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The News

2006 97083.006 11/12/97 Copyright J. M. Cox 1997


It is called being enlightened, being awake, being liberated, but it is all
the same — it is knowing what life is about.
So — an enlightened or awakened man is simply a “knower,” while everyone
else is a guesser or speculator.


Regarding Approaches

Whenever this one man would not simply want to go up in the elevator, but to
stay up, he would look at himself and say, “Watch your feet.”

(Well, hey! — it’s just an “approach.”)

* * *


Someone asked a man, “What are you against?”
“Nothing,” he replied.
“That can’t be,” they said.
So he said, “Everything.”
And they said, “But you can’t be against everything!”
And he replied, “All right — nothing.”
And they said, “But everyone must be against something.”
So he replied, “All right — everything.”
And they said, “But no one can be against everything.”
So he replied, “All right — nothing.”


One man had a thing he couldn’t let go of, a thing he wanted to let go of,
a thing he thought he’d be better off letting go of, but still he couldn’t
seem to let go of it.

Great God A’mighty! — what kinda thang is that, Hubert?

– – –

And let us never forget those hearty souls who fearlessly changed their name
to Pasadena so as to be continually closer in spirit to life’s great parade
and the soothing fragrance of our flora friends.

– – –

Many are those who have set foot on the mystical path only to disappear due
to its slippery, silly sub-stratum — many perhaps, but not enough.

* * *


After they were apparently involved in yet another faux pas, one of those in
question said to the others by way of attempted consolation, “Well, there’s
enough blame to go around.”
Yet one of those so hearing thought to himself, “Maybe, but especially
irrelevant in that there is always a sufficient amount of the imaginary to
meet all needs.”


A duck once mused, “How felicitous it be that there are an endless number
of lakes to explore — even if they are imaginary.”
And before you sneer and miss the insight within the quacker’s comment,
consider the fact that the number of real water holes is certain, and thus
fresh visits thereto inescapably finite.

(And while in this area, you could ask yourself what is the similarity
between a man-who-knows and a duck. And the answer being that a knower and
a duck are about the same thing…if the duck is dead.)


The Quiz Master asked the crowd, “What is man’s biggest hobby?”
“Thinking,” they replied.
“And of what benefit are hobbies?” he asked.
And they yelled back, “Get real!”

And speaking of botany, I’m sure you recall that race of ferns on one world
who possessed a unique talent, which (true to its modifier) resulted in a
singular phenomenon which increased the ease with which they lived.
And oh yeah, I’ll bet that a few of you also remember the legend which said
that some of the plants (in spite of the circumstances just noted) would
struggle to squelch said aptitude.
(I surmise that is why we, homo thinking sapiens, rule this planet and not
some bunch of weeds.)


One man who finally saw through what is going on wrote a book he entitled
“How To Save A Bundle!” which consisted of but a single page containing only
four words: “Don’t waste your time.”

A boy asked his father, “What then can I waste?”
“Ignorance,” he replied, “in a drive-by realization.”


Thought, creating in man the sensation of a “self,” is surely the ultimate
example of the mind making more of life than is physically there.

(By the ole way-o, if you still don’t really understand that “physically”
and “actually” are the same thing, then you’re not really trying very hard
to become a “knower.”)


Struggling to awaken yourself is like being a patient lying in bed, and also
a doctor standing thereby, but never managing to be both at the same time.

Which alone should offer a clue to the cure.


On one planet, everyone had a virus, and to keep yourself from getting rid
of it you had to keep talkin’.


A lad asked his dad, “How can you tell if you’re paying too much attention
to your thoughts?”
“If you’re paying any at all,” he replied.


And now another installment of “What Haveth They In Common?”

What haveth they in common, the two divergent groups, more awake men and
captured spies?
Answer — the motto of both be “Admit nothing.”

– – –

Views, views, interviews,
inner views and outer views,
views, views, so many views — phew!

* * *


When one chap heard the term “distortion caused by comment,” he was
perplexed by its presence as he pondered, “Why contrive such an expression
— in what other end results comment?”


Now from our kitchen, this Deep Fry Tip

When you’re hurting from a toothache, the universe is the size of your
mouth; when you’re thinking — the size of your head.

(Not much to speak of, eh what? [and watch your fingers].)

* * *


The body is a thing, but the “self” is not a thing…nor is it not a
not-thing — the self is no thing (nothing), or if you like: self is not an
object, but rather an operation, an ongoing, impersonal operation.



Though he believed we’re all in a stream,
one man felt he was trapped in an eddy.

* * *


Ordinary men find the ordinary mind quite acceptable; it is those seeking
the extraordinary who feel otherwise. Thus, in one sense, they are most in
conflict with themselves. And can you bring yourself to say “perhaps most
needlessly so”?

– – –

What is the difference between two men, one born in China, and the other who
arrives there later in life? No, here’s a more promising question: What is
the difference between two men, both born in China, one of whom initially
fails to recognize the fact, and only through effort later in life comes to
do so?

(In distinction of the proverbial view, let it be noted that, when it comes
to matters that exist only in the mind, any ado about them is — too much
Or as a wise father said to a son, “If you, imaginary, inactive canines,
leave be, later at your heels, they will be unable to nip.”)


“The Play’s The Thing” — What Thing? — This Thing!

As he knelt in prayer, a man so said, “Dear God, please help me in this
exceptional time of my need…”
Then stopped and thought, “Who wrote these words anyway?”

“Ah, the drama of it all!” — what all?…where all?…withal.


A Quick Survey Of Some Of Man’s Activities As Pertains To
“Not-Getting-Anywhere” With Yet Certain Pleasure In Thinking About It

The brilliance of ritual,
the excitement of games,
the camouflage of failure to achieve the goal.

* * *


One man was absolutely glabberfasted to finally and conclusively realize
that in the world of thought anything can be called — ANYTHING! But wait,
it gets better: it also doesn’t matter what you call anything — it makes no
difference whatsoever.

(You might want to note that only in regard to material matters is this not
so. [Seems pretty obvious and straightforward, yet ’tis right here that
those-who-are-realized and those who are not part permanent company].)

– – –

A father asked a son, “Are you cold?”
“I am if it’s cold,” he answered.

* * *


After having heard, and reflecting considerably on, the phrase “distortion
caused by comment,” one man concluded that the supreme example of same
occurred surely each time a man said the word I, or thought of himself as
having a self.

– – –

Simple-cell creatures can be blinded by a finger to the eye — more complex
ones by an I to the eye.

* * *


Two things run men’s lives: hormones, and neurons (but one doesn’t).
Two things run men’s lives: the mind, and the body (but one doesn’t).
Two things run men’s lives: the thoughts they think, and the lives they
lead, but–
“Wait up, do any two things really run men’s lives?…well?”


After a period of time looking into the subject, one man concluded by
defining the attempt to achieve enlightenment as “diaper repair.”


After having internal, illogical aspects of his own argument pointed out to
him, one man said, “I don’t appreciate that, but then again that’s what I
get for thinking!”


A man asked a knower, “If you were to describe simply what it is that holds
man in that mental state often referred to as being asleep, what would you
say that it is?”
And the off-the-scale one replied, “Believing that you have a self, in fact,
more precisely put, believing that you have a self to be asleep.”


After his early years were filled with the sound of his father’s continual
insistence that thinking is not your friend, in his later life (out on his
own), this one man came to this position:
“Well, if thinking is not my friend, then at least, praise be to Buffalo
Bill that the crap isn’t real anyway. Phew, a close call, that one!”

More News About…Something

Only thoughtful dogs
care for their master.

…(Although I can’t believe that this would be news to anyone.)

* * *


A man said, “When you hear me speak about what others call enlightenment,
and you say that you do not understand, you miss it — you miss the fact
that there is nothing to understand.”
“To understand something is to say that you understand it, and to not
understand something is to say that you do not understand it. That’s all
there is to understanding, that’s all there is to anything men talk about.”


One man who felt continually “edgy and hostile” believed that it all came
from his thinking — turned out that it all came from his edginess and

The biggest thing that “those-who-don’t-know” don’t know is that things are
like they are.

* * *


A Brief Yet Comprehensive Explanation Of The Problem Of Talk And Reality

If you can talk about it, it’s not real.

* * *


A man asked a mystic, “Can what has been called the awakened mind be
And the hot-wired one replied, “If there is such a thing as an awakened
mind, it would be one that had lost its stickiness.”

Zoological Curiosity: Certain creatures, when they are born, come forth
bereft of fur, feathers, or scales.


One guy once involved with stuff like this promoted an approach that he
called “Snap out of it!” (The advanced version he referred to as “Snap out
of trying to snap out of it!”)


One man mused, “This is progress? — going from believing that everything I
know is wrong, to perceiving everything I know to be meaningless?”
“This is progress?” Then, after a few seconds, replied, “Yeah, that IS

One man’s present reminder to himself reads, “After you’ve done all you can
with the mind, all you can do then is watch your step.”


As a visitor to a mystical lodge was about to take his leave, he asked the
head of the order how he had come to his position, and he replied, “Of all
those here who had no idea what they were doing, I had the least.” “Watch
your step.”