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Arkaus And Reflo: A Needed Myth — Heretofore Unavailable

Before the time of the Titans, in an area beyond the Elysian Plain, lived a
man, Arkaus, who had a talking head he called by the name of Reflo, and
many people came to view the head and ask it questions in that it had a
reputation for great wisdom.
Something that became clear was that Reflo would not speak if Arkaus was not
present; no one could ever see any physical connection or trickery involved
between the man and the talking head, yet it was in inescapable fact that if
he was not there the head was silent.
From this myth emerged the reality of man’s current condition of
consciousness, with those seeking liberation doing all they can, privately
and individually, to overturn this tale.

* * *


Those who await useful results from knowledge are as children, not only
pretending there is water in an empty pail, but who expect to catch fish

Treating the imaginary with respect but adds to it.

* * *


A man went to a doctor and said, “I think I have a virus in my brain — what
d’ya think?”
And the physician replied, “Yes indeed, if you think, you do.”
And after a few seconds pause the man asked, “Did you mean ‘yes indeed, if
I think I do, I do’ or ‘yes indeed, if you “think” then you perforce to?'”
And after a few seconds pause the doctor replied, “Huh?”

Almost every disease on this planet in some manner ultimately diagnoses
itself — save for one.

Mirrors are never aware, should they be suffering from mercury poisoning.

* * *


To reach hormonal maturity in an acceptable fashion within your genetic
community is to be “ordinary” by collective definition, and to be so
ordinary is to be also “satisfied” in a certain manner; those in this sort
of activity never realize this state of satisfaction and indeed have taken
up the pursuit of some lesser-known, individual version, seemingly apparent
and important only to them.

No complaints are heard from a graveyard, even one where flowers grow…
which still, to a few, provides no proof that the consciousness of zombies
is the ultimate mortal bench mark.

* * *


Everyone’s born to a normal, hundred-mile journey, and for the first forty
you dream of what’s up ahead, after that your thoughts turn to what you’ve
already passed, but with either instance, for those determined to “go
somewhere” unique and exciting, it’s all hormonal bullshit — predictable,
yet trampleable under super-fast neural foot.


The true and correct name of all stupidity, futility, and mistaken direction
is redundancy.

Don’t curse sleep, the dark, or captivity, but mere redundancy. For there,
if you have one, is your foe and anathema.


One day a man thought to himself, “If I could behave like a more conscious
man, would I then be more conscious?”
But pretty quickly thought in response, “Naw, ’cause I’d still know what was
going on inside me.”

One day the priest of buzzards told the birds, “If you guys are lookin’ for
justice, you should be talkin’ to your intestinal bacteria.”

Yes, sir, you can count on it! It’s always a matter of scale…unless
you’re an anorexic elephant.


Trying, as men are wont to say, to “overcome yourself” is like tying knots
in your garden hose to stop the fall of rain.

How can a man expect to “overcome himself” if he doesn’t actually understand
what he refers to when he speaks of his “self,” and even if it exists, what
be its source?

“Ignore all that balderdash, me hearties, and knot them hoses ‘fore the rain
drowns us all!”


Notice: Your mind is like a wish-granting genie — whatever you want, it’ll


Past a certain “something-or-other” (some indistinct combination of place
and experienced life [aka time]) the continued seeking of knowledge becomes
antithetical to being satisfied.
Such a thing as this only makes sense to those already weaned of their
addiction to knowledge.


Another Example Of One Of Those “Little Things” That
The Minds Of Ordinary Men Care (Evidently) Not To Know

Those who deal in good and evil
will, finally, evil do.

(One more of those “can’t-be-avoided” laws.)

Hogs in slop — slop inside the hogs.
(There just ain’t no gettin’ around it.)

Title of a course never taught in any seminary, or anywhere else:
“How To Pursue A Professional Religious Career And Still Enjoy A Short Life
— Take Your Job Seriously.”

Trolls by themselves are enough to drive everyone to distraction, but put
them astride griffins and you double the excitement.


Known, and always available, are the means to satisfy all physical hungers,
but not so the intangible ones.
The only way to satisfy the hungers of the mind is to see them for what they
are. (And of course be able to remember it whenever the hungers pop back

“Well, hey,” someone complains, “you didn’t warn me that it would be a trick
success, that the accomplishment required continued attention.”
“Hey!” he still bitches, “no fair!”


A man asked a soothsayer, “What is the difference in a septic tank with a
leak and one that’s filled to overflowing?”
To which the alleged wise one replied by himself asking, “What is the
distinction between a man with much knowledge who develops amnesia and a man
with much knowledge who one day realizes the nature of knowledge?”
And the man pondered this for a bit, then asked, “Is this a trick question?”
“I don’t know,” replied the soothsayer. “I don’t know, do you?”
And suddenly the man couldn’t remember whether he did nor not, and instantly
after that realized that it made no difference, then understanding that all
questions about the “differences” in things are meaningless.

(I say it’s a good thing that soothsayers don’t charge by the pound.)


Why do we struggle with ourselves? If we are not presently already that
which is in control of ourselves, then what is?
What new and unusual power over ourselves is it we seek to wield? And in
what unknown region within us do we expect to find this force?

Fish swim, birds fly, worms dig, men men — what more is it that we expect?
Was not thinking integral to men menning, there would not be a sensation of
there possibly being more; no non-physical restlessness, no endless
Thus comes around the original question again: why do we struggle with
ourselves, for what purpose, to what end, when that which is the instigator
or the combat is also the sole supplier of all combatants and whose only
possible “victory” would be in surrender to itself.


After years of hearing sundry, then finally surprising, comments on the
subject, one man said, “Okay, let me see if I’ve got this straight: There’s
no actual difference between those enlightened and those not, it’s just that
the former enjoy their condition more.”

Yes, more adventures in the realm of T.W.T.P.B.T — Too Weird To Possibly Be

One man so mused, “Our gradual decline into living death is in our ‘not
liking’ this or that.”

The Extreme Shame Of The Inner Commentary: A Verse

Talking to yourself is doubly pathetic
if you’ve got nothing new to say.

* * *


One man’s approach: “Whatever thought you’re having, have it quickly and
immediately, then forget it, and with every thought you hear from others, do
similarly, hear it quickly and instantly, then forget it also.”

(A sidebar to the above story concerns another man, apparently losing much
of his trust in words, who, rather than having an “approach” to things, had
an egg instead.

[Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking — no, I don’t.])


Two Ways To Try: Either “clean house” or else live in an expandable one.

The true and correct name of being more conscious than you ordinarily are
could be “accommodating.”


‘Tis long been claimed that those seeking to be satisfied should be without
desires, but if this is presently beyond your ability, then do this. Turn
all of your desires into just one desire, then write it on a piece of toilet
paper and save it for an opportune moment.


A speaker so addressed an assembly gathered for the purpose:
“I say, to those of you who wish to ‘do good’ for your fellow man, there is
but one way, and that is do not think about your fellow man.”

(Nothing other does the man wishing freedom, for himself.)


Only cows, sheep, and incomplete people have heroes — not real men.

Cars are only added to trains not yet at their destination — additional
info sought only by those not yet finished and free.

There was once a universe in which its creator, rather than periodically
loosing the plague, instead let rain down, upon the still developing,
proverbs and maxims, which most people readily accepted as mental
nourishment… which they were able (under present conditions) to construe
as an actual form of growth.

One alligator cut his eyes toward another alligator beside him and said,
“You know you’re in for a meatless dry spell when they send philosophers to
feed you.”


It is difficult to say with certainty if that which the few seek actually
comes and goes or whether perhaps it just is, with no movement at all
involved (which would account for the problem men profess they have in
seeing it).


Reminder Number Three Thousand And Three (Or Reminder Number Seven,
Brought Up For The Four Hundred And Twenty-Ninth Time,
According To How You Want To Look At It):

No matter what the mind is apparently talking about,
it’s always talking about itself.

* * *


There is a certain creature which, the more you try to tether it, the harder
it struggles.

There is a certain creature (by some reports, naturally placid) which, the
more you try to tether it, the more determinedly it seems to struggle.

Fresh Definition

Man’s Routine Mental Activity: The continual re-proving of an experiment
that failed.

* * *


A certain man went to see the village priest (on the weekend, when he wasn’t
on duty, and thus not obliged to mouth the party line) and asked him, “What
can be learned from the death of another?”
And the temporarily relaxed one gazed off at some clouds and replied, “Take
a tuna salad sandwich and go stand next to the body a week after death.”
The man thought about this, then said, “Perhaps I’ll just come see you on
Monday,” then left.


One man used to amuse, if not amaze and impress, himself by doing several
things at the same time.
As his understanding has changed, his aim now is to do but a single thing,
fully focused, single minded, totally attentive.

In the lives of men reaching escape velocity, it becomes difficult to gauge
progress by expressible standards…gets slippery trying to say “what’s
what” in a world where words have lost their illusionary meaning.


If thoughts could kill (which they can’t) —
if thoughts could injure (which they can,
but only the thinker).



A man had a bucket he filled to the top,
but still he wouldn’t stop;
he just kept a’fillin’ and a’fillin’.

Attention: Those seeking to be satisfied, don’t let this happen to you!

…You gotta watch it!
…you gotta really be on guard!
…it’ll slip up on you before you know it!

It’s as natural as rain, for a man on a journey to a new territory, who has
been dreaming and theorizing about the place as he traveled, to be in the
new area before he’s aware of it, and continue his needless inner activity
related thereto.

In a certain sport, the actual winner is he who realizes when the game is

You got to watch it!…you got to really be on guard ’cause you can be wet
up to your ankles ‘fore you’re even conscious you’re in water.

…May sound weird to speculative swimmers, but it’s true, Elwood.


There are two ways to approach the matter of knowing and talking:
you can either talk about what you know, or talk about what everyone says
they know.
In the latter instance you’ll appear to be quite normal, even perhaps
intelligent, while in the former case you won’t say anything, or if you do
you’ll ultimately wish you hadn’t.


One man says it sometimes appears to him that all the methods commonly used
in the attempt to achieve enlightenment are either a matter of overkill or
of men going off in the wrong direction.

Oh, speaking of approaches to that unconventional goal, there’s this other
guy who says he’s developed a fresh appreciation for that old maxim “count
your blessings” on the basis (he says) of it pointing to a useful technique
if you cut it down from three words to one.


Regardin’ Knowin’ And Doin’

If you don’t already know what you’re doing, then being given the knowledge
of what you should be doing won’t be of assistance.

* * *


We take our condemnation of our lapses as meaningful attention to the
problem — another mistake!


And now a few words about “the late” and those who wanna be:
Posture means the same to a dead man as knowledge does to the satisfied.


More Logic For The Misdirected

Any concern that must be talked about is meaningless, and all concerns are
talked about, thus a more conscious man totally wastes his time being
concerned about anything.
(And this includes being enlightened!…if you still gotta yak about it.)

But then this one man asks, “If you don’t say what it is that you’ve
accomplished, how’ll you ever know if you’ve accomplished anything?”
“Hmmmmmmmmmm. But how d’ya really know that you’ve accomplished anything
anyway?…Hmmmm. Never mind, sorry I asked.”

But whoa! not so fast.
Then we have this other guy who kept reminding himself to calm down, for
fear that, did he not, he might calm down too much.

Strange, is it not, how everything seems so connected, once you get over
believing anything is meaningful…and that talk has any significance…
and that there is actually such a thing as “accomplishment.”
Yep, once you get over all that, seeing all the connections is as easy as
shooting thinkers in a barrel.


A man of unusual height went to a mystic and asked, “Will being tall help
me in my efforts to awaken?”
“Yes,” replied the knowing one.
A man of extraordinarily small stature went to a mystic and asked, “Will
being short help me in my efforts to awaken?”
“Yes,” replied the knowing one.

** Nothing from something leaves everything. **

* * *


Saying to yourself, “Up,” when you see down, and, “Right,” when you think
it’s left, will (for those looking for it) force reality right out into the
mental open, answering all questions, resolving all problems.


Tip for those wanting to travel to the place of final satisfaction:
If you’re not in neutral, you’re going nowhere.


If you hear it said that you “still don’t get it,” and you look for the
source of the comment, you still don’t get it.

A mental house not resting on words can catch any intruder.

And another thing, don’t think about what you think. Any comment on the
illusionary simply creates additional illusion.
Yeah, watch it!


You can change your outward appearance, but internally you are what you
are, and ’tis only those seeking enlightenment who refuse to accept this


A Maxim Concerning Several Areas Of Mortal Activity Simultaneously

Whatever you’re planning to do, you ought’a do it now!

* * *


More About Travel

No matter how many observations (pithy, even) you may make regarding the
journey, combined in all possible combinations, will never add up to the
destination itself.

* * *


A man with a plan for all occasions
is a man with the intent to die.


In a land where all are kin and of common kind, what is to be gained by
thinking of them as individually unrelated and unique?
Yet so do the words men mentally speak to themselves proceed — spreading
widely needless confusion and controversy.

– – –

A certain satisfaction is in seeing life’s sameness.

* * *


You may still look for assistance and salvation — but it’s still with you
— still in your hands — still in your power — still up to you.

And a man said, “It seems to me that much of what this is all about still
remains too much a matter of ‘yets’ and ‘neverthelesses’ — and even when
not that, an overindulgence is silence and motionlessness.”
…Ah, sir, but still-l-l-l.


Only those with too few experiences of temporary freedom believe they’re
involved in something that’s somehow “supernatural”; those who finally
realize what this is actually all about couldn’t feel anymore submerged
in that which is common, everyday, and natural if they tried.

* * *

More Scenes From That Certain Metaphorical Train Trip

When you first leave Paris you think yourself bound for a mystical Shangri-
la; later, the seasoned traveler begins to conceive of the destination as
being the more literal city of Istanbul.
The actual end of the journey however turns out to be sorta like Paris, with
an enormous photograph of Istanbul rather haphazardly laid over it.

* * *


It is easy enough to scoff at the specific changes others may claim that
enlightenment will bring, but you are equally foolish if you believe that
it will bring any.

The Lessons To Be Learned

The awakened man learns no lessons,
for there are no lessons to be learned.

Proverbs Update

Repetition killed the cat.
Repeating is believing.
Repetition broke the camel’s back.
God helps those who repeat themselves.
Don’t put off ’til tomorrow what you can repeat today.
There is safety in repetition.
Birds of a feather are repetitious.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single repetition.
Repetition is only skin deep.
Better be repetitious than sorry.
All roads lead to repetition.
When the cat’s away the mice become repetitious.
The best things in life are repetitious.
Whom the gods would destroy, they first make repetitious.
One repetition deserves another.
Repetition is in the eye of the beholder.
A fool and his repetitions are never parted.
A repetition is worth a thousand words.
Beware of Greeks bearing repetitions.
Repeat and let repeat.
Repetition is next to godliness.
All things come to he who’s repetitive.
Those who can, do; those who can’t, repeat.
‘Tis an ill repetition that blows no good.
Two’s company, three’s repetitious.
Man proposes, repetition disposes.
Repetition abhors a vacuum.
The first repetition is half the battle.
Better the repetition you know than the one you don’t.
The bigger they are, the more they repeat.
Repetition springs eternal in the human breast.
What can’t be cured must be repeated.
A brave man dies but once, a repetitive man, many, many times.
Repeat and you shall find.
Repetition makes the man.
Familiarity breeds repetition.


All that glitters is not repetitive.
Two repetitions make a right.

The saddest words of tongue or pen
are those words not repeated again.

Repetition is its own reward.
Repetition is the best policy.

* * *


(And finally)
One fine day, Arkaus said to Reflo, “Which one of us IS in charge?”

Yes, with the few, the mind has but one use — as a home for indifference.

* * *