Jan Cox Talk 2448

The Gap Created by Consciousness


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11/7/99 #2448
Notes by WB

Yesterday morning about 6:50 J woke up and saw a missing piece of how to clearly experience what is happening in the brain, in two words…

This is not about the state of Enlightenment. J believes that state is the same for all who experience it. But the state of what J has been calling sleep is unique to each. This state he’s speaking of is about genes explaining on molecular level why a man lives an unchanged life. Previously it was almost understood here that you can’t understand mind–but not any more.

It was very important that J spoke about brain physiology recently. There definitely has been too much emphasis on consciousness. Now he understands a new way of seeing that “the ordinary mind is the enlightened mind.”

Only those who want to awaken are asleep. Everyone else is just being themselves. That the “mind can’t understand itself,” is not wrong but not now fully correct.
What we call being asleep is a gap inside the brain–a distance created by consciousness. Better to say gap, artificial gap which is maintained by trying to close it or study it.