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Organs, Hormones and Neurons Decide– Me, My Thoughts, My Voice Take Credit…


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The News

2021 -1
what you’re up against when you undertake to awaken:
the presence of thoughts creates in each person the illusion that they are in control of their life.

0 2021-2
the position you’re actually in when this struggle you begin:
there is an eye witness in each person but whose-telling of any incident conveys the impression that he was in fact-its-instigator.

an enlightened man’s: declaration of interdependence:
organs, hormones and neurons decide;
me, my thoughts, my voice take credit.

“officer, arrest that man over there;
he was only a witness to the accident, but now he claims to have caused it.
throw him in the slammer over night and maybe he’ll wake up and come back to his senses.”

2021-4 ‘
thoughts give man the freedom unknown to all other creatures whose lives are limited to their programmed responses,
but thoughts also produce in that same area of the brain, a sensation of captivity, known to none save man.

Compared to a snail, man is awake,_ (we should actually say):
compared to a snail, homo sapiens with thoughts are awake, but then comes this:
compared to ”men-with-thoughts”, those who understand thinking are really awake.

A reasonable question: what is it like to “understand thinking?”,
it is like understanding nothing? — not the same as having no understanding
of anything,
but is like understanding in an area that everyone else sees as blank,
non existent even.

It is like an understanding of understanding,
like an understanding of nothing, but also of not-nothing

if you try and mentally look inside your own brain, into your own thinking, you discover that there can only be either the thinking, or you trying to look at the thinking.
(then comes this):
you’re either asleep, (as the mystics would have it), or you’re aware that you just were. Let’s all give a cheer for the term, “just were”…I just were me.’

“fatalism” would be a viable theory only if man were passive in regard to life; only is we were “objects” that life does stuff to,
but we are an active part of life, and thus life cannot ”do” anything to us.

For things to actually happen to us we would have to be something
apart from life — something outside of life, which is obviously ridiculous, upon even minimal consideration.

The reality of fatalism would be in the inanity of the air molecules in your lungs demanding to know:
“what the hell are we doin’ here?”

2021-6 ‘
one man who was already troubled by the kinds of things that trouble the
would-be enlightened,
troubled himself even further by realizing that, did not the thoughts
in his brain create in him the sensation of a “him”
there would be nothing in his life capable of being troubled.

The liver and lungs are never still,
but at least they don’t make a big, noisy deal out of it.


every day ‘this one man would discover. Something new concerning wakening”; and wondered if there would ever be an end to it, and the day of the final awakening arrive:
his ‘eventual realization that there was no end to what he could discover new concerning awakening
was his ultimate awakening.

And the universe said to a certain man’s son:
“look you punk, this universe isn’t big enough for us both.”)
And the boy’s father said; “yes it is; you know quite well where he came from.”,
and the silent universe fell silent again in recognition of the
local truth when it heard it….(which is to say, when it heard it say it.)

Possible moral,(if you want it):
you can “wake up” a little every day — and never actually, “wake up” — or you can look into the matter of being able to “wake up” just a little every day and see where that takes you.
(hint: it’ll take you the only place you can go,
…which is where you want to go whether you know it or not.)

Does what you know come from your “thinking-about-things”, or from your “witnessing things”?
Many are inclined to say it is from their “thinking about things”‘ but what do men think about other than things they have witnessed?
What is routine thinking other than a note-taking, and some times, analyzation of what has been observed via our combined senses?
So what is our usual, “thinking about things” other than an, “after the fact” notation thereof?!
No one save those such as we ever have occasion to “think about things” that have never — nor will ever, occur.

(this ”fact alone would account for the singularity of our activity.)

A mirror looking at reflections of itself and wanting to make alterations there of is like what’)
a hand attempting to grab itself?
A foot trying to step on itself?
A tongue struggling to lick itself?, a.-.man attempting to dance with himself
.even this: an unenlightened man seeking enlightenment.

See, here’s the fun house situation of: thoughts going in, and
thoughts coming back out:
only an unenlightened man has any cause to seek enlightenment — but: a man unenlightened will forever go about it incorrectly.
Or perhaps you’d care more for the carrousel version:
a man must be aware that he is actually ignorant as to what’s going on
to be motivated to find out what is going but:
until a man realizes what’s going on he is trapped in the irrelevancy that
constitutes the natural circumstances of not knowing._

or: as long as you passively accept that reflection in your brain’s mirror to continue pointing to itself and saying, me me, me!”, frustration and disgust can be all too familiar.
The way to break out of this petty irritation is to look head on at
matters such as these, which seekers-of-enlightenment have historically
taken as extraordinarily complex, but which are shamefully simple; ask yourself;
why is it so difficult for you to control your mind? So hard for “you” to “remember “your self, to continually “observe” your inner self.

 2 02 1 – 1 0
the strangest news item of the day:
a man in Oklahoma for years believed that the-words ‘men speak are synonymous with what they’re thinking;
that words are simply a verbal manifestation of thought,
but today he has announced that upon finally giving this notion a head-on, ‘look-see” he has discovered that what he might say at any given instant may bear no relationship whatsoever with what is going on in his thoughts.
He says that he is truly astounded by this realization,
and flabbergasted that he didn’t bother to notice before now.
Hummmmm hey, I don’t know if that’s all that strange.

the less civilized, (mentally oriented) a people are
the less technological progress they experience
due to them lacking a view of their environment as being something
apart from them to be manipulated’ or overcome.
They feel “one with it”‘ and thus do not enjoy a more sophisticated form of distraction.

2 0 2 1 – 1 2
a man inquired internally:
“how is it that I come to be in this condition I so dislike?”, then asked.: “how does a mechanical’ registering device come to have feelings, pro or con
about the matters it makes note of? And stranger still:
how comes it to have’ judgmental feelings about itself?!”
What kind of mechanism has problems concerning, “self-image”?,
what sort of reality ‘suffers from ”low self esteem”?’ Does our universe perceive of itself having flaws and shortcomings
via man’s mental cognition of it _and, subsequent commentary about it.

And someone ‘says .
“I do believe that I understand the circumstances that you’re describing, but even while seeing it, I am totally bewildered; as to why life should be
so arranged.” No sir, you are not bewildered — thoughts are,
and even they are not,
they just think they are.

there are no vacant corners in the ‘universe into which the universe can go
from which to look, at itself and be “bewildered”, by what it sees.
…you see:
the universe, (being an indivisible entity), is naturally awake & enlightened, and offers an on going example for its internal parts who might care to
join it. (like they went off some where to begin with.)

2 0 2 1 – 1 3
give up sequential, “cause-&-effect” thinking;
don’t fret over questions of: “what past events have brought about
these present circumstances?”,
instead try and picture. All possible events going on simultaneously at
this very moment,
and even then ask yourself: “all possible events combined at this instant: what
do they signify?, what do they mount to?.”

Think vertically rather than horizontally.;
think of things as “all bunched up” instead of, “all strung out”.

Don’t let thoughts focus on just what’s happening to you at the moment, but think about what’s happening in every possible place simultaneously
at this exact instant,

if you’re not extraordinarily weird and careful, here’s what happens:
from fragments and echoes of long ago dreams do the thoughts always in you create the sense of you.

a boy asked his father:
“what’s it like to have a son?”, and he replied:
“like knowing how to be-free, yet returning to captivity.”
a boy asked his father:
“what’s it like to know how to be free, yet return to captivity?”, and he replied “like having a son.”

If you produce progeny, you create your own prison.
“oh doctor. Come look.: this mirror just gave birth to a little boy.” “nurse, you’re hallucinating again.”

He who lives by reflection, never dies. (its actually worse than that): he who wants to know what’s going on and who lives by reflection, never gets fully alive to begin with.

The life they lead in their thoughts is total illusion, same as everyone else, but,
everyone else isn’t bothered by it.

Every person’s brains produces an off spring; the child is imaginary;
being enlightened is in finally figuring this out.
By by, pa pa, you were almost real.”

0 2021-15
the speaker opened his remarks with these words: “what I am about to tell you
even though I made it up is so incredible that even I can hardly believe it.”
And in an adjoining room occurred this conversation:
“you think more of that damn motorcycle than you do me!”
“yeah, and your point being? “

verdict: all too often do people believe they know what they’re doing — right up ‘til it’s too late.

“knowing-what’s-going-on” acts like a filter through which your thoughts, (and, feelings-into-thoughts”), are stripped of all useless preference, and their illusionary sense of being anything “personal”.
Thus you do not have to picture the aim as being the stilling of all mental activity, but rather its sterilization,
thus allowing a purification of your reactions thereto.
A man who knows what’s going on
knows how to handle thoughts so as to always have,
“clean hands”.
…(from one view that’s all that being enlightened adds up to.)

one man’s method for breaking through was to question everything he did, said, or thought until he realized the reality behind his apparent ability to question himself,
“question what self? Who’s that doing the questioning’?
In fact, how’d this other person ever get inside here with me in the first place
….what “me”?, what “other persons” hell-lo??

2021 – 18
yet another definition for “being awake” is:
a condition wherein the routine thoughts the brain runs thru you are no longer of any significance or interest,

one man presents himself with the following insight:
“the joy of using a typewriter is that,
(since no one knows what they’re going to say next).
Seeing your words appear there on paper as quickly as your fingers can move let’s you know as fast as possible.”
He paused and looked intensively — then curiously at the paper from which he had read the above….screwed up his mouth several times then said: “well, it made sense when I wrote it ??”

Oh yeah, I forget to tell you:
the reminder man came around today to remind you that: “all comments about man morph into criticisms.”
Well .now that I’ve brought this up; I never did tell you about the, in your face man’s visit wherein he announced that:
“anything you even say about man merely reveals your total ignorance.”

0 2021-20
everything the mind sees in the universe has form; the universe itself has no form;
the universe and the mind are similar in a way not normally noticed.

a simple fact, but — super vexing:
no one’s ever wanted to “wake up” until they’ve gone to sleep —- and then it’s a little late, (don’t you think?!)

Friends, do not let this happen to you!
Oh!, really?!,
well, I too regret that I didn’t get here sooner to mention this but things have been so hectic around here.,
it beiin′ pickin’ season and all

okay, set down those pails & baskets, and listen up; an even simpler fact:
being upset that you’re asleep, (now that you’ve heard about it) makes your brain feel annoyed with itself —
— and what purpose that serves
I challenge you to say,
the difference between a dog and a man is that a dog is not asleep.
The difference between a dog and a man is that a man believes he can awaken.
The difference between the cortex and the rest of the brain is that the cortex says that it is asleep and has made itself believe it.
The difference between the intelligence of a dog and that of a man compared to the difference between the intelligence of the cortex and the rest of the brain
is a matter I don’t care to get into….at this particular time. (how about you?

trying to achieve enlightenment of the mind through any method now known to man is tantamount to trying to get your brain to get mad at itself.
Another in our continuing series: “brutal, but true!”
And a boy asked his father: “can facts actually be brutal?”, and his dad replied: “same as a ghost stepping on your foot.”

another view of the problematic value of words is that ordinary men have a quite solid recognition of their general impotency which explains their incessant lost use thereof.

2 021 —- 2 3
remember: my mental activity is part of your environment, and yours, mine thus if you solicit my opinion of your ideas you’re seeking to gage your environment’s reaction thereto.
Let us all now joyfully raise our voices in song:
“oh you
Can’t get away — no, you’ll Never get away — ‘cause there ain’t no “away”, (any way).”

2021 =24
to his exhaustion and chagrin,
at doin’ the same old thing again,
one man decided to accept the obvious and publicly proclaim as his motto the one others adhere to in private:
“live and pretend to learn.”

A certain traveler says that on a recent trip he had a most extraordinary experience: he found a hotel whose charge for the night is determined by your IQ score,
hey, makes sense to me — how about you?

there was once this circus family whose daughter-could-do tricks with her feet;
the son could do tricks with his dick; the mother could do tricks with
her eyes, and the father could do tricks with his fingers,
but none of them could do tricks with their brain for if you ask the brain to do some trick it will make a yucky face and. Say:
“what the hell’m I doing–talkin’ to myself?!?!”
….you mean you’ve never noticed?!

thoughts are like the heavens; full of motion, but going no where.

A boy asked his father:
“next to being awake itself,
what is your second most pleasant activity?”, and he replied: “thinking about it — same as with you.”

those who say that the path of enlightenment ultimately ends in this-or-that reward or condition have yet to reach its ultimate end.

Those who continue to insist that “nothing is something”,
know nothing.

…someone then could ask/me how I can say what I just said about all of this,
and I could reply
that I can do so because I don’t mean it, (leastwise, verbally.)

to be impersonal toward the thoughts your brain puts in you is to — be free -and there is no liberation beyond this.

Believing that what is to be done is to change your thinking is for the few, the ultimate tar baby.

a reminder:
a certain kind of “awareness” is the key;
not some knowledge;
not some experience;
not some “thinking-about-it”;
not some “talking-about-it”;
not some “reading-about-it”, not some anything “about it.”
but a certain kind of continual “awareness”;
that’s the key.
Your brain knows it;
I’ve just said it;
you’ve just heard it,
the cat’s outta the bag,
it’s always been,
your brain knows it,
why can’t you’ remember it?!

Hint: keep asking your brain this question — constantly’– relentlessly, and you can discover a normally overlooked type of “awareness”.
Come on: that’s the key,
and your brain damn well knows it….
….it just can’t understand it, or what it all means,
but nonetheless,
exercise this certain kind of “awareness”
and everything eventually becomes clear as can be.