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A Friday it was, when a father took his son aside and told him this:
For a lifetime have I studied and struggled with a certain matter which I
want to mention. I have come to the conclusion that thought, amongst all
the drugs known to man, is the most addictive and comfortable. I remain
uncertain as to why the brain is arranged to produce this phenomenon, but
there is no doubt that it does so, and no question as to men’s passive
acquiescence thereto. But I tell you this, though it is a drug-induced
habit that is collectively acceptable, even commonly praised, it is one
that forever acts as a blinder to a man’s direct sight of the plain, blunt
reality of life, which of itself will disclose the very information for
which the few like me live.
He paused and looked away for a bit, then spoke again:
Let me put it to you this way. If you want to leap from the roof of the
building and fly, you can’t be distracted by the noises of its mechanical
All-in-all, if you do not live at the outer boundaries of where you live,
what you do is not fully “living.”


One man (one experienced man, I might add) began to think of his everyday
state of awareness as “being drunk while sober.”


Note: Knowing is not thinking, and thinking is not knowing.


Being once awakened will not keep you from ever going back underwater, but
it will keep you from drowning.


Note: Knowing is permanent — thinking is not.


A lad asked his dad, “What can you say after you’ve said I’m sorry?”
And the elder corrected him, “Nay, the question is what can you sorry before
you ever say?”

And after some moments of silently chewing on this reply, the lad finally
said, “What ever happened to your taking a fresh paternity test?”


After some period of separation, two acquaintances met and one asked the
other, “Are you still trying to awaken?”
“Yes,” he replied.
“Have you succeeded?” he asked.
“No,” he replied.
“Then have you made much progress?” he asked.
“I can’t say that I have,” he replied. “But I have learned something
striking. I’ve discovered that as long as I’m thinking, I have no interest
or concern as to whether I’m making any headway or not. Do you think that
qualifies as progress?”
And upon hearing this actually said, the other man could not bring himself
to make any comment thereon.

Soap operas and sad songs are not the only locales of heartbreak.

(Even I cannot bring myself to let this end on such a negative-sounding note
[although the alert are never tripped by mere words], for the silent truth
regarding man’s Secondary Reality is that, in the illusionary labors of a
Hercules, any failures and all setbacks must of their very nature be
likewise without substance.
Thus it would be that a true God’s [an enlightened man’s] countenance would
never give signal of such spurious concepts as gain or loss.)


The man with the chisel asked the customer, “What do you want it to say on
your tombstone?”
And he replied, “Just the words that ‘He Thought No More.'”

Note: Death does not charge by age, nor stupidity by the pound.


A permanent increase in consciousness does not come by extraordinary
experiences, or fantastic methods.

(Many have used the quite mundane “Watch Your Step” approach.)


Recently one man asked himself, “Just what place and purpose have passions
in my otherwise meaningless daydreams and mechanical thought flow?” “What’s
the point to painting illusionary tigers fierce?”


To be enlightened is not to be different from other men, but is to take
something different from life than do other men.
It is not you that is exceptional, but rather your tastes.


Prisoners being told that they’re in prison has no effect on their prison


The further you stray from the vital Primary Reality, the more difficult
it seems to be alive.

Awakening is not unlike living in Manhattan and wanting to go to Times
Square and having to go through a tunnel to Queens and back to get there.


Note: No matter how it seems otherwise, thinking is the foe of knowing.


Another Simplified Kick In The Shins

If there are two of you in you, then consider this: one of them is a single
entity, while the other one is a thousand different you’s. And if this be
so, then there are not two of you. And of course the truth is there’re not
two of you to begin with, so — no problem!
(If you can hear what I just said with but one set of ears.)

* * *


One man’s views on addictions is, “If you can’t stop ’em, then overdo ’em
and be done with it.”


If “sincerity” is the key, then remember this: There is nothing as insincere
as thought.


As the realtor showed the customer about, he noted, “Around these parts, you
have a nice choice: you can live in a foggy daze and not know it, or live
there part time and be aware of it.”
And the potential buyer asked, “What’s the experiential difference?”
“In one instance you’re miserable as hell, and in the other — no big deal!
But don’t ask me which one is which, ’cause you wouldn’t believe the

Historical Note: The reason so-called “mysticism” seems so mysterious is
that it doesn’t make any damn sense. (That’s why…end subject.)


One man says he’s decided that a great name for his mental life would be
“Let’s go back over this again, why don’t we.”


Within several generations after Adam’s departure from The Garden, one of
his descendants was describing those then attempting to awaken as “men with
too much time on their hands.”


No ruler inherits a peaceful kingdom, but a wise one can establish one.


One man had a favorite idea with which he would constantly question his
thinking: “And what is to be gained by this?…”


One man had a motto: “If you don’t put your foot down — right this very
instant — you’ll never discover the true nature of your foot.”

(He says that the key words therein are “right this very instant.” No
surprise there, huh?)


Thought reinforces thought…same as dung does a shit damn.


The speaker so addressed the crowd, “To see the meaninglessness of a thing
is to no longer be concerned with it.”
And they damn near did him in with their assault of catcalls and jeers.


When one man heard the adage that “you should not hide your light under a
basket,” he yelled out, “Tell that to my friggin’ thoughts!”:

(It’s really strange the explosive effect proverbs can have on some.)


Note: When you return to where you came from, you have nothing to say, and
if you still have anything to say, you’ll never return to where you came


All creatures’ natural state is to be direct and sincere, but then with men
comes thinking, and all is [sob, sob] lost!

Ha, ha — gotcha!
“Didn’t get me,” said a lion.


Another Simplified Poke In The Eye

A man with any interest in time will never awaken.

* * *


One man would often challenge his own thoughts thusly, “Don’t tell me that
you know what you’re doing!” “Hell, even I don’t know what I’m doing, so
look where that puts you!”

(Need I point out that his thoughts were not fazed in the lit’lest least?
Although it did serve his intended purpose of momentarily rendering them


The teacher asked, “Who can give a redundant, two-word phrase?”
And one kid replied, “Intellectual justification.”


More Simplified Stuff About Literary Stuff

Everyone comes in two editions: a condensed version, and a collector’s
version. And yet in spite of this, most men remain illiterate…about


That man we mentioned earlier has now revised his particular take on man’s
routine state of consciousness. He now refers to it as being “half drunk
and half sober.”


Note: The universal is singular — the local, many.

(Same as ‘tween knowing and thinking.)


One man could never rid his house of roaches due to the selectivity of his
extermination efforts.

No matter how many clouds in the sky,
there’s only one sun.

* * *


More Simplified Hot Oil In The Ear

An enlightened man never cares about things — in his mind.
That’s not where “caring about things” belongs.


The nearest that a thought could come to being of any significance would be
if it had no relationship to any other thought.


Legend tells of a man who once used, as a method to stay alert and awake,
always believing at each and every moment that he was about to die.


The free, when they speak, they do not speak, and when they think, they do
not think.


Yet Another Verbal View Of It

Experiences of enlightenment show you the way — it is then up to you to
travel it.


The Way To Lose The War: Think of the enemy.


In the dressing room, alone, one man tried to put this on: “If thinking
can never be about now, then can now ever be about thinking?”

(Although it did feel a bit tight in the crotch, he figured it could be let


A life not based on thought
is a life lived in the light.


If fault finding and the discovery of error had any positive potential,
then every man’s thoughts would, with no outside assistance, enlighten

“Hey, what’s the problem here?”
“Oh, no problem, Officer, we’re just a bunch of humans — thinking.”
“Hmmm, okay, but watch it! We don’t want any additional troubles.”
“Jeeze, Officer, how could things be any worse?”
“Hmmm, well you people better just move along. I ain’t got the time to be
studyin’ on stuff like that. Now get along with you.”
“Moo-o-o, Officer. Thanks, and moo-o-o.”


Sincerity is the ability to see things as they are, not as you think about


A dad asked a lad, “Why won’t an enlightened man ever tell you what he’s
“Ahh, you and your old trick questions.”