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How This Condition Comes To Be

‘Tis the voice of your own commentary
that makes reality seem too small,
and all therein so ill arranged.

– – –

One man of yore had this to note,
“Never look now!
else the silence of the present
might reveal the way things be.”

* * *


On one planet was once a race of creatures whose development was stopped by
the fact that their vocal sense overwhelmed their visual one, while here on
this one damn-near the opposite occurred. …(And those who say they don’t
get this need to be on the first mentioned world.)

– – –

Once upon a time there was a wooden horse on the last row of the carousel
who finally asked himself, “There’s no such thing as the ‘last row’ on a
And a beautifully carved swan next to him noted, “That wasn’t a question.”
And the horse was forced to reply, “Mind your own business, feather face.”

…But just think about it: Creatures whose vocal sense overwhelmed their
visual one. (I just feel sure that it means something.)

* * *


Part of the impersonal energy that ignites mens’ minds causes them to say
“an un-annotated life is not the proper life for man.”
This idea, whose sole support is self-referential, and whose purpose is
unarguably and obviously no less than self-serving, this idea nonetheless
is such a fundamental part of the structure of thought that to even
question it is beyond routine mental capacity.

Thus does something as basic and constant as his heartbeat operate in man,
standing alone, outside his normal range of inquiry, doing what it does, and
without challenge, defining the scope of its own operations.

A job many a ne’r-do-weller would kill for.


Ordinary consciousness is no more individual to a man than a specific
gazelle is food for a particular lion.


There was once a planet on which one particular species was born with an
ability unique to that world, an ability which seemed to serve them well,
and in fact put them in the paramount position amongst all of the creatures.
But deep within all of this glory, glamour, and power were a small number of
the species who, although fully recognizing the advantages their kind
collectively enjoyed from this special ability, never-the-less for reasons
known only to them (at best, it would seem) became caught up in questioning
its role and necessity in the life of the individual (that is to say,
themselves individually).
Contemporaneous to this (back here on Earth) was a small band of railroad
engineers who undertook to separate their “thinking about” where their
trains were going and their actual travel.


Since the thoughts passing through him continually and forcibly seemed to be
operating on the basis of “try this on for size,” one man retaliated by
declaring that he was no “size.”

Your coffin can’t be built if your height’s unknown, and you can’t be shot
’til your preference in bullets is ascertained.

You can’t stave off death, but stupidity-by-distraction can be held at
bay…if you’ll simply — disappear.


In that universe just on the other side of this one, men have to expend
effort to stay asleep, captive, and in the dark.

…What’s that?…What’s that you ask? — what is the difference between
that and how things are here?
I can hardly believe you spoke such words.
Outta here! Out, spam dot!


In the temple, down on his knees, a man was overheard praying to the local
deity, “Dear God, I’ve never asked you for anything before, but I certainly
would appreciate it if you could help me through this present…uhh…
And unexpectedly the voice of the divine audibly replied, “Which is?”
“Uh, being alive,” said the startled man.


A man asked a mystic, “Is everything connected?”
“Yes,” he replied, “in the same way that it’s not.”


Thought, Time, And Reality: The Outcome Of The Mix

Impure, makes the mind of the present.

* * *


One man decided, “I will read no book that has a preface.” Sometime later
he revised this decision thusly, “I will also read no book that has an
introduction.” And subsequent to that he concluded, “I will furthermore
read no book that has a publication date.” And years past that his position
became, “I will read no book that lists an author.”
And shortly after making that declaration, a nearby book retorted, “Well
why don’t you just give up reading altogether?”
“I was getting to that,” he replied.

…(And a woman tidying up the library in which this all occurred, said to
herself, “I do so enjoy these little scenes wherein the annotations taking
place within a man’s mind are camouflaged as something else.”
At which point the things so camouflaged spoke out, “How dare you be so
presumptuous as to speak on our behalf.”
And she replied, “But I never expected that you would speak and reveal
And they said, “Well we certainly didn’t intend to, but after you said what
you said…well…”
And as their voice trailed off back into silence, she continued on again
with her cleanin’ and a’tidyin’.)


The man who knows what’s going on may be the one who never comments on
what’s going on.


Suggestion: If you’ve been swimming a long time in the Pacific and can’t
get out, perhaps you’re not really in the Pacific.

…(And don’t overlook that fact that a suggestion to a dead man is just as
good as it is to a live one.

“Oh my god, the waves of irrationality continue to overwhelm me, and I
believe that last idea will finally do me in. Oh my god, help me, I’m

…Good, finally we’re making some progress.)


When your efforts seem to be their least profitable is when you should be
doubling and tripling your efforts.
It is during such periods that unrestrained, indiscriminate “beating up
on yourself” is permissible.

A man with some enlightened knowledge of internal meteorology may, under
desperate conditions, resort to such otherwise desperate actions as firing
his pistol at an oncoming hurricane.

Only those who know-what-to-do truly know what to do, which at times can
be so bizarre as to be best kept quiet and to themselves.

Remember boys and girls, if what you’re pondering makes sense, you’re in a
world of dreams wherein sense is irrelevant.


A man asked himself, “Am I intelligent?” Then thought, “Compared to who?”
And further pondered, “The only way to measure intelligence is compared
to all other men…who know nothing conclusive themselves, thus the
question remains, am I intelligent?” “Or better put, is anyone intelligent?
No wait, better put than that, is there even such a thing as what we call
mental intelligence?”
…(After all of that, what normally passes for his intelligence told him
he should go lie down and cool off.)


One mystic gave his view: “Enlightenment is easy to describe. It’s being
free from all that you’ve ever been.”


As soon as you ask someone else what you should do (regarding behavior)
you’re off on the wrong foot entirely.

– – –

A man unsure how to live physically has no future in any other realm.

– – –

To ever be extraordinary, you must first be ordinary. (And that’s the name
of that foot.)

* * *


One man says his most promising present area of inquiry is in asking
himself, “Are my genes as connected to external conditions as seem my
Ooo, what a query: In the struggle between hormones and neurons, in bouts
sanctioned by civilization, neurons are favored to win, while off in the
private lives of the few, a total reexamination of the situation is under

Within that misjudged conflict, the more awake do not seek a victory, but
rather a neutralization.

* * *


There are three levels regarding enlightenment: the first level is when you
want it, but aren’t sure what it is, which leads to frustration; the second
level is when you’ve had some taste of enlightenment but can’t hold on to
it, which produces double frustration; and then the third level of
enlightenment, which is post-apocalyptic, and can only occur after you are
completely destroyed and silent.

This is why so little is heard from those most enlightened.

A traveling salesman once asked a mystic, “Why do you so often use the words
‘little’ and ‘seldom’ when what you obviously mean is ‘none’ and ‘never’?”
…(And the mystic, being the enlightened dude he was, said nothing.)


Upon hearing someone say “ofttimes I feel under-appreciated,” to himself
a man reflected, “It seems to me that, once you begin to think in terms of
‘feelings,’ feeling under-appreciated becomes inevitable.”

– – –

Once your fanciful bakery is up and running, all treats imaginable are

While men, not without foundation, refer to the mind’s abilities as being
“limitless,” they yet do not fully comprehend the real basis for the
observations, nor recognize the subsequent ramifications arising therefrom.

Even in the land of commercial sweet shops, there is a distinction between
super-hero bakers with real super-hero powers and those with but frou-frou

Those who never learn to distinguish the apparent lack of horizons from a
landscape solely conjured will forever be victim of distorted sight.

All-and-all (always-as-always): It doesn’t matter how hard you look if you
continue to look in the wrong places.


A kid asked the older guy who was always around (apparently family), “Can
men actually help one another?”
“Physically,” he replied.
“How about otherwise?” asked the boy.
“Technical advice,” he replied.
“Anything else?” further inquired the lad.
“Well…maybe telling someone else to shut up,” he answered.

– – –

And now some news from Wall Street (a definition, in fact)

Being human: A glut on the market.

– – –

A woman asked the doctor, “When people say that they ‘don’t get it,’ are
they telling the truth?”
“Yes,” he replied.
“Well how about when they say that they do get it?”
“Then too,” he replied.
“Humph,” she exclaimed, “Well then…”

* * *


A chap asked a mystic, “If I could remember everything that ever happened
to me, would I be awake?”
“Yes,” he answered.
“Well if I could forget everything that ever happened to me, would I be
“Yes, again,” he again replied.
“Hmmm…,” hmmmed the fellow, “well just — ‘hmmm’ then.”

And the headline to that story was “It’s All A Matter Of…Well, You Know.”


A man asked himself, “What’s the difference between trying, and
“None — not as long as you remain ME,” some part of him replied.


And now a word on “Defectiveness”:
We’re all defective. If you think, you’re defective (which is easy to
explain, in that, all thought is defective).

…Now, knowing that, what the hell else can you ever again expect?…Hmmm?


Some time after a man has experienced some enlightenment he seems to be
faced with this situation: Recognizing now correctly the nature of his
castle, and the waters threatening to swamp it, he either must continually
struggle to keep the waters at bay, or else have their past temporary
recession become permanent (a condition known as more than just SOME
enlightenment, thank you).

– – –

A man asked a mystic, “How can a man do things that are not possible for
a man to do?”
And got replied, “By rejecting the normal acceptance of being a mere man.”
And after a short silence the man exclaimed with revelatory zeal, “Ah hah,”
having not the foggiest notion what the words of the mystic meant.

* * *


About the only thing you can say about reality is that it can be witnessed
but not described.


The phrase concerning being “too smart for your own good” would have
operational application only with someone who had awakened, and was thus too
aware to have any dependence on being smart.


After hearing such terms as “timing is everything,” “fidelity is
everything,” and “knowledge is everything,” a man mused, “In the world of
the mind anything can be everything.”


The man who knows what’s going on may be the one who shows no sign of
knowing what’s going on.

If thought is a private virus, then talk is its public manifestation.


Those who believe in “evil karma” also believe that dung causes digestion.

…”How come you reckon it is that men can see, but generally see

– – –

One man said, “You sure are dainty little things.”
And his fears said, “You mean us?”
“No,” he replied, “my certainties.”

– – –

And a father so instructed a son, “It’s okay being an idiot as long as
you’re aware of your condition.”

And a passenger asked a conductor, “Does anyone know where this train’s
actually going?”
And he replied, “Not only no! but most here aren’t even aware they’re on
(Which I guess about settles that question.)

The man who knows what’s going on may be the one who appears to have no
interest in, what’s going on.


From our private “Field Guide & Spotter’s Handbook”:

How to identify a “Special Person” — they’re an idiot.


A man asked a mystic, “Is there really such a thing as “‘Secret Knowledge’?”
“Yes,” he replied.
And the man said, “Is it secret because it can’t be put into words?”
“Yes,” replied the mystic.
And the man said, “Then I’ll bet that it’s just lying out in the open all
around us, isn’t it?”
“Yes,” the mystic replied.
And the man squinted a quizzical eye and said, “Is ‘yes’ all you can say?”
“Yes, yes, and more yes,” he replied.
In years to come, as the man would look back on this conversation and
attempt to extract all profit possible therefrom, he’d wonder why the mystic
in his final comment included the words “…and more…”?

It takes a lot of directions to suit the eternally lost, while but a few for
those terminally sick of being displaced.

Somewhere, a bit down the line, one guy paused momentarily to muse, “Man, I
wish there’d a’been some ‘secret knowledge’. Maybe it’da helped me with
my assault on ‘secret ig’nernce.'”

The sign posted on that strange beach declared: “Collectively We Drown —
Individually We Swim…(If At All).”


One man measure what he refers to as his “progress” like this, “I am no
longer deceived, deprived, or angry at the world, I am simply a weak, lazy,
distracted lardass, incapable, or else indisposed, to be otherwise.”


Question: How do all metaphysical lies begin?
— With such words as “there are two types of men,” or “there are three
forms of reality,” or “there are four great Truths” (and so on along
such divisionary lines).


Shortcut To Madness: One cow instructing other cows.


Men want to please and seek favor from one another more than is commonly


A girl asked a mystic, “Do the enlightened have nightmares?”
“Yes,” he replied.
“Then how do they differ from ordinary men? What do they think of the
“That is how they differ,” he replied. “When they have nightmares, they
think, ‘There went a nightmare,’ and that’s the end of it.”


After laughing at the title of a book, “Modern Psychiatry,” a man asked
himself which part he was laughing at.


Claiming to have a certain pride and respect for the mind, one man says that
he does not consider any “looking back” as a form of thinking.
…(Hey, sounds like, could be a start.)


When someone asked a mystic what good deeds and practices an awakened man
would pursue, he replied, “The deed of not asking about practices, and the
practice of not thinking about deeds.”