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If it’s 2 o’clock —
and you forgot it’s 2 o’clock —
you forgot everything!

One brother said, “It’s too simple for me.”
And another brother said, “It’s not too simple for me, but rather too hard
to do.”


A father so advised a son, “It’s all right to be stressed as long as you’re
not too stressed, and it’s okay to be loose as long as you’re not too loose,
but the main thing — above all things — to stay cognizant–“
“What’s cognizant?”
“Don’t interrupt me…to stay cognizant of is not to be either too stressed
or too loose. And once the time comes when you fully understand what I mean
by this, then it becomes a matter of not being either stressed or loose.”

In the land of the liberated, a man who is anything is a man who is nothing!

And on some odd other hand, this points to why, in man’s secondary, mental
reality, titles and individual, eccentric descriptions carry such weight and
are found so favorable.

“That’s right,” note thoughts. “We don’t care what you say about us, just
as long as you continue to listen to us.”

“What a deal, what a deal,” assume the many, while never analyzing the
arrangement, or investigating an alternative.


In the mornings,
when it’s time to arise,
men get out of bed only half awake
…and none but the few are later bothered by it.


Quoting one man, now, who explains his problem as he sees it: “My feet are
in Palermo and my head is in Stockholm.”

(A not uncommon problem, wouldn’t you say?)


Gazing at his mental activity in a mirror, a man thought, “My desire is to
quit talking to ghosts.”


The mystic’s idea of either “engagement” or “nonengagement” the ordinary
take to the literal level, believing it has to do with either being
physically involved with life or withdrawn therefrom. While the original
meaning referred to a man either giving thought to a certain thing or not.


Legend tells of another world in which there is a strange river, a river
which, if you try to stop its flow, it rushes all the stronger.


All thought is flawed, and the more it works to correct itself, the more
flawed it becomes. (As if any of this matters!)


A curious thing about words and the life of man:
You can’t say what’ll help, only what’ll hurt.


Note discovered in an ancient grave:
“The place to look for enlightenment is in what you dislike.”


The “problem” (if you’ll again pardon me using such a term) for the few is
not in there being a mentally contrived, secondary reality, but rather in it
overwhelming your primary one.


And along comes yet another man with yet another view of his situation:
“My feet seem covered in grease, and my head seems covered in glue.”

(Ooo! what’s a poor man to do? Ooo!)


Still one more way you can look at it:

Being unenlightened is eating another man’s food.


As one man began to more deeply ponder how the same old thoughts that he
seemed to have been having for several lifetimes, by their continual replay,
stopped any change or growth from taking place and served generally just to
keep his mental operations “gummed up,” he started referring to the
situation as “Gramps has the cramps.”


All men look in mirrors, but if you attempt to see the nature of mirrors
themselves, you find it a most difficult undertaking, most difficult.
Who asks themselves why this is so?

According to an ancient legend there was once a man of Earth who pondered
a certain extreme matter that only he realized: “Why do men sound more
intelligent asking questions than they do attempting to provide answers?”
(An undocumented postscript to the legend goes on to say that he was either
driven from or voluntarily departed this world in the aftermath of his
bringing the matter to public attention.)


Historical spiritual figures are figments of dilettantes’ imagination —
reflections of what they’re pleased to believe was true.


Concerned consciousness is sham consciousness.


The proper seeking of that certain something is done without haste,
hesitation, or anxiety.

One man (who could talk about enlightenment — real good!) one day thought,
“If I could do it as good as I talk about it — who-ee! — I’d be a sight to

Where within us can we hide the truth about ourselves from ourselves? In
one place only — and that is the very place which you seek.

The direct simplicity of it continues to fool the contemporary as well as it
did the ancients.


Ahh — How Romantic

One man began to picture any thought that he’d already had, which sought to
return, as a syphilitic old flame.


A man asked a mystic, “Is there such a thing as false awakening?”
“Yes,” he replied.
And after a long silence, the man spoke again, “Well! are you going to tell
me what it is?”
“Okay,” said the mystic. “It’s anyone who believes that they are awake.”

(Bet he was sorry he asked.)


In the realm of habitation, humans have a unique lair — the mind. And
with it comes a situation in which problems that are singular to them
appear, which seem to be external to them.
This curious manifestation of the mind may in fact be its most significant
characteristic to those with that certain interest.

Strange (is it not) that,
while all animals die at home,
man alone lives a life of ill
totally outside his den?

Is anyone struck again by the fact that although the mind can unhesitatingly
point out human problems it is never able to come up with conclusive
Does anyone begin to suspect that believing, in fact, that “all the mind is
doing is simply pointing out human problems” could be at the very heart of
their unachievable resolution?


In what undiscovered area within you is there a place for another you to

– – –

Lurking, lurking,
always lurking,
thinking that you’re smarting,
while all the time you’re jerking.

* * *


A correspondent writes:
I’ve got it! I’ve figured out why I keep running the same thoughts
through my mind over and over again. I’m practicing! — simply rehearsing
my parts so that I’ll have ’em down pat for when the time comes for me
to really perform ’em.
That’s it — obviously what I’m doing.
What a relief!

(Don’t look at me, you can comment on it if you’ve got the inclination.)


One day a man looked pensively, far away, off of a high, steep cliff, and
sighed, “Man, have I made a mess of my life.”
To which life unexpectedly responded by saying, “Ah, man, nobody ever gives
me credit.”

And the man (having no interest in that certain matter) didn’t get it.
(Like, what else is new, whenever life does speak directly to men?)


Yet another man’s private take on the human condition:
“Men live simultaneously in two different time zones.”


Note-Hint-Fact: A tired man never awakens.

Note-Hint-Fact: Don’t be tired.

Okay, one more Note-Hint-Fact: Only human problems make you tired.


One man thought of his personal situation as “there’s a monkey in my tree.”


To believe that you are studying the correct means to awaken means that you
are studying false ideas within an area which contains no false ideas.

(“Well, where did they come from?” I hope you’ll ask.)


One man says, “Cows have cuds — why shouldn’t men have thoughts?”


And then another man (apparently with some nautical, military leanings) has
come up with his own personal approach to trying to stabilize awareness so
as to give it a better opportunity to expand, which he refers to as “clear
the flight deck!”


From yet another vantage point, being enlightened could be seen as the
ultimate in energy conservation.



Note: Having “the way” on your mind is not the same as being on the way.


A boy asked a mystic, “Is a man who can talk real good about enlightenment
necessarily enlightened?”
And the mystic shook his head in the negative.
Then the lad further inquired, “Well, is a man who can talk real good about
enlightenment a man with the specific potential for enlightenment?”
And this time the mystic made a motion with his brain receptacle which meant
neither yes nor no, and which neither of them had ever seen before.

One man just about concluded that the reality-of-things will slip up on you
like a cat on a carpet, wearing hush puppies.


Graffiti found on an overturned column:
“When awareness is greasy, awakenin’s easy.”


Seeking true freedom is not in any way related to seeking approval…from


While everyone’s always talking about “using the mind — using the mind,”
one man says he’s now begun to think about it more like the mind using him.


One critic (well, I guess he’s a critic) says that people scrambling after
so-called “enlightenment” are simply people who don’t know what to do with
their hands.

(Are we talkin’ some kinda really weird embarrassment here?)

A note found scratched on the side of a faraway mountain:
“Another form of enlightenment is to reverse all of your thoughts and


A man asked a mystic, “Is there a shortcut to enlightenment?”
“No,” he replied, “but neither is there a long one, so from that you should
go forth, taking correct measures.”


The proper way to use the mind is not to use it in any particular way.


Chew On This One:
From an ordinary man’s view, those struggling for enlightenment are the
only people on this planet who don’t already know what’s going on.


There is always more to everything than can ever be described in words.

Note: If there was any validity to humility, only those awake would be


Another Simplified Knee To The Groin

Thought makes everyone a fool.

* * *


Today’s Tricky Trick

Act unassuming,
then — act — assumingly.

* * *


One man began to privately sing a little song to himself: “From birth to
death, it’s just you — nobody but you.”

One man (with an apparent love for life on the highway) has developed his
own approach to staying alert and giving consciousness the chance to evolve,
which he calls “Shut up and drive.”

Yes, sir, if thought doesn’t make everyone a fool, then tell me what does!
Yes, sir!