself.

44:32  If you see the nature of the mind, what have you seen?…You see feelings, because that is the nature of the mind;  that’s at the bottom of the mind.

45:11  You need something else to look at.  Look at feeling.

45:20  It’s not to look at how you physically feel ’cause everybody knows how they physically feel…be aware of feeling, not of how you feel….don’t let it become some form of hypochondria…if you try it and you think, “I’m trying to do something, but I’m not sure just what it is,”  you’re right on it.

47:27  It’s emptiness.

48:06  It will stop your wanderings in time.  It brings you back to the present;  you don’t have to try.  It just makes you aware…you’re just here.

49:03  And it’s not the same field– it’s not the same thing as feeling of struggling to stop thought, which is attempting to stop a train with your tongue, or your eyebrow.

49:21  I’ll say one final thing.  How about this — I’ve been holding this back.  It’s…almost as though you can mentally turn away from the mind.  That’s why I warned you, or pointed out two meetings ago when I first started this that if you listen in a certain way, what I’m about to talk about can sound as though it’s just the opposite from what I’ve been urging you to do.
But it’s not to denounce the mind…it’s just almost as though you can mentally turn away.

51:16  It’s like a crowd of people I don’t want to fool with…it’s like this mess over here, and I can just sort of cut my eyes and look over them…it’s like you refuse to make eye contact.

53:06  I remind myself:  “Feelings”.

55:05  What made me get that glass of water?  It’s not an answer like “I was thirsty.”   I say turn your attention, turning your awareness on feeling rather than thought can bring on — can produce something along the lines of realizing who it is, what it is that’s running you.  Because it’s not thinking…[when] you’re back in thinking you never remember that ‘thinking’s not running my life’….When your consciousness consists only of the thinking there’s nothing to say it’s not running your life….It’s not possible to question it.   Which nobody else has any need to, but I say that’s what the whole struggle to awaken’s about.  But, then again, I say a lot of things.