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97065.902 1902 97065 07/07/97 Copyright J. M. Cox 1997


There is but one thought, and everything else a variation of it, and the one
thought is “I can think!”


There was once a race whose notion of hell was a narrow, one-way path to
nowhere, but which seemed to be a boulevard to infinity.

“Hold him down and we’ll torture him.”
“No need — these creatures will hold themselves down.”


If attention is controlled by the external world, should not you give prime
attention to the external world?

There’s the matter of pulleys and belts, and then that of lubricant.

(“Hey, guys, what’re we talkin’ about here?”)


The foolish mind forever lives among those who would enslave it — thoughts!


Note To Explorers: There is a certain thing that can only be discovered by
discovering where it is not.


A certain drive, common to all men but carried to a harried pitch, is behind
the desire of the few for enlightenment. This drive is to complete Adam’s
task of giving everything its proper name.


What men think to be unique about their species’ life is like hand shadows
they project onto the face of a granite cliff.


The wits of the world all address man’s behavior — only the few,
otherwise. (Only the few are interested.)


‘Tis been claimed that all professions are a conspiracy at the expense of
the collective laity. And from that it could be further said that all
collective knowledge is a conspiracy at the expense of the individual. And
beyond even that, it could be noted that all of man’s knowledge is a
conspiracy perpetrated on him by life.

(I mean, if you wanted to.)


Now for some sailing tips:

How To Tell That You’re Intellectually
How To Know That You’re A “Victim-Of-Thought”

Your thoughts concern any of the following:
what’s been said about you,
ways you’ve been mistreated,
losses you’ve experienced,
fears you have for the future,
the time,
the mortality of others,
the stupidity of others,
expectation of coming events,
things you’ve done in the past,
your own stupidity or intelligence.


And now: A Brief Treatise On The Subject Of “Hope”

You can hope for the best,
failing that, hope for mercy,
but the stance el-supremo
is beyond the realm of hope
(and other dreamy words).


And now for a complete survey of the subject of “Illusions”

No one takes an illusion seriously unless everyone does.

“Is this how man’s collective knowledge comes about?”
“Did you brush your teeth?”


When it is said that a man is “civilized,” it is also being tacitly noted
that he shows no dangerous signs of any originality.


Note To Biologists: There is a certain creature which can only be understood
by understanding what it is not.


“See Here, My Good Man!”

Under water, sight is blurry;
under thought, damn-near impossible.

* * *


One man’s favorite phrase is “Don’t listen to him” — which (you might
note) he says when alone.


Streams run naturally through everyone’s yard. Whether you stand and stare
at them is up to you.


More Of How The Brain Operates
Under The Fine Auspices Of The So-Called “Mind”

If God were a drug, everyone would be religious.

(Or maybe that’s how the mind operates under the influence of the brain?…)

* * *


In Re Possessions

If you’re a human, you only have two things: your life, and your attention.

* * *


Hint As To The Correct Execution Of The Perfect And Proper Murder!

Woe to survival entangled in thought,
and woe to thought entangled in survival.

“Okay,” said the first man, “which would you rather be: correct, or
And the other man asked, “In what time frame are we speaking?”
“None,” he replied. “That would render enlightenment impossible?”


If words did not have the talent to make more out of things than is there,
they would display no talent worthy of note.

Only the unlettered (and other ordinary minds) find fault for the wrong
reason, and congratulate themselves for their critical insight.

An army stands less than well-prepared if it scans the skies for submarines.

The bare minimum requirement in all of this is knowing where to look.

Thoughts are like pointing fingers:
“Ooo, Papa, I want to go see a pointing finger” — a cry understandable
coming from an inexperienced child, but what knowledgeable adult would
expend any effort in pursuit of such a meaningless sight?
Now, as to where the finger might be pointing, that would be another matter,
same as would an interest in the silent reality to which words make their
semi-notable attempt to refer.

Behind everything known to man is everything else — the everything else
sought by the few.
“Whee, Papa, look at me now! — I’m no longer looking for anything!”


More About How Life Works

Only those who believe they have a date with destiny do; those who have an
unexpected brush with it find it to be just that — a brush, a momentary
brush with it — then it’s over.

Life does little that surprises itself.
(“Little, hell!”)

* * *


In the musical world of thought, the stage is filled with amateurs; to find
any original and inspiring tunes, you must look outside the legitimate


How To Remain Uncompromisingly Ignorant Regarding Human Life,
Even If Educated And Verbally Facile

Limit your interest in man to his deeds,
or if in the area otherwise,
based solely on his own explanations thereof.


Today’s Entry From Our Secret Biology And Transportation Dictionary

Man: The only creature who can carry itself on its own shoulders.

* * *


Another note to those explorers in search of The Secret:

If you can see it, you’re still far from it.

Brushing aside the hangman’s offer of a hood, the man proclaimed, “Give me
the visible, or give me nothing!” — a statement that caused the executioner
momentary bewilderment in that the two are one-and-the-same.


One man so questioned another, “How do you remain undisturbed, when I see
that nothing is permanent in your life, that even your family and friends
come and go?”
“How could that disturb me,” he replied, “when I continue to come and go
within myself?”


Since life knows what it is talking about, everyone in life also knows —
it’s just that their hearing is weaker.


There is no art too bad to be made public —
but some too good to be made so.


Proverbial Wisdom (Even Of The Mystical Sort) Re-Examined, Re-Again

The source of all suffering is that
the trains keep running, and
men want them to stop.

* * *


Upon hearing the comment (concerning physical libations) “I am a beer
teetotaller, not a champagne teetotaller,” one man mused, “Same with me
regarding thoughts.”


(The headline of this story follows the story.)

Penny-ante men have
penny-ante gods, ’cause
penny-ante thoughts are
all they can conjure.

* Religion AND Everything Else On-The-Cheap *

* * *


To realize the nature of thought is to realize that the foolishness men
pursue is no less real and meaningful than are their most serious


The spirited explorer will change his own terminology and descriptions of
the terrain at least as often as he does his underwear.


Ordinary men — over age fifty — become wise;
the awakened — as they get older — become more doubtful and suspicious.


More Regarding The Collective World Of Thought
And Your Individual Plug-In Thereto

After you decide that you don’t want to hang around with other people, but
discover that you presently can’t seem to do otherwise, at least only hang
around with the kinds of people that you WOULD hang around with if you
hadn’t decided you weren’t going to hang around with anybody.

– – –

To be truly cultured is to be secretly outside all social loops, and
personally associated with no one.

* * *



Life is not suicidal.

* * *


For a prisoner to pretend that he is happy with his confinement, or even to
deny it, accomplishes nothing — yet such is the condition of man toward his



Balloons are no danger to the air within.

* * *


Everyone believes that when the awakened speak they’re always holding
something back — which is caused by the fact that they never hold anything

“Hey, makes sense to me.”
“Makes sense to me too.”
“Then it makes sense to both of us.”
“I’d say that it — makes sense to both of us.”
“Phew…sure makes a lot of sense to me.”
“Phew — me also.”


Entry submitted for consideration as our
“Question-Of-The-Day That I’m Sure You Didn’t Really Wanna Wrestle With”
(this time specifically concerning the challenge to change):

Is it your thinking that keeps you being you, or
is it your being you that keeps you thinking?

* * *


To be a good sailor, you need to stay attentive to oceanic conditions — not
those of your cabin.


Familiarity And The Prospects For Advancement

Kin can be further from you than strangers, and vice versa.

* * *


Outside of physical technology, all of human progress is a continuing game
of anagrams.


As regards hunger, nourishment, and satisfaction, this note found on a menu
of the awakened:
An empty mind is a fulfilled mind.


What interests would an awakened man have other than those pleasant to the


Once you know what’s going on, if you talk after that your speech is
running off of fumes.


And from our audience: Our Stupid Question Of The Day

“Should you be sincere, or just act sincere?”
— Like there’s a fuckin’ difference!


As Regards The Question Of This And That

There is no “this and that”!

* * *