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More Views From Within The Residence Where Most Homeowner’s Stay

Out of fear for what he tried to pass off as his “safety,” one man accepted
the idea that the one group who could never, ever, achieve freedom were
those who looked outside.

As they stood in the yard, pondering the rusting axe, a father asked his
son, “Do you know how we prepare for winter?”
“We die,” he replied.
“And not a moment too soon,” added the know-it-all conditions, neither here
nor there.

Unguarded Rule: Just wait’ll those who’re frightened by metaphors get an eye
full of reality!

And one king cautioned a prince, “Don’t ever say the word reality, not as
long as you retain any desire to say anything!” (And to satisfy the FTC,
The Truthful Coat Warehouse included in their ads the note that they were
not in any way connected with “Truthful Mills.”)

There is a certain army that never goes in the right direction whenever they
plan to do so.

To know is to know, and to not know is to think, and a knower is fooled by
nothing while a thinker is fooled by everything.

Yet Another Fascinating Fact That You Just KNEW Proved Again That
Things Are Exactly Like They Should Be:

The only area of a man’s body that cannot feel is the only area that


‘Tis more difficult to be an intellectual than an athlete, the reason
being that the realm in which you toil is literally less substantial…in
fact, try nonexistent.

In juggling, it’s hard to keep three balls in the air, and even more so when
the balls aren’t there. In which instance you find yourself doing more
explaining-of-your-act than you do doing your act.
Such is life inside the mind.

Notice For Neural Consumers

Only the unreal, when spoken of, requires the use of metaphors.


When one man heard a mystic say that thinking only effects thinking and
nothing else, he brought up examples wherein men’s thinking had apparently
effected not just their thinking but their actions as well.
To which the mystic replied, “I wasn’t speaking of idiots.”

A boy asked his sister, “You know why the truth sounds so abrupt?”
And she replied, “It only seems so if you take what was said, to be the
And he pondered this for a moment, then said, “Okay, then if it is not ‘the
truth’ that is the distinguishing factor in the abrupt statements to which I
was alluding, then why do certain blunt, abrupt ones strike us as being
unusually meaningful?”
And she replied, “Speak for yourself.”
And he was starkly shocked to suddenly realize that someone in his own
family had come to an understanding of the nature of the mind.

It has been said that first you must realize what life is actually about,
then you begin the struggle to realize it constantly.
(And this cannot be done the other way around, regardless of how it may
seem it should.)


Come on! — you’re old enough — time to face it. Contrary to some past
opinions, here are the facts. The cause of all suffering is criticism.
That’s right, you heard correctly — criticism!
Now get on with your life.


Only ignorant people take life personally — and only ignorant people take
anything said about them personally.


The mind is the only physician who can diagnose himself…without being
there…and with no patient present.

(Then small wonder the brilliance of his conclusions!)


That extraordinary state of “enlightenment” only becomes permanently useful
when it ceases to be all that extraordinary.

Ask yourself this: What major distinction is there really between your
routine, sleepy state of consciousness and the times you believe it to be
even worse? Huh-h-h?

Remember the wisdom of your proverbs:
“Close” only counts in basketball… …and in hangings.


One man’s proverb: “I may be dying, but I’m not sick.” (His “truth,” in

And you might remember this: When the dance is over, the band’s not gonna
pay you.


How To Explain
The Host Of Problems
Experienced Only By Man

One guy does so through the following personal maxim.

“Ever’thing’s fine
long as —
I’m not thinkin’.”

(Clears it up for me.)

– – –

Those who know, never say;
those who don’t, do nothing but.

It is almost as though man has two separate minds, one real, and one not so
real. And the real one thinks about real things, while the other one covers
things not quite so real.

(Damn, is that neat or what?)

Those who know are never concerned — those who don’t are nothing but.


One man’s present, most pertinent-appearing ponder: “Is the problem really
‘thinking about yourself too much’ — or worrying over ‘thinking about
yourself too much’?”

Tonight’s Free Information:
Any question that has a simple answer was not much of a question to begin

* * *


Conclusion Of A Dream That Occurred — Just Before Awakening

Then all the food got up and danced,
filling up the page.

Hunger is hunger, and nourishment is nourishment, and what is left is what
is left.

* * *


As regards a certain item reported on earlier in this newscast, perhaps a
bit of expansion into the area of logic would be valuable:
While it was noted that the cause of all suffering is criticism, it is also
true that the cause of all criticism is talk — thus the radical cause of
all suffering is talk.


One of the problems in the world of the mind is that anything can seem to
make sense, and the other problem is that nothing seems to.

And upon hearing this, one man exclaimed, “Holy handbuckets, that sounds
like the story of my life!”


After hearing him mention a wide range of subjects as he spoke on man’s
perceived “knowledge of life,” a man said to a mystic, “Do I take it from
your remarks that you’re saying there is no God?”
To which the speaker replied, “Ah, my friend, you limit yourself; what I am
saying is that there is no ANYthing.”

To the mind, the crucible of reality is — repetition.

(When the herd says they’re headed north, it’s hard for an individual cow to
see otherwise.)

Previously worn shoes
can certainly still be walked in
but nothing excites the mind — quite like
the feel of virgin soles.


Although the following is clearly deducible from two previous stories
tonight, just in case you haven’t yet done so — here, I’ll do it for you.
Now hold still:

The more you talk, the more you’ll criticize.

One guy’s motto: “Hey, if my shoe fits, wear it —
shine it,
steal it — complain about its size.”

The Mind: Where anything’s possible, and the possible’s intangible.


As Further Regards Mystical Ideas Of Being In Undesirable States:

If you believe you’re asleep, you are asleep.

(And yet you ask yourself, “But if I am asleep, how can I think otherwise?”
And you know — that is an interesting question.)


Thought is like a hole looking around for a bucket to get in.


After hearing all of the many theories describing man’s condition, and all
the methods of change thereof, one chap so reflected, “I can agree with them
all, and see how they could appear useful, but I can equally as well see how
they are all useless and unnecessary, which I never could have done had I
not gone through the first stage.”

(An old story, but everyone who learns anything worthwhile learns something

And as he stepped on the bus and saw himself sitting there, he thought, “How
did I get here before me?”
Which is an old question that everyone who ever learns anything worthwhile
invariably asks himself upon experiencing the learning.)

Out of humorous, directed desperation (and just to tense the breakage) this
one man began pretending he was inspecting the kumquats.)


The ignorant always want to be encouraged — which only encourages their


Okay, until he finally learns better, here’s how it is:
A mystic is someone who believes he’ll eventually run across or conjure up,
himself, a certain combination of words that will instantly free him from
the grip of words.


One boy stopped his scooter long enough to contemplate this possibility:
“Might the true goal be not to be rid of thought but of useless thought?”
He thought about this…then back went the foot to the pavement and out of
sight he flew.


One guy said, “If I was enlightened enough to start my own mystical system,
I’d call it ‘Same Old Story — New Reality, New Reality — Same Old Story.’
(Prob’ly just as well, I ain’t in the biz.)”


The easiest way to tell if you’re ignorant is whether you seek help or not.


To try and cut down on meaningless uncertainties (which he had recently
begun to perceive as being the only type extant), one son forbade his father
to say the word “ostensibly” in his presence.


If you believe you have a reputation to “uphold,” then you deserve a


Thoughts: Where everything is possible, and everything refutable.


One man says he’s had a horrible thought: “What if the only guaranteed
method for awakening would be to have never heard of it?”


Dumb people are concerned about dumb things; intelligent people are
concerned about intelligent things; dumb people and intelligent people are
both stupid.


The Question Of “Causes” Looked At From Top To Bottom
And Stem To Stern (Vern!)

In the world of the mind, the cause of anything is the cause of everything.
(Now let’s hear no more about it!)

* * *


Another Definition Of A Mystic (And Maybe A Legit One For A Change)

Mystic: A man who’s an exception to everything he says about everyone else.

No…we can do better than that:
No man who’s not an exception to everything he says about everyone else is
not even a man.


Another “Surefire Test”

If there’s anything you continue to think about seriously, you still don’t
get it! You still don’t know.

If you have some sort of “mental reputation” to uphold, then I trust you and
your reputation will be happy together, for you’re going no further than

The World Of The Mind: Where everything’s possible, and nothing is real —
and only the real know it.

* * *