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1869 97052 05/28/97 Copyright J. M. Cox 1997


Thoughts can be fun, but never as much as instinctively pertinent physical
pleasures…which is why they’re not as popular.
(“Why, I knew that — I’ve just never thought of it before.”)


Life — The sound being made ‘tween hull and water.


The more unfounded importance you attribute to thought the more it’ll


No one lives at the edge of a desert —
everyone believes they live at the edge of a desert.


Why do not those who claim that thoughts run the life of man find it curious
that athletes remain the standard of admiration even among thinkers.


After a renowned authority reached the end of a several-hour expounding of
his ideas with a resounding climatic comment, one of his listeners
hesitatingly noted, “Although, Professor, I find no fault with most of what
you said, I must say that I cannot agree with your concluding remark.”
To which the speaker responded, “Don’t let that trouble you, I don’t agree
with anything I said.”


From our ever-increasing Giant Hint Book:

Correct yourself but don’t reprimand yourself.

– – –

Action without
verbal distraction.

* * *


The body lives by instincts — the mind by mind-made rules.

– – –

All things have their place — and he is at peace who sees this.

Fear: Thinking men have forgotten what real fear is, and replaced it with
an invented, mental variety.

The signature sound
made by civilized man
comes from his rubbing against his circumstances.

…Thus do nonthinking creatures
make no such noise.

From a nonverbal, instinctive view, men arguing ideas are like ticks
battling leeches.


One man had a splinter in his finger which, despite constant effort, he was
unable to completely remove.

Then someone told him the correct approach was to just leave it alone, and
that it’d eventually work itself to the surface and be gone for good.

– – –

One man offered a deal to his thoughts, “I won’t talk to you if you don’t
talk to me.”

* * *


The children’s rooms were upstairs, the old folks lived below.

One man tried to invent a whole new sense of reality, fresh for himself,
every day.


The cortical brain is to the instinctive brain as a philosopher riding on
the shoulders of a runner.


Thoughts And The Mind: Words written on an invisible blackboard — which
result in the blackboard believing that it exists.


From a slightly shifted view, civilization can be seen as an artificial
(that is, not biologically provided) means of defense for, and ultimately
conquest by, the less-than-physically-preeminent — man.


Though it is as important to know when to shut up as it is to know when to
speak, you must first learn to speak correctly.

It is such matters as this that make progress so difficult to discuss.


A man presented this idea to The Official Idea Council for their approval:
“Thoughts are but the mechanical reactions to random external and internal
stimuli.” And after prolonged, extensive consideration of his proposal,
The Counsel issued the following statement of their official position on the
matter: “What the hell does this mean?”


To the man who said “trying to find me makes me feel more like me,” I say,
“If you think that’s fun, just wait’ll you discover what me is.”


A man who awakened
by the sea
then saw thought
as a leaden submarine
that never completed passing.

* * *


At the outset, one man thought he was an alien spacecraft in his native
environment, then later thought of himself as a native spacecraft in an
alien environment.
He conclusively found himself to be just what he was, just where he was.


A man with senses
not clouded by thought
can geese calls hear
and whiffs of white smell.


he is awake
who a corpse, can see,
and not think
how uncertain life be.

No need have the knowing for the inclusion in any one sentence of both words
“thought” and “uncertainty.”

* * *