Jan Cox Talk 2530

Being Freed From the Affliction


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Editor’s Note:  2529 and 2530 are a pair.  If you listen to the first, be sure to listen to the second.

Condensed Transcript

Jan Cox Talk 2530 – May 26, 2000
Notes by DC

Suggested title: Being Freed From the Affliction

00:09  I trust that some of you tried to pursue in a practical way what I was talking about last time.

00:50  As I was saying last time, when I was mentioning that my easiest, most efficient description was that you turn your attention on feelings rather than the mind, almost the opposite — or it may appear to you to be the opposite of what I’ve been talking about.

01:38  I do want to say one more thing about what it’s not and what I don’t want to say.  You can’t think about the fact that you’re turning your attention on feelings much past that, because it’s not an analysis of feelings…

02:43  Thinking was not the problem;  it was emotional thinking.  It was not the problem of eradicating or even controlling thought.  It’s a matter of controlling emotional thought.

03:24  The thoughts you have are all emotional because…thoughts come from feeling…the continual monitoring that our complete system does…it is continuously monitoring you and your environment.

04:30  …how ludicrous that is, that is the difference between you and the environment, the perception that there is any difference…

05:01  There are no thoughts lest they arise from feeling.  So, there’s no such thing as a non-emotional thought.

05:28  When you are bored…you will seek some stimulation…call up an enemy.

09:00  Every thought you have is prejudiced.  Every one of them is emotional.

13:41  [Problem solving] is the only thing that approaches non-passionate, non-emotional thinking.  Everything else is emotional thinking….[not excepting the thought “I want enlightenment].

14:55  We could say the way to awaken is to be conscious and not have any thought.  Now, that’s about as plain and direct as it can get.  Does anybody believe that that’s possible?…Can you do that?

16:26  …not to allow your mind to engage in thoughts that automatically appear:  that’s all it takes.  If you can do that, you’re awake, you’re enlightened and you’ll see all kinds of things you didn’t expect….but with just that information, you can’t do anything with it.  You have got to find a way to do that, because you can’t decide “I will not think.”

18:19  If it’s “my” mind, do I have no control over it whatsoever?  Why do I naturally say “my mind”?

19:38  How do you keep thoughts out of your mind?

21:17  If you don’t realize yourself…the sheer lunacy that you have a mind, that you have thoughts, then when someone says that the way to awaken is not to allow thoughts into your mind except those you decide to allow…you’re a dead man…

22:26  My method of taking attention away from the mind…there’s really no feeling involved with this…

23:24  The condition that I do not like, have struggled against, that thing does not exist by itself:  thoughts, daydreams…they are shadows, they are measurements, they are gauges.  They are not even measurements;  they’re reflections of the measurements, the monitoring that feelings are doing, all of the time.  And when nothing particular’s going on…then it simply flips through the memories.  It stays in practice….

24:42  So, to turn your attention on feelings, to try to turn your awareness — truly, it’s non verbal…

25:24  You have to say to yourself…”Alright, let’s see if I got it straight, what he said:  I’m going to try and turn my attention away from the mind instead of trying to apply it to the mind.  I’m going to turn it on feeling, and plus he said, ‘Don’t think about feeling;  you’re not trying to analyze how you feel.’  It’s just turn on feeling…you just turn on feeling as opposed to thinking.”

25:49  After you have an awareness of what you’re doing, I have always found that it gives a freedom from chasing your tail, trying to deal with the mind, trying to deal with out-of-control thoughts, trying to deal with consciousness, that by any reasonable observation seems to be out of your hands…seems to be being operated by some other force than yourself….It becomes truly irrelevant;  you’re just free of it.  And it’s the easiest condition I have found to hold.

27:04  This is somewhere close to the way I make it work:  You’re suddenly aware that you’re about to — it’s already right behind the door.  It’s about to come out and to take over:  some daydreams about something or the other.  And once you get familiar with this, you’re always aware that all of them are in some nature…either whining or aggressive in some way.  You don’t daydream about mathematics.  So, I’m aware it’s coming on…it’s like you can pre-think a thought without having to think it…and I remind myself “I am not presently dealing with thinking.”

29:32  But I tell you what:  it gets the job done.

30:00  You can’t be without feelings, but you can be without the affliction…of your feelings having been turned into thoughts.

30:19  The only thing I want you to be interested in is to do it.

31:33  To be able to empty yourself of emotional thinking, thinking that has feeling with it, prejudice…to be free of that, all you’ve got is how you feel.   I say it’s not bad.

35:23  Do you realize that you never, ever daydream about the present?

38:37  All ordinary daydreaming had its origin in feeling.

40:41  I always looked for some switch that I could throw, once and for all.  This is close.  Almost the opposite of everything I’ve been talking about the last few years…

42:53  I’m telling you that what’s at the ‘bottom of the mind’ is feelings.  I’m saving you the effort.  That’s the nature of thought — is feeling.

46:15  It’s just ‘my awareness will be on my feeling.’

47:33  An awakened mind is not difficult to achieve.  All you have to have is a mind that’s not picking and choosing.

49:40  Criticism of other people is at heart survival technique.

51:01  Most people never get to the point of realizing, “Well, that’s not me doing it.”…if you ever get that far, it’s a short step….to realizing, “Well, wait a minute.  When did I ever decide to have any of the thoughts I had?”

51:39  People never seem to realize that every thought they have is prejudicial….preference is some kind of feeling.

53:35  Rather than doing away with thoughts, turn your attention on the thing, the source of prejudice.

54:03  If it empties you out and you don’t like it, I’ll give you your money back.