Jan Cox Talk 2524

Separating from the Script


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Condensed Transcript

Jan cox Talk 2524  –  May 12, 2000 Notes by DC
Proposed Title:  Separating from the script

01:30  Reads from Cornell research showing the most inept tend to have greater confidence in their correctness than the more intelligent.

04:10  [Reads News Item}  The mind is like a dramatist who writes a script that a man then takes to be reality.

07:19  Once you take the script as reality, ordinary men never remember [they’ve written it].

07:48  Such things as religion…are just an absolute concoction of the mind.

07:59  In the last two weeks, two of the major weekly news publications in this country, the most powerful, educated, sophisticated country in the world..had cover stories on a 21st C. examination of hell, and on the crucifixion of Jesus.

09:15  I found this very useful…a man sat down one day…and wrote out this story…that the evil are punished after they die…but then the mind of man forgets that he wrote the sonofabitch.

12:20  That’s exactly what happened, the idea of life after death…all of it.

14:02  You have to take the script [no preventive upbringing possible].  Specifically what the script does is produce this illusionary self, that you’re the character in the script.

14:25  We have a real self, which is why I can say ‘illusionary self’.  You have — an it’s an instinctive self.  And the illusionary self, of course, is not totally illusionary because it is a product of your instinctive self;  it is a reflection of it.  It is hamburger that went through the steak of the instinctive self;  it was ground out.  But it is an illusionary self in that it is a character that came about in you;  it is a sensation, a prolonged sensation that came about in you after the mind has composed this drama that you take as reality.  That is done first…and then you the character, this thing that “I am a self” — not my instinctive self, you’re always that — but the self that people think they are is not your instinctive self.  It’s not.  If you’re awake — if you were wide awake, if you were whatever the hell that is, if you were permanently and fully awake, enlightened and liberated, then what you take to be yourself is your instinctive self.

16:06  As I keep saying, “Everybody knows what’s going on” — your instinctive self knows what’s going on. And I say, in one way, your illusionary self knows that it’s illusionary.

20:36  The illusionary self is the thought-based self that arises, like in a dream, amidst thought.

20:56  The more you are based within the world of thought, in the world of illusionary self, the more concern you have over the fragility of that self.

21:33  Your sense of reality naturally flows from this illusionary self, not your instinctive self.

25:16  When you’re living in that illusionary self, when you take your thoughts to be you, which is synonymous with being asleep, when you do that then that self pretends that your reputation’s important…but then your instinctive self, if it is brought to bear, such as the doctor tells you you’re dying…then that puts a shock into your illusionary self.

26:46  The script does not correspond to life;  no one’s does…an extraordinary shock interrupts this.

29:00  I look around here nights and sometimes I have an impression, a fairly distinct one, that many of you don’t do a damn thing, that you don’t make any effort whatsoever to do anything.  You just come here and listen to me and that you don’t do anything and it’s –in a sense, you leave it to me to hem and haw and huff and puff for all of us.  And it seems like to you, evidently, not only do you find this entertaining at the very minimum, but you may feel as though you’re making progress, but some of you, I’m fairly well convinced, you don’t do a damn thing.

31:20  [Back to guy inventing hell story].  Asses purple and green.

34:07  What drives the search for enlightenment, all of it…is the thing that there’s one thing that’s not possible to understand.

34:35  When you take the thoughts that you have to be you…if you don’t look and see that it’s not there…operating from an uncritical acceptance that that is yourself results in…you take that voice in your head to be there, you take that voice to be you…there are 4 results…the illusionary self does nothing but DESCRIBE ITSELF.

40:35  Zen story re put your mind down here and I’ll straighten it out for you.

41:05  If you take it as being you, uncritically…here’s the 4 things…it will cause you to give reasons where none exists;  it will make you give descriptions — it will make you give explanations where none exist;  it will make you hear a voice speaking when there is none.  And what it really does…is it makes you believe that you are exercising control, when control is not a part of your vocabulary.  Control of your life is not part of the reality.  It’s a part of the script, but I’m telling you that drama is played in one theater…

44:44  There’s a character in a play…if we could jump in Hamlet’s mind and say “Are you in control?”

47:50  A man who believes that he is in charge of his life…is severely misinformed.

48:32  May I put if to you this way:  the major purpose of the illusionary self is that it serves as a focal point around which men weave their dreams that they are in control of their life.  It is how men manage to survive and to tolerate living in what I usually refer to as the secondary reality.  It is the script, it is the drama that the mind writes of reality which does not correspond.

49:13  …whether you and I are from the same species or not, I say that from one view that is what is at the basis of what disturbs people like us, the would-be mystics, is the disparity between everyone else’s descriptions, reasons, explanations, their scripts of life, is so far removed from our view, from the reality of life that we can never accept it.

50:41  [Smart asses} The world is full of critics.

53:24  It’s very common for kids to go through that stage of pointing out that the emperor has no clothes…you must accommodate yourself to secondary reality or else you end up like us.

54:32  There is nothing in the secondary world that’s important.  If you live in the secondary world, it is important.  “Talk about a self, have a self”.

55:30  People like us arise out of the fact that we never accommodate ourselves over the disparity.

56:29  There is this secondary reality floating just a few inches off the ground…it’s like a cloud that starts at the neck and goes around the planet, and from the neck up everyone is living in a secondary reality.  It’s tied to the first reality;  it arises from it and for life to be as it is today, it is necessary…I’ve got no problem with it…but that is the problem that people like us have:  is that the two are played in two different theaters.

58:14  Secondary reality is composed of the two being taken as so intertwined as to be inseparable.  That’s what I say is being asleep.

58:38  All you’ve got to do is see it and be able to remember it.  That’s all there is to it.  And realize that that script is not reality and that which runs the script, that which is playing the drama out in your head is not you, unless that’s all there is to you.  And if it is, then that’s you.  There’s no way out.  But if you see it’s not…well, if you see it’s not, then don’t mention it, because then it is.  See, that’s the problem…