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One man had a voice inside him which talked to him…but the only evidence
he had that there was a voice inside him was that — it talked to him.
(Would that be accepted as evidence in most jurisdictions?)

– – –

Now some Royal News:

If you must “be announced” when you enter court, you ain’t much of a king!

* * *


From one verbal view, all that “awakening,” “liberation,” “enlightenment,”
and the like amount to is a “change-of-mind,” but take note, no change of
mind is ever possible without first seeing the mind for what it is — not
what you’ve always taken it to be, not what experts propose it to be, and
not even what the mind itself thinks it to be.
No, it requires a totally unknown understanding of just what the mind is,
and only then can there be what we’re presently referring to as a “change-
of-mind.” (A term which, I might note, once you’ve personally undergone the
experience, you realize is not precise. From your view then it would be
better described as “putting your mind to more efficient and pleasurable


While in bed one night, a voice suddenly spoke to a mystic, “You may not
recognize who I am, but I am the primary force that stands between you and
your illustrious goal; you should truly dread me, for I am a foe that few
ever overcome.”
And the mystic rose up in bed and said, “Oh, I know quite well who you are,
and every day does my appreciation of your power increase.”
“You are habit! — habit at the outset, habit at the end, and habit in
between. Nothing more than habit have I called thee, and though from one
view this term does not adequately cover the effect you have on my inner
life, what else to call thee? What fancier description would change the
reality of the situation?
“Yes, I know who you are, first hand, and in-my-face, and down near the
bottom of all this is the habit I have of taking what is in my mind as being
me. And all of this occurring without me having a continuing awareness of
what possible ‘me’s’ there might be, other than the one I tend to accept
from habit.”
And with that the mystic fell silent.
But within seconds a voice again spoke in the dark, “If a shadow knows that
it is nothing but a shadow, and a reflection always remembers itself to be a
reflection, than a man’s restless sleep would be properly disturbed; it
would become indistinguishable from awakening.”
Then that inner room became silent again, and with no further interruptions.


Case: There was once a man whose hand stuck to an object.
Question: Should he try to free it, or learn to live with it?

(And would it effect your answer if I told you that there is no scientific
knowledge as to the nature of the adhesive involved? Or if I told you that
there is a possibility that the glutinous agent involved is imaginary?…

A certain man (working near the MIT Physics Lab) has (through his research)
come to this conclusion (to wit) that the human mind is tripartite in
nature, consisting of one part imagination, and two parts bullshit.
(Also, only several blocks away is where the Nobel Prize Nomination
Committee sometimes has lunch…you know, like whenever they’re in the
Northeast area.)


Enlightenment is an experience — not a condition.
The condition you’re in is your “condition.”


Allegation seen on a billboard on another planet:
“As Long As The Mind Believes That It Is Examining Itself, No Change-Of-
Mind Is Possible.”

(It’s nice to have truth-in-advertising laws on this world.)

One father so advised a son, “Always be tempted, if not prepared, to think
something totally astounding and surprising.”

Charge made on a handbill distributed in another atmosphere:
“The notion of ‘being prepared’ is a completely illusionary concept.”

One mother said to a daughter, “Never listen to anyone whose words are not
in the present.”
“Which,” noted the youngster, “protects me from everyone!”
“Damn-near,” added the elder, “damn-near.”

Indictment handed down by a grand jury from outer space:
We find all ideas of ‘near,’ ‘damn-near,’ and the like to be entirely
without substance. Case dismissed! Now move on to something pertinent.


An unalert man, even if he is an atheist, educated, nonsuperstitious, and
super-sophisticated, is still a believer in gods, fate, astrology,
conspiracies, fairies, the spirit world, and the like, to “see him through”
(whether he recognizes it or not).


A man proclaimed, “If habit don’t kill you, seriousness will.”
And someone responded, “But if seriousness didn’t kill you, wouldn’t habit
do so anyway?”
And the proclaimer re-proclaimed, “Okay, if habit don’t kill you, taking it
seriously will.”
And the responder re-responded, “Now, that’s better.”
(To which the proclaimer muttered something under his breath that I didn’t


It reached the point that whenever this one man would want to correct his
mind, he’d imagine it saying back to him, “You’ll never take me alive,
To which he’d then reply, “Well, I knew that from the outset.”
(Which he in fact had not, and had only come to this realization recently
— but what are conversations regarding conflicting views of humans, if
not time displaced? [See? They must be for the proper continued support
of the conflict.])

– – –

One man illegally changed his name from Down-And-Out to Up-And-Over.

And still another man said to his neighbor, “If you can keep chickens, then
I can hold my opinions!”


Struggles for enlightenment are like idiot-catered and idiot-patronized
“serve yourself” buffets.


Always remember this, from start to finish, it’s nothing but
and ever’thing in between.

So, for an alert man with a certain aim, there are three immediate things
you can do to change your inner condition — give up what’s behind you,
what’s ahead of you, and everything in front of you.


Another Little Conversation

Father: “Leave wild animals alone; you can never tame them.”
Son: “But how do you know about any specific one if you don’t try?”
Father: “That particular one I know about — BELIEVE me — I know all

* * *


One day one man had this verbal vision.
“To be alive is to be temporarily present, and to be dead is to be
permanently absent.”
But then, in a trice, he saw it even further.
“To be alive and asleep is to be temporarily present, but to be dead and
awakened is to be forever missing and on your mark.”


suddenly thought one man,
“my problem is simply drifting.”


In another galaxy, on another planet, the various methods employed by the
creatures to work for that special realization were reflected in the names
of the three schools devoted to that end:
the watch it,
the be careful,
and the stop!
(There was a rumored fourth, but which had no name, and about which those
alleged to be involved never spoke, so it is not possible to include by
direct mention in this report.)

– – –

There is a particular journey in which the ultimate destination can be
reached only when you’re running on empty.

– – –

And back here on Earth, in a time zone no longer much used, was once a man
who attempted to establish his own personal approach to that unique
discovery, which he referred to as “Don’t call me, and I won’t call me”
(whose subsequent little use may help account for that zone’s decline.)


All ideas of freedom come from prisons, and all prisons are imaginary.

(Where is a man with a pond to look for fish other than in his pond?_

All ideas of freedom come from prisons, and all prisons are imaginary.

* * *


Studying the history of a thing is a way of keeping from confronting the
thing itself.
Thus do all of man’s psychological, political, religious, and otherwise
surveys of himself fail to reveal about himself that which they claim to

(Only the study of the instant might prove interesting.)


When you see that the mind is composed of nothing BUT the mind, then you
can fathom the fact that ignorance does not exist any more than does its

A warrior told a son, “Thinking about your enemy just makes him stronger.”


As one legend tells it, the word “mystical” came about when someone many
years ago wanted a better sounding synonym for “habit.”

(According to some self-appointed “legend experts,” some legends come down
to us having been reversed from their original version. But I might also
point out to you that many of these legend experts offer their views while
standing on their heads and talking from the outside of their mouths.)


Anyone who tells you what life is about is a fool. No one knows what life
is about, and the only ones who know this are those who know what life is


In an imaginary land,
there’s a certain train
which, if you
try to stop,
never stop,
plus — it’ll run over you.


thought one man.
“The proper description of the problem is ruts!”


The pursuit of knowledge to produce a change-of-mind would better be thought
of as “interior decoration” — a moving around of the furniture.

Better a saint take up larceny than additional saintliness; better a road
running north turn south, than continue on its way; and better than all,
that a man wishing to awaken be always changing course.

– – –

A man asked a mystic, “How come you to know so much?”
And he replied, “Because there is so little to know.”

If you want to, and it’s Wednesday, and you’ve nothing better to do, you
could remember this: When it comes to impossible tasks, or imaginary ones,
no amount of effort will ever be sufficient.

If where you sit now has become comfortable, you are either awake or still
in a sorry state.


The movements of the mind make the mind;
the movements of the mind create consciousness;
the movements of the mind produce intelligence;
the movements of the mind cause us to become confused;
the movements of the mind put men in captivity;
and it is the movements of the mind which point the way out.

“Hi, movements!
how goes it?”


A note found in a cream-filled doughnut said, “Taking the imaginary
seriously could (some day) make you miss taking what is serious seriously.”

(And someone shouted, “The Kaiser LIVES!,” just before the thing blew up!)


A boy said to his father, “I guess the whole of religion is pretty distant
from the reality of awakening?”
“Yep,” replied the old man.
And the lad continued, “And I reckon that the totality of psychology is much
afield from the experiences of enlightenment?”
“Yep,” the elder again replied.
And after a silent second the younger again spoke, “To save us unnecessary
conversation, should I go ahead and say that I assume that almost everything
in everyday life is fairly well distinct and removed from the activities I
just mentioned?”
“Yep, for sure,” the father replied. “In that by their very nature they are
so set apart from man’s mental conceptions of what his everyday life is.
Yep, and double yep.”

Perhaps the most overlooked force in the life of man is his desire to have
someone else help distract him.


A man paid an office visit to one who specialized in the area of “Public
And Private Attempts To Achieve That Change-Of-Mind And Awaken” and said to
the expert, “Sir, after my many years of effort, I now have only three
categories of thoughts: thoughts about being more conscious, thoughts that
are somewhere else, and the sudden realization that my thoughts were
somewhere else.” “And here is my question. Am I going about this
correctly? …Is what I’ve done appropriate to the aim? …But shouldn’t
there be more categories?”
And finally the professional spoke, “Or at least fewer?”


After looking at the world of man, and in particular one of the worlds
within that world — literature — a man asked himself, “Which is more
curious, writing about fictitious lives, or living one?”


“How foolish,”
thought one man,
“to chase a wild goose, when
no one knows where it is going,
no one cares where it is going,
and the goose needs no one to follow it.”

“How foolish it is, sometimes,
out of the rain,
yet still wet.”


One man warned himself, “To figure out the mind may be to figure out

And another guy noted, “I have elevated blood sugar.”
To which he replied, “Well, if your elevator didn’t go up so fast, and so
constantly, it’d be harder to understand.”

(“Top floor! all out!
…all out…
all out, I said!
Come on you people — all out how ’bout it!”


The man to first realize water to be H20 was not in the water at the time.


There was once a kingdom wherein but one sin was possible, and that was to
treat a mirror as though is was something other than a mirror.
(And “Ooooo” was the suffering that was the lot of such errants.)


The reality responsible for the words “there is no meaning to life” is not
one of gloom and despair, but rather a release from delusion.


An elder brother said to a younger, “I guess it’s easy enough for one man
to tell another man to wise up, to get smart, to wake up.”
To which the younger replied, “But didn’t it require that there be two
people for one of them to ever have awakened in the first place?”
And the elder “bro” responded that one man simply talking to himself via the
way men normally do in their unfocused thinking could serve (and still so)
the same purpose.
(And as was not unknown in this particular familial setting, both of the
siblings experienced simultaneous wishes that their father’s sperm had been
more selective [or at least not as bountiful].)


Being of ordinary mind is in continually believing that the latest idiocy
will be the last idiocy.


A man went on a visit to a renowned mystic, carrying with him the question,
“What happens after death?”
And the mystic replied, “I don’t know.”
And the man was dumbfounded, but eventually sputtered, “But that cannot be,
you are known throughout the land to be the most enlightened man alive.”
“You cannot have answered me truthfully.”
And the mystic said, “You’re right, the true answer is NOBODY knows.”

(A response that was still unsatisfying to the mind of the questioner…
but what else is new?)

– – –

An awakened man in Helsinki
still knows nothing of Hades.

* * *


More from our Thoroughly Despicable Dictionary:

Thoughts: The imaginary ills of an illusionary body.

* * *


After being told “Let that be a lesson to you!” one kid thought, “Hell,
why not let everything be a lesson to me?…at least once.”

(I don’t know about you, but the kid addin’ the part about “at least once”
made it for me.)


From our Special, Unspeakable Dictionary

Relationships: Wanting others to feel like you do.

* * *


See, like here’s this, kinda like, little joke:
See, there’s this ventriloquist who keeps hearing noises in his house, but
like every time he goes to see what it is all he finds is his dummy lying
there. Funny, huh?


No matter the would-be enlightened man’s question, it’s always the same
answer — quiet.


Heeding no thoughts about yourself
is liberation from yourself.


On one part of the field, a man began to bounce up and down while chanting,
“Effort, effort — who’s got the effort?”
Then eventually another man appeared on another part of the field who began
what seemed to be a responsive chant (that went), “Where to apply it? —
where to apply it? — who in god’s name knows where to apply it?”
(Which, I guess, pissed off the first man, ’cause he left after that.
Well, hey, isn’t it about time that it pissed you off?])

– – –

Once upon a time, a fake deity gave a man his choice of two prizes. One, he
could be enlightened sometime in the future. Or, two, he could have the
possibility of actually EXPERIENCING IT!
And after the man thought about it for a bit and said he didn’t get it, that
he didn’t see the difference in the two, the sham god waved him away with
his hand and told him to forget it.

* * *


After hearing the line “Love sets you free,” then the one “Faith sets you
free,” and so on, one man thought, “No, only alertness…and maybe


The name of any decent, self-respecting mystical school should be
“The Simpler The Better.”

And if not that then nothing.

Additional definition from our Torted Dictionary

The Enlightened Mind: Digital drive in an analog world.

* * *


To have any criticism of life is stupid —
to have ANY COMMENT even stupider!


A father so told a son, “Many men never realize that their original desire
to awaken becomes entangled in an effort to clip the wings of imaginary

– – –

‘Tis reputed there was once a mystical school which specialized in the “home
delivery of garbage.”

* * *


Outer life sins have limited consequences, inner life ones — infinite.


To “not care” in the enlightened sense is to not concern yourself with
matters imaginary.


Ordinary men’s ordinary feelings of sympathy are like bruises looking for


“At times I wonder,” thought one man, “if all efforts to awaken are but
training to catch a unicorn.”


What Man’s Mental Life Amounts To
And Why He Can’t See What It Amounts To:

Ain’t nothin’ can imagine like a ‘maginary thing.

* * *


The Simple And The Short Of It

Anyone who says they know what they’re doing — don’t — ’cause words can’t
do anything.

* * *


Dogs never awaken, for they never believe they are other than a dog.

…And the man who discovered the true nature of “interior decorating” was
one no longer in the house.