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The News

1859 97048 05/16/97 Copyright J. M. Cox 1997


There was once a man who made a living teaching arithmetic. After some
years at this he decided to move on and teach algebra and continued to have
many students. He eventually wanted to leave algebra and proceed to the
ultimate, calculus, but thought to himself that this would be as far as
mathematical instructions can go. Thus, should he take such action, he’d
lose his students and source of livelihood.

Such are the fears the mind has of it realizing its own nature.


One man’s travel plans include the following: “I want to go to a place
where there is no difference between the eye and the head that it is in,
no distinction between what the eye sees and the things seen.”

…(Hmmm…I wonder where that might be, you reckon?)

Meanwhile, another chap (while in the mountains) decided to trade in his
notions of causes and outcomes for a pint of fresh sour cream.

…(There’s some sort of ratio at work here…hmmm…I wonder what it is?)

The Special Sojourner’s Credo:

Travel is broadening…if you were ahead of yourself when you started.

* * *



If you think what you do now is thinking, you’ve got another think coming.

Thinking Pertinent The Few

If you think what you do now is thinking, you’ve got another think coming
…if you’re exceptionally fortunate.

* * *


The Perception Of Iniquity — The Prerequisite Of Speech

The Evil One could scarcely be evil
had he never been named.

* * *


Those who speak of others not seeing the truth are speaking of themselves.

One man could form words into arrows, then into targets, and with the
correct listeners, into silent, invisible arrows. The kind that do the real


The mind has no preferences in what it thinks, else how to explain the
thoughts that continually run through the minds of the civilized and

Noise is noise is noise to machinery of which the noise is a natural


A weekend mystic on a Saturday declared, “I will not be free until my dog
and cat are also free.”
And his dog and cat looked at one another, silently sharing the thought,
“Here we go again.”

The next day the man saw this story and after much pondering over what his
his pets had meant by that, could come to no conclusion.

The Special Sojourner’s Credo Number Two:

Why make yourself look foolish by saying that you want to go to a certain
place when you not only have no idea where it is, but even what it is?

– – –

One guy’s motto used to be: “Many things in life are funny…but this is
not one of them.”
And someone in the crowd shouted, “Why do you say ‘used to be’?”

* * *


One man’s mood: “I am almost certain that my greatest present obstacle is
in me thinking of me as being the thoughts that pass through me, and yet,
even me feeling this way, it’s still nearly impossible for me to stop.”

Another man hearing this pondered, “How long, with any shred of benefit,
can a man continue to hear the truth repeated over and over again?”

On top of all this, a third man could only drolly muse, “The mind, the mind
…what can I tell you?”


Special States Of Consciousness & The Matter Of Knowledge

That which the awakened know is something different from knowledge.

* * *


And Now This Late-Breaking Story Regarding “Discovery”

One man made the same discovery over and over again. This eventually
effected the value of either the discovery or of him.

And Now This Discovery Regarding “Late Breaking”

Forget it! It’s all the same thing! Everything comes around just once,
then comes around as many more times as you need.

Upon hearing it said, one man wandered about for many days, slightly dazed
repeating to himself quizzically, “Knowing something that is different from knowledge…”

A father said, “Everyone wants to find a way out of themselves.”
And his son said, “Does that include the mind?”
“What else would we be taking about?”


A man who’d been studying with a mystical teacher for many years finally
asked him, “Are you awake and enlightened?”
And the teacher said, “I am ashamed to answer that.”
And at first the man was disturbed, believing that he’d understood the reply.
Then later, he was not so sure. Then sometime after that he had to
completely revise his initial conception of what the teacher’s response


All talk is theory. And when it’s not, it’s allegory. And when it’s
neither of the two, it might be (pardon me for saying so) even useful.
(Such an unexpected event requires that the talk in question be actively
supported by two, not one, not just the talker.)


Little-Known Fact:

In 1648, Dr. Lewis Ruttle developed the theory of “Spontaneous Combustion”
from his observations of the human mind producing thoughts.


Sounds heard coming from a locked room:
“Man, I’d hate to be in your shoes!”
“Man, I’d hate to be in your feet!”
“Man, I’d hate to be the flesh in your feet!”
“Man, I’d hate to be the bones in your flesh!”
Do you want that I should interpret all this for you, or you just wanna
wait for life to come close the place up?


In the middle of one of their rambling, far-reaching discussions, one of
them said, “Well that’s a classic intellectual response to attempted
doctrinal liberalization.” A comment that momentarily stopped the
conversation as they repeated it silently to themselves, and even though
neither one of them had any idea what it meant they thought it sounded so
good that they agreed to begin using it whenever possible in future talks.


When they commence that certain adventure, everyone wants a name tag, a
banner declaring their unique intention. By the time they get far enough
to actually understand what the journey’s about, they’ll find such things to
be just unnecessary additional sources of embarrassment.

Note: If you grasp the root reality of this message then you’ve gone past
the point where it is pertinent to you.

Not surprising that the Special Sojourner’s public identification of himself
and his goal is always best expressed by silence on the matter.

As he rode along, happy in the saddle, one man would sing, “Don’t lie to me,
don’t you lie to me,” to himself.

…(But note, as cutesy as that may strike you, the real trick is not in not
lying to yourself, but in not listening to it. On the trail the sun will
burn all, it’s your responsibility to apply the screen.)

To himself, one man thought of his private, inner struggle by the name of
The Deedric Hammerman Expedition, based on the obvious facts that he was
not Deedric Hammerman and was not going anywhere.

Definition From Our Traveler’s Pocket Thesaurus:

Misinformation — Information shared by two.

“Can one man seem to be two?”
“Well, that is in fact an operational description of an ordinary man.”

* * *


The Full Doctrine For The Few Regarding The Matter Of Responding:

No response is the right response. Class dismissed.
And this time for good.

Next quarter we’ll be taking up the new question of: why waste thinking
on thoughts. …(Have a nice break.)


Why is talking about enlightenment more popular than the thing itself?
Because words are easier than effort, speech more pleasing to the mind than


A man bought a train. He read the instructions about the train. He rode
the train, he drove the train, he showed people the train and took them for
rides on the train, but one thing he couldn’t do was stop the train.

…And as life went behind a cloud, it softly said, “Woo woo!”


A certain child was heard singing this song:
“Everything’s right and nothing is wrong;
everything’s wrong and nothing is right;
everything’s everything and nothing is nothing;
everything’s nothing and nothing is everything.”

He then stopped, brushed his hands together and declared, “Guess that
about cleans that sucker’s plow.”


A man confronted a stranger: “If everything is bullshit, illusion, and
meaningless, then what’s to be gained by being enlightened?”
“Gee, when you put it like that, I don’t know.”


As he lay dying, a king appealed to the local god who throughout his
lifetime he’d paid homage, “May I be granted a final wish, one with which I
think you’ll find favor in that it is not a request for anything material,
but rather a desire for information, an answer to a question that has long
challenged me?”
And the deity grunted for him to go ahead and ask his question.
“Do you really exist or are you just my imagination?” An idea that so
shocked the regent’s systems that the inner dialogue he was having with
himself suddenly stopped, his headache vanished, and it turned out that he
wasn’t actually dying at that particular time.

– – –

Now this useful tip from our Special Sojourner’s First Aid Pocket Guide:
Headaches arise when life tries to call you and your line’s busy.

No single dendrite from the brain can hide.

…Yet throughout his childhood did one boy want to be The Lone Ranger, a
fact that much pleased his Papa as he pondered the lad’s future.

No neuron alone can give up. What do you think you are?

* * *


…Okay, we’ll run at it one more time.

The Conception Of Corruption — The Necessity Of Speech

The Prince Of Deception could never deceive had he never been named.

* * *


…Okay, this is it, absolute last time:

Without words and things being named, no one would ever see evil. No one
would ever feel deceived.


An Overview Outline Regarding The Matter Of The Mind And Freedom

Point One: The mind is free. (As free as it’ll ever be!)
Point Two: Now that you’re aware of Point One,
turn lose of the mind and let it be
to be as free
as it’ll ever be.

* * *


A Story

A man once believed he’d captured a wild stallion, and he attempted to
break it. He didn’t understand that it’s intractable nature was to be wild.
He ended up breaking himself.

Finis — Whinny.

* * *


The king called in the prince and said, “Time for your final lesson in
caring.” “If you care, care, but don’t say you care.”

– – –

The prince asked the chancellor, “Do we live in strange times, or do
strange times live in us?”
And the consul threw him to the ground, stomping smartly on his arms,
effectively rendering inoperable the royal wrist watch.

You can do it, but don’t say that you’ll do it.

* * *


A man asked a stranger, “For one seeking enlightenment, is planning a sin
and an error?”
“No,” he replied, “but believing that planning is possible is.”


One thing’s for certain, you’ll eventually find
the mind has no way out of the mind.


One man asked himself, “How many more times can I sit in the dark, looking
at the dark, talking about the dark, before the obvious overcomes me?”

– – –

The prince asked the royal slight-of-hander (in a fancy robe), “What are the
limits to life?”
And the gussied-up one replied by pointing the prince’s attention to a
pinball machine.

– – –

When some lions heard some men say “you are what you eat,” they laughed.
When the men ate them, they laughed no more.

* * *


One man tripped and fell over it; one man tripped and fell on it; another
man tripped and fell in it. …Hmmm, I wonder when our time’s comin’?

…(Now softly sing) “The answer my friend,
is lurking in your friend,
the “me” you seek to see
is me in me.”

And one man thought, “Sometimes I make more sense of it than other times,
and it’s the times that I do that disturb me most.” “No, I don’t mean that
the sense I make of it disturbs me, but rather the fact that my mind
believes that I have made sense of it.”


Feeling regret as he was about to swat a fly, a man said aloud, “It seems a
shame that the world is not big enough for all of us.” “But it is. So why
am I doing this? Umm…but don’t wait for an answer to that, coming from

A man later read this account of himself and the fly and wondered if it was
all in his head, in his head, in his head, just as always when something
worthwhile occurs.

In the middle of his special jungle sojourn, a man with gun in hand paused
and to himself said, “Why can’t thoughts be killed?” “What valuable
information am I missing here?”

Children look at action, beasts look at action, a man should look at
thought, and after having seen it, look away.


Legend recounts these words from an unidentified source, “Once I felt sad
for men who live ordinary lives and fail to strive for enlightenment; now I
am sad for those who strive for enlightenment and fail to live ordinary


Before the train would reach each town the conductor would call out its
name. He sat down with a young lad and said to him, “Every place has its
own name, but tell me this, which do you picture first, the place, or its

After reading of this incident, one man said “Am I stupid? …Or is it just


For his birthday, one man drove across town and backed into this personal
“Life talks to cows
life talks to sheep,
life talks to me,
in my sleep;

if I should die,
before I wake,
that’ll be about what I expected.”

…(Wow, bummer for a holiday, huh!)


After much investigation, one man put it down on paper: “There are either
two me’s in me, or if not, one which believes there are two, but in either
case I am stuck with the sensation of there being two, whatever is the
truth of the matter.”
He read it over once, then crumpled up, and threw it away.

(There is an interesting follow-up to this story regarding the man’s golden
recouper retrieving the discarded note from the trash and the surprising
impact it had on the canine, but a tale that’ll have to wait ’til another
day to be told.)


One man traveled a lot, but he didn’t go anywhere; one man traveled a lot,
but only part of him went; one man traveled a lot, but never could remember
where he’d been; one man traveled a lot, but not by his own choosing; one
man sure traveled a lot.

Now, wanna guess the headline to this story?


One man used to talk to himself until he realized how dumb he was.
And someone in the crowd yelled out, “How long’d it take?”
…Well, I’d rather not answer that.


The medical examiner said to the lead detective, “There were no identifying
And the investigator replied, “Are we talking about his body or his


A certain thing about a certain train is that if you don’t get where you
were going you can curse and blame the train and feel better about it.

Savvy travelers however, know that the train is them.


A certain man said, “Once, when I ate, I would think of a thousand other
things, then I became able to eat and think only of eating; eventually I
could eat and think of nothing, and when I would think of nothing, I was


One man stepped outside his house, and while out there reached back inside
to grasp something. This is what is known among a certain few as a

Home owning (for the alert) is not what it used to be.


To help encourage his shadow, one man talked about it a lot.

A man went to the doctor and said, “It hurts when I stick my tongue out like
So the doctor shot him in the tongue and he didn’t do it any more.


If evil actually had a name, what might it be? “Name” would suffice.


One man led a band of travelers…most never made it where they were going.
Then he moved the journey internally…still, few made it through. Finally
he made all of the travelers into himself, and voila, success.

Special Sojourner’s Credo Number Three:
There’s nowhere to go but you-know-where!


A swimmer fights the water, a liberated one merges with it.

…And from the crowd someone retorted, “You can’t do that, you’d drown.”
“Promises, promises,” muttered one man on the beach.


One man knew all the right words, he even knew all the right ideas, but one
thing he didn’t know, and that continued to make all the difference.

“Yes, son?”
“That’s always the case, isn’t it?”


Criticism And The Many Minds Of Man

One mind, no criticism. One mind, no-o-o problem!

* * *


When young, a man thought, “I want ‘It,'” without knowing what “It” was.
In the passing years he continued to want and pursue “It” while gradually
formulating a picture of what “It” was. But eventually, the more progress
he felt he was making towards achieving “It” the less certain he grew in
believing that he in fact did know what “It” truly was.

In honor of this fact, the man made prior arrangements for what his final,
deathbed statement would be (which was): “Ain’t life grand?”

* * *