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1881 97058 06/11/97 Copyright J. M. Cox 1997


The mind is the only form of explorer that can roam the boundaries of
reality, yet never leave its room.
…Fact of the matter is, no matter what it does, it can never leave its
room, and a man who’s discovered the nature of the mind knows that his mind
is reality, and there is no reality other than his mind.
A man with such understanding sees all human debate and individual
reflection as — two ornery cats,
locked forever
in a room together.


More About Staring And Seriousness:

Staring will make you serious — being serious will make you stare.

But, don’t take it too urgently,
being alive will make you dead,
and being alive will make you stupid
(if you don’t do something about it).


Question: Why do those who wish for enlightenment take that part of their
mind desiring such to be of any more significance than any other

Yeah, yeah, I know you think that it MUST be — but that’s no proof…it’s
not even evidence!


The Hobbyist And Collector

Taking thoughts seriously
is like believing you can capture some space in a jar
and take it home with you as a specimen.

* * *


A certain adventurer discovered an unknown lake, a lake with a curious
characteristic: it had waves, but no wind.

Where is such a man (you ask) now that you need him so — now that you would
swallow him should he reveal himself?


At his annual appearance-before and address-to the monks, the head of the
monastery, last June 1st, delivered to them these words: “The good news for
some of you cats is that, if you don’t think about yourself, you damn-near
don’t exist.”


From one view, awakening is an attempt to bring on a condition which
sometimes occurs spontaneously — deliberately.


Notice this: No matter how you may try, thought is never as plain and
direct as action.
This does not deny the fact that the mind can easily say
otherwise, but a simple glimpse at things as they be reveals
the truth.
And if that doesn’t do it for you, ask yourself this, what’s
the basis for people accepting as fact that the mind can lie
to you, yet no one ever claims similarly about the body?


In the land of Life-After-Death, a squirrel and a rabbit met and the latter
asked the former about his former life, and the squirrel replied, “I was a
rat, but lived well and now am this — how about you?”
And the rabbit replied, “I was a mystic…but evidently didn’t do so well.”


When it’s said that when you see the nature of the mind the world
disappears, then further said that the world doesn’t actually disappear,
and yet it does, what is really being said? Obviously it’s being said that
something disappears — but what?

– – –

When you inhale, one species of organisms lives in your lungs — when you
exhale, another.

* * *


The speaker addressed the crowd thusly, “Gravity holds you down in two
ways,” then said nothing further.
Until someone in the audience called out, “Physically’s one, what’s the
And the speaker repeated the words, “Gravity holds you down in two ways,”
then walked away.


Additional Considerations Of Historic Commandments

Thou Should Not Kill: Getting stuck on a thought is mental homicide.


More Regarding The Under-Anticipated Weight Of Words

In the “Ask The Experts” column of an antique magazine appeared the
following letter from a reader, and the expert’s response.
“Dear Sirs: Enclosed is a photograph of an art decor vase given to me by my
great aunt, whose name was Lilly, in 1948. Can you tell me its value today?
Mrs. Smith.”
“Dear Mrs. Smith: Ordinarily such a vase would be worth around two hundred
dollars, but since your aunt’s name was Lilly, I’d place it more in the
thousand-dollar range.”

…And you may ask, “Did this really happen?”
And I in turn ask you: Do you “really happen”?

– – –

In another planet was once a race of beings who totally dominated their
galaxy by their ability to NOT be injured by nonexistent bullets, contrary
to the norm in their area.

* * *


The body knows friend from foe,
the mind invented the term,
and when it comes to thoughts
has not the slightest idea what it means.

A suggestion: Revise the line, “they all look alike in the dark,” to “in a
vacuum, all illusions are equal.”


More About Just Staring:

Life doesn’t care whether you stare or not…
in fact, if you knew the truth,
there’s a hell of a lot that life doesn’t care whether you do or not.


From one view, the enlightenment is an effort to produce a state which
sometimes occurs naturally — unnaturally.


Additional Proverbial Wisdom Reconsidered:

“Blessed are the poor” refers to the profitable poverty of the head.


While you’re listening to your thoughts talk about you, you’re about as far
from BEING you as is possible.
…(In case you’re interested.)


Myth recalls an ancient race of people who believed that death didn’t exist
but was just a physical illusion produced by prolonged bouts of seriousness.


If you transfuse yourself with glue, it’ll spread throughout your body; if
you’re born with it already everywhere in you, then what can you expect?


More About The Exciting World Of The Mind

As they sat around the campfire, one warrior said, “All artists are
And as the rest were nodding and chuckling, Attila suddenly appeared and
noted, “I am an artist.”
And the first warrior said, “Ah, but you’re the exception.”
And the rest nodded even more vigorously as they added, “You’re always the

…No doubt about it, the mind is an exciting — if not downright curious —
place to be in.


A man approached the cubicle of the great oracle and said, “Is there some
sure way to tell if you are making any progress in your efforts regarding
that certain matter we’ve spoken of before?”
And the voice from within the cubicle replied, “An expanding sense of silent
goodwill toward life, and an increasingly hard-to-shake inner smile.”

(A man who peddled candles from a booth within earshot of the cubicle said
to himself, “Seems a shame that I do not profit more from my overhearing of
such exchanges” — a sentiment applicable to all, regarding the
under-utilized connection extant in all, ‘twixt their mind and that of the


Legend tells of a man who discovered the mystical city, and says that it
exists only every other day.
(Why did he bother to convey this piece of useless news, I wonder.)


To try and keep himself reminded and aware, one man stuck this note in a
crack in the wailing wall of his own cortex: “Problems are things capable
of being cured, thus men have no problems, save death — when are you going
to remember this, you putty brain?”


Taking a page from business names in the hardware trade, one man began
calling his mind “The Home Of 10,000 Gadgets & Whirligigs.”


To instinct, excitement is too easily come by — to thoughts, not nearly so.


More About Time

Seriousness makes the clocks go ’round.

* * *


A Dummy’s Vacation In The Land Of Ventriloquism

If you’ll open up your mouth as wide as possible — and not think — life’ll
speak directly through you, rather than the words having to go through that
wooden filtering agent.

– – –

A man asked a mystic, “What is the difference between what ‘a-man-who-knows’
says and what is said by one who just seems to know?”
And the mystic replied, “A man who knows doesn’t care how what he says

Sometime later, that same man returned to that same mystic and asked, “How
can you tell for sure when you’re talking to a real mystic?”
“That’s the beauty of it,” he replied, “you can’t.”

* * *


After it’s all said and done, all that’ll remain will be — what was done.

…Yeah, what was said will be remembered by some, but memory has no more
tangible existence than do words in the first place.

Bodies chase bodies and action — minds pursue ghosts…then often write
about it.


How To Be Sure To Die — Stand still.


When it comes to the overall transportation picture, you might note that,
basically, the mind is along on a free ride.


The prince inquired of the king, “What can you talk about after you’ve
talked about the mind?”
“Have you gone crazy?” replied the monarch.


A man said to a mystic, “It’s weird how you can do that.”
“Do what?” replied the mystic.
“Damn!” said the man, “you’ve done it again.”


In the dark, by the roadside, you could hear two voices in heated exchange:
“Put it in neutral!”
“It is in neutral!”
“Then put it in some kind of other neutral!”
“There isn’t any other kind of neutral, you dummy!”
“Then invent one, you idiot!”
…And so it goes.


To those aware, knowledge is for one thing only — to point them to their

After the mind is realized, what else is there to know?


One guy used to love to sing a particular song:
“You got me runnin’,
you got me hidin’,
but mainly you got me — runnin’ and hidin’!”

…(God, but he loved that tune!)

And still another man had a saying:
“The harder you grasp, the further from reach it moves.”

…And indeed, so it goes.