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The News

1883 97059 06/13/97 Copyright J. M. Cox 1997


One man found himself living in a room that was usually illuminated by only
a low wattage night-light; day and night this was normally the only light
available, and day in and day out, generally the only one needed. However,
at infrequent times of danger much brighter lights would suddenly appear,
but stay on only ’til the threat had receded, then lighting conditions
returned to their routine dimness.

This particular man became partial to the sometimes brighter lighting
conditions and undertook to find a way to make them permanent. This man’s
name was Adam. Everyone lives in the same situation, but only he and his
kin have attempted to alter it.


Why notice thought — why curse rain? Thought is always there, rain is
always wet and refreshing.

You are not obliged to repeat to yourself what thought says.



Everyone has a duty,
But no one knows what it is.
Second Verse:
Everyone has a duty,
And no one can fail to fulfill theirs.

There are two levels and realities of duty as explained in this story:
A boy asked his father, “Am I fulfilling my duty?”
And his father replied, “Are you still breathing? — do you have a pulse?”


The mystery: What killed reality? Thinking about it. …And if it didn’t
actually kill it, it certainly broke all its bones.

Part way through his journey, a man stopped and took stock: “Fragments,
that’s all I have, fragments.”


At any given moment you’re as alert and conscious as life wants you to be.
Case closed. …(Unless you know something that life hasn’t made everyone
else privy to).


Father, overheard telling a son near a semi-national park or something:
“Look, either figure out how to turn the geyser off or else learn to live
with its noise. Now go invite another bear to breakfast.”


Not actually realizing what’s going on in life, men actually accept the
nearest substitute — thinking about it.


On their annual We Don’t Live Here Anymore Day, the head of the monastery
offered these words to the senior monks, “We all know what the experience
is, now we must learn to turn it into more of a minute-by-minute, everyday


One guy says he’s decided that thoughts’ theme song must be “Anywhere But
Here — Any Time But Now.”


If you look with one eye, life seems a busy place; if you look with the
other eye, not much appears to be going on; if you look with both eyes —
look out.


Nothing is meaningless until you recognize it as such.


Have you considered this approach: If you can’t “stop” thought, stop
thinking about thought.


A man who knows something extraordinary doesn’t know much of anything.
…(At least he knows less than he used to.)


Okay then, how about something along these lines: If you can’t seem to
permanently “stop” thought, at least stop repeating to yourself what
thought says.


That based on the binary is a constricted representation of realty. …(No
wonder you can’t tell up from cold, or left from dry.)


A boy said to his father, “Okay, if thoughts are not your friend, and
thoughts are not your enemy, then what are they?”
“Did that new bear want syrup or jam with his waffles?”


The body must take physical circumstances “personally” to survive. The mind
has no such similar need.


A man approached a group who hadn’t before noticed him, and who were not
planning to hurt him, and said to them, “Here, you can have all my money if
you just won’t hurt me.”

Such is the situation of men attached to their thoughts.


A man asked a mystic, “If, as you say, all ideas are equal and worthless,
then how do you explain the words of a mystic?”
And the mystic replied, “Oh, he’s just someone who can talk about mysticism,
but his words are of no more importance than your thoughts about it are —
and I do assume by now that you’re aware of their value.”

Though not suspected, nor even explainable up front, there is freedom and a
refreshing reinvigoration in realizing the (shall I say) “extreme
similarity” of all things conceived by thought.


When one man overheard a group of journalists reminding themselves of the
inescapable, never-to-be-forgotten need to always report on the who, when,
what, where, and why of all events, he thought to himself, “Mein Got — I’ve
stumbled on the primordial plotters responsible for the human mind!”

…That ever-popular country song “I Fall To Pieces” became possible only
after men had thoughts to listen through.


One man gained a new perspective of his certain efforts through pursuing
this line of (pardon the expression) reasoning: “Since this kind of activity
has no precedent and no destination, then it must have nothing in between.
So that’s what I’m involved with, huh?…”


The Extraordinary Voyage

When those on board find the sailing’s become tedious, they should throw
away their life preservers.

* * *


One wrangler (with his aim on his mind) named the spread where he stayed
“So Far Away — So Dangerously Near.”


A man asked himself, “Why do they bother to publish and change the date each
day in the daily paper?”
Ah, the news moves on, do it not? (It do, don’t it?)


A boy asked his father, “If you don’t try, what’ll happen to you?”
“Nothing,” he replied.
“Okay,” said the lad, “if you do try, what’ll happen to you?”
“Nothing,” he answered.
“Okay then, ” said the kid, “okay then…then if…if…ah!…”
“I know,” said the old man, “forget it.”


One man called his status quo by the name of “Give Me Three Reasons Why!”
And his dream of the otherwise, “Here’s Three Bullets & A Gun.”


The Illusion Of Motion — The Reality Of The Landscape

The best thing about “running on empty” is that it’ll keep you from
believing you can run.

* * *


Tonight’s eight o’clock question: When you listen to your thoughts, who then
is the voice behind them? …(Yeah, I know, that’s an easy one…but the
night’s young.)


A man with principles is civilized — a mystical system with principles is
no mystical system.


One man has a new mathematical equation which says that thought comes not
from thought, but from feeling. …(But says he doesn’t know yet how to
transfer it to a blackboard.)


A man asked a lad, “Can you run and do math in your head at the same time?”
And the kid shook his head, no.
And the man asked, “Then can you rub your stomach and pat your head at the
same time?”
And again the boy shook his head, no.
And then the man asked, “Then what can you do?”
And the lad replied, “I can be here and believe that I’m not here at the
same time.” “And I can, be awake and yet asleep at the same time. And I can,
think thoughts and have thoughts think me at the same time, and I can–“
And the man cut him off in mid-sentence saying, “That’s fine kid, no need to
say more, you’ll do…you’ll do nicely.”
And the boy suddenly realized that he was in the presence of, and directly
talking to, Local Conditions. Wow! Talk about your unexpected treats.
…Ah, come on now, skip that “unexpected treats” stuff, more like, “Huh,
how come I don’t realize this simple fact more often?”
…A constant awareness of that would give you something to really “wow”


How’s about this: If you can think thoughts, and feel thoughts, and give
voice to thoughts, then why can’t you pack them up in a box and ship them
off somewhere? …See, can’t answer that, now can you?


Surfing one man’s mind we find this rhetorical self-inquiry: “How would I
know? — I’m never home.”


Problems: The Definitive Identification — Their Supreme Solution

The source of all problems is acting on thought. …(The solution, you
can see for yourself.)


If you do not see man — as manifested through you — as promising, you
waste your energy.


A man asked himself, “Can you talk and still stay loose?…” Then suddenly
realized, “Hell, I can’t think and still stay loose.”

A new way of looking at the matter of awakening.


Sight, Sound, Mentation, And Coming Home

There is nothing to see if you merge with it; there is nothing to hear if
you merge with it; there is nothing to think if you merge with it. When
you are no longer outside, then you’re in.

* * *


The purpose of whatever man does is its purpose — look for no other —
there is no other.


You can’t do “something”, ’til you can do “nuthin’.”

A man sought out a mystic and asked, “May I study with you?”
“What’d I look like, a plumber?”


The ordinary mind is too cloddish to ever awaken…also, too hip.

One man’s motto was “Yeah, yeah — I knew all that even before I started.”
…Well, there you are. My job’s completed.


A man interested in the mystical asked his mind, “May I study with you?”
“Certainly,” it replied.
“That’s more like it,” thought he. And — oops — my job just got