Jan Cox Talk 2450

No Unnecessary Space – No Sleep


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11/22/99 2450
Notes by WB

“To wake up” is a man attempting to understand the workings of his own mind. You must move beyond mystical explanation of enlightenment to a physiological one.
One mental system is collecting data of your ‘experiences.’ The other system–felt behind one eye, is analyzing that data, and when no new info comes in, it must rehash previous memories and project to the future–all this is verbal.

Two possibilities: a “me” and a “being lost in thought”—the and is the gap J speaks of in the mind. Cut out the middle man, go to the front of line behind the aquarium window to see out of your brain. Stand up close to the glass leaving no gap.
Switch your dominant eye.
Being asleep is illusion (but that illusion is real)

You will stay asleep as long as there is a gap, as long as there is a struggle between those two systems for dominance.