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1877 97056 06/06/97 Copyright J. M. Cox 1997


Nobody’s as great as they think they are. Nobody’s as bad as they think
they are. Nobody’s as smart as they think they are, and nobody’s as dumb as
they think they are. Come to think about it, nobody’s ever exactly like
they think they are.

Now the question is where’s the problem? — with people, or with thinking?

…Okay, I’ll give you a hint: nobody’s ever had a problem with their
liver, or their heart, or their stomach. Oh, I know, you’re gonna say,
“Sure they have, people have physical problems all the time.”
No, you still don’t get it, those are not problems.

The mute supers running the building don’t have problems, only the people
in the penthouses. And they don’t, really, they just think they do, which
satisfies them totally, thank you.

Nobody lives as high up as they think they do, and nobody lives as low as
think they do. Everybody lives somewhere in the middle if they’re normal
and ordinary — normal, ordinary, and always just a bit annoyed, thank you.

* Problems, problems, who got da problems? *


A man was elected mayor of his city based on one statement he made. He
took the old saw that says, “Even a broken watch tells the correct time
twice a day,” and changed it to the more humanly appropriate, “At least a
broken watch gives the incorrect time twenty-two hours each day.” …(He
won by a mudslide.)


A father called all the family together and addressed them with these words:
“If we were better people, thinking wouldn’t seem any more troublesome than
do our physical instincts.”

…(“Throw ’em from the roof and see where they bounce!”)


If you say you can’t stop, you can’t; if you say that you will stop, you’ve
lowered your chances considerably. All real work is done by those who
don’t speak.


The speaker so said, “All that we feel is due to conditions.”
And someone in the audience called out, “Did you say that all we feel is due
to air conditioning?”
“No,” replied the speaker, “I said conditions — there’s no air involved.”
“Funny,” said the man, “then what’s that I feel blowing over me?”


A boy asked his father, “Should I think of me as having a self which has a
mind, or as having a mind which produces my feeling of a self?”
And the elder replied by asking, “Who the hell are you?”


A turtle, looking at a cheetah, thinks him to be more conscious, likewise
the cheetah’s view of the turtle. …(If you can’t learn from info such
as that then I don’t know what course you’re following.)


As of this day, one guy’s more active area of consideration is thus. “I
always accepted as fact that my thoughts could lie to me, but now that I
look at the matter from a wider perspective, I am faced with a surprising,
bald-faced irrefutable: how, even in the most fanciful and imaginary of
realities, can a man’s own thoughts lie to him? Now that it strikes me,
I grimace with embarrassment to think that I ever saw it otherwise. Yikes!”


There is no such thing as the “environment” — conditions separate from man.


Any aspect of you that you still have something to say about is an aspect of
you still asleep and in the dark.


More regarding Instinct & Thought

If you can sing and dance to the same tune, you’re setting the stage for a
climactic act.

* * *


The initial trick is not to be “constantly on the move,” but to be
continually aware that you are “constantly on the move.”

The little boy cried because he dropped his money as he was shifting it from
one hand to the other. …He cried, he cried, and he cried again…and
again…and again…and again.

“It was 9:32 AM, Friday March 10th, my partner Ed and I were investigating
another case of someone getting their head caught in that certain unsavory
and most certainly unhealthy place we’ve come to be all too familiar

…And he cried and he cried, as though crying — or anything else for that
matter, other than awareness — would do any good.

Remember: Regardless of the medical profession’s P.R. claims to the
contrary, if you know you’re dying, you die faster.


Their thoughts are what give people problems, not their nature. …Okay, so
it is their nature, but it’s their thoughts that bring ’em to their


In response to a matter raised earlier, one man offers this take on it.
“Maybe we should look at it like this, that we have a self that has a mind
which produces the sensation of a self which in turn has another mind that
then produces another level of the sensation of having a self, and so on.”
“What d’ya think?” he asks us.


One man’s constant reminder to himself was: “Stay un-glued.”

– – –

A man asked a mystic, “Is there a difference in ‘coming un-done’ and
‘being un-glued’?”
And the mystic replied, “Were you born in a beehive, or did you develop
a stinger on your own?”

* * *


More hints regarding hints:

If you can’t pull instinct and thoughts closer together, then keep them even
further apart!

* * *


A primo example of the folly of beings from one world attempting to study
those of another, when they do not understand the language, is contained in
the question of humans mentally asking, “Why do people steal?”


A man who does battle with his thoughts struggles with a foe never fully


…Okay, look, for any of you who had trouble earlier with the metaphor
regarding the cheetah and the turtle, try it this way: To Magellan, Rip
Van Winkle seemed more awake…and vice versa. …Hmmm?…Get it now?…

What you do is you — what you think is something else altogether.

…(“Okay, boys and girls, can you all say ‘altogether’? All together

Another item from our “You Do Know This By Now Don’t You?” file:

Anything that one human imagines to be true about another human is at least
95% incorrect. …You do know that by now don’t you?…

* * *

What understanding is to had of the mind other than of what it is not?

One of the underrated self-deceptions is in attempting to believe that you
are interested in things that you’re not.

Another story regarding instinct and other possibilities:

When one man heard it said that “a more conscious person would take
everything they own with them everywhere they go,” he thought, “Does this
mean I should stick my hand down in my pants? And if not there, where?”

Don’t assume responsibility for wild dogs in your yard, nor for angels in
your attic.

More regarding the matter of possession:

What you think about when you’re not home, owns you.

* * *

97056-18-28 cont

The Simple Economics Of It All

To get what you want, you gotta give up what you’ve got.

* * *

One guy suggests that it can be useful to continually pretend to yourself
that “you’re at a major crossroads.”

One man’s transport discovery: “I run best on empty.”


Question: Why would a man, born in a cell and imprisoned all of his life,
have reason to believe that outside help is coming?

One guy would remind himself, “Thinking got you into this, and by God
somehow it can get you out.”


Headline: “One Who Knows — Finally Says”

After being incessantly bugged by an annoying mob, a mystic finally relented
and responded to their question of “just what is enlightenment” with this
reply: “Enlightenment is being totally satisfied without being dead.”
…(There’s no mention of whether this made the mob any less annoying.)

* * *


After thought has helped feed you (when needed) and after it has revealed
about itself as much as it can, after that it is, for the most part,


Okay, look at it this way: If a man who was born in, and who’s lived in, a
prison cell all of his life longs only for things that are outside his
confinement, how can you expect that he’ll ever be anything other than

Those who believe that (even if you try) you can talk about anything but the
mind have nothing sensible to talk about.

It’s bad enough to deceive yourself — period. But don’t stoop so low as to
do so regarding the clearly inevitable. …(Please, no.)

For all the sensibility and fingers inherent to the mind, still remember
this: The mind can only touch itself.

One reason that people like the idea of life after death is because they
feel that’ll be the best time ever to yell.


After some years involved in The Struggle, one man said, “What I still don’t
understand is what am I supposed to do with thought now?”


Another reminder from our “Don’t Fool Yourself” file:

No one living knows the end of this road.

* * *


Instinct makes the body conscious all over. Thought narrows it down


No matter in what conditions one man would find himself, he’d never say
anything about it. …And even when he did, he’d just say, “That’s fair.”


Another Way To Spot Him

If you jostle a more awakened man from behind, part of him won’t turn
around to see what happened.

More about: Conditions

It accomplishes nothing to strip yourself of your skin if you continue to
think about your skin.

* * *


One man’s present area of interest: “I have not yet sufficiently plumbed
the proper depths regarding the matter of — shallowness.


A man told a mystic, “I don’t get it.”
“Now you’ve got it,” said the mystic.