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The News

1855 97047 05/12/97 Copyright J. M. Cox 1997


A man asked a stranger, “If I were your best friend, or perhaps your
favorite child, what would you tell me in secret is the true dividing line
between ordinary men and those with an enlightened understanding?”
And the stranger pretended to reply, “Ordinary people believe that they are
what they are, while the awakened know that they are what they are.”
And the men said, “I fail to grasp the distinction.”
And the stranger again pretended to respond, “Ordinary people believe that
they are what they are, but ordinary people base their belief of what they
are on their thinking, while those with an expanded awareness do not fall
into such a hole.”
And the man said, “I must tell you that it still makes no sense to me.”
And the stranger pretended to offer this final comment, “Ordinary people
believe that they know what they are, based on the fact that all they
believe they know comes from their thinking, while those who have realized
the nature of the mind have discovered that nothing comes from thinking,
and thinking comes from nothing, thus imaginary fours and fives have faith
in their numerical solidity while the unpretentious emptiness of zero
suffers from no bad dreams.”

And now some news from our Science Desk:

On the planet Hodar, all dreams are “bad dreams.”

And now some follow-up news from our Inner Science Department:

All worlds are in you.
(So you can see where that puts all hopes, dreams, fears, and nightmares.)

There was once a faraway (liar!) galaxy in which one planet could not attack
or even feel animosity toward another planet unless the first planet
believed that the other planet was beyond its physical surface.

“I will kick no ass
unless it’s not mine.”


If you speak, you cannot speak of but one thing, thus all speech is
disingenuous in that it never has in mind just the thing that it refers to,
but something else as well.

Simply put, nothing is hot, since when hot is said, cold is also thought of.
Only your nonverbal essence is free from this jumble.


One man told his mind, “You should get out more.”
One man’s mind told him, “You should get out more.”
One man told himself, “You should get out more.”
One man told himself, “You should get out more.”
One man told himself, “You should get out more.”
And one man finally told himself that he was not his mind, he was not
himself, and even if he was, who did that leave to be talking to himself
like that?

As one man sat alone, high up in a tree, he thought, “How strange that I’m
here — not alone, but with me.”

There was once a ship whose crew perceived the difference between the many
and the few to be that the many are always in a crowd, even when by
themselves, while the few are always by themselves, even when in a crowd.

As he stood on the dock, with his head half-cocked, a man mused, “Things in
a bunch, things in a bunch, might still disconnect, least that be my hunch.”


A father said to a son, “I’m going to tell you something, and if you’d like,
you can go ahead now and look puzzled and say ‘huh?’ and get it over with,
instead of waiting ’til I’ve told you.” “Here ’tis: The basis of all
ignorance, irritation, and unrest is thought. The basis of all things that
go wrong is thought. So what d’ya think of that, me laddie?”
And the kid had the momentary wits about him not to step into any fresh


One man’s jukebox finally responded to his accusations of its redundancy,
“Why’re you pickin’ on me? — they’re only so many songs available.”

After his initial study of himself, one man had concluded that “I can either
be here, or not be here.”
Then some years later revised his view thusly, “I can either be here, or
not be here, but in either case it is the totality of me that is in one
place or the other, and not a part of me there with another part of me
simultaneously aware thereof as I realize now was long my assumption.”

You can read a story and become part of the story, but you are mistaken to
go on believing that you can be you reading a story, and be aware when you
become part of it.
Mental memory can so mangle reality as to make anything seem possible.


As they lined their cars up, awaiting the starting flag, a voice from
number 6 called over to car 18, saying, “I could better accept the notion
of karma if someone could show me where the race begins.”
(A man standing trackside with a burger and beer in hand suddenly was
struck, “Am I in Daytona, or someone’s mind?”)

South of the border it’s T and A,
north — C and E.

“I shot a philosopher into the air,
he landed in my pants,
and now he doesn’t care.”

If you don’t know how the track’s laid out, it’s impossible to know if
you’re getting anywhere or not.

* * *


A lad asked his dad, “Can you be both mistaken and at the same time not
And he replied, “Can you be like a human with thoughts running through him.”

One man sent life a letter suggesting that what had happened was that
reality here had been constructed to be seen and experienced in 3-D, but
that for some reason life had forgotten to issue men the special glasses
needed to view it in its proper entirety.


A man who wished to take an inner voyage received these sailing tips:
when the wind blows, waves are formed; when waves are formed, the wind will
blow. Which initially helped him not, but later helped him heaps.

The dead have not left us, and do note: their corpses float.

When sufficiently decayed, the sea floor gives up all lifeless matter, and
true voyagers realize that the cosmic waters are
— all without them
— all within them.


A man newly returned to the city looked around at the popular arts and
thought, “A little aggression is not unexpected, but it doesn’t have to be
(Don’t feel dumb, no one in the city or the immediate suburbs understood
what he meant either.)

While engaged in a 900-number call to life one day, a man asked, “If
metaphors can be detected in the words of those who intend none, and missed
and found in the words of those who do, am I supposed to be learning some
lesson about the nature of words…maybe even beyond the matter of metaphors
and intentions?”
And life replied, “It’s Mozart from the chest up, Sousa from the waist down;
Dante on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; Machiavelli the alternate days —
with Sundays given over to St. Indifferent.

From One Outstanding View, The Following Is True

The biggest problem with thoughts is that they can make you feel that you’re
dumber than you actually are, but the really worst thing about thoughts is
that they can make you accuse yourself of being dumber than anyone actually

While in the midst of a game of Casino with life, a man asked, “Is there one
neighborhood in the universe in which it is better to live than another?”
And life replied, “Building nines.”

One man named the heart of his day “Sleep On Your Own Time.”
(He had a brother who tried to never leave his house without either taking
him with him, or leaving him in charge, behind.)

“Gimmie all your aces…rook to queen’s four…eight ball, side pocket.”

Now this from our Transcendental Field Guide:

How To Spot That A Mystic Is In Trouble: He’s talking.
(Oooh! make that “Serious Trouble.”)

* * *


A Sketch Of Progress, Pertinent To Travel

Go new places;
go new places in new ways;
don’t go anywhere.

And speaking of beneficial change, listen to what one man has to say, “For a
while, if I watched dramas they made me laugh; now watching comedies doesn’t
make me laugh.”
(Amongst the few on-their-own, progress can assume unexpected forms.)

* * *


There was once a prince who went to war against a particular enemy, and for
years therewith struggled.
Then a day came wherein the prince revised his view of his opposition, and
took up arms against a new foe, but (as it turned out) the new enemy proved
to be simply a mouthpiece for the original one.

In one city the most popular brand of intoxicating smokes is “Thoughts &


There are two circumstances under which it is futile to try and “study
yourself.” One is when there is no self to study, and the other is when
there is no self to do the study.

“Hey, get outta here!” “Hey, who said that?” “Hey, we could keep this up
forever.” “Hey, I guess you’re right.”


This fax, just in.
A viewer complains about an earlier item:
I wish you had not made mention of the sea floor always giving up and
letting rise dead matter, for it has caused me to now picture the thoughts
in my mind in a similar fashion.
Thanks for nothing — thanks for something — thanks a lot, and thanks a
lot! (I intended that final ‘thanks a lot’ to be sarcastic…I think.
Yours, etc.


Our joke for the day: There was once a man who took himself seriously.

Our not joke for the day: In a mousetrap, one man caught a water buffalo.

And one man’s operational attitude for the day: “Not in spite of, not
because of, and certainly not otherwise…of.”


From one local view there are two kinds of Earthly creatures:
the verbal, and the nonverbal.
And likewise from a local view there are two kinds of verbal creatures:
those who are simply verbal as the spirit moves them; and then a few others
who have taken a personal though wilfully impassionate interest in the
source, significance, power, and purpose of the verbal.

It’s easy and ancient enough to allude to the power of words, yet
staggeringly tricky to actually grasp it.


One man says, “I’ve just about come to this conclusion though I admit that
I still don’t feel I fully understand it, yet I’m almost thoroughly
convinced that we have a choice of either being able to be conscious by way
of our mind, or by way of our nature.”
“Don’t ask me to try and explain it any further. Right now that says it all
for me, and I don’t want to try and push it past that.”


A stranger, standing near where the road appeared to begin, said to a man
newly arrived who seemed ready to step thereon, “You might watch out for
the fact that for the first few miles you think you know where you’re
“Then you become less certain. Then after that you again believe that you
see where you’re headed, but this time…well, this time it’s not quite the
(And the man bent down and pretended he needed to retie his shoe as he
quickly tried to process what he’d just heard.)

A man soaring up a mountain on his surfboard sang to himself,

“Directions, directions
soothe mental infections,
but being told where to go (if you accept it as so)
will give you athlete’s foot
in a place you never expected!”


A man asked his thoughts, “Am I truly experiencing ‘bad times’ or just
experiencing you?”

The neat thing about asking thoughts questions such as that about themselves
is that they will answer you.
The non-neat thing about asking thoughts questions such as that about
themselves is that they will answer you.


The magician finally relented and said to the prince, “All right, I will
reveal to you the secret of gain and progress: you must simply step outside
the universe, then reach back in and grasp that which you wish to effect.”


There is a trip you can make that will take you so far past others that you
can forget this is a spherical world.

Thieves of limited intelligence like to speak of humility as a salve for
having their hands cut off.

An elephant once invited a mouse to his house for tea and conversation, then
proceeded to try and awaken the rodent to the nature of realty, but a
reality that perforce had to conform to elephant-speak.
(Later, the mouse noted that notwithstanding the pachyderm’s worthy
intentions he’d had more meaningful dialogue with his own kind. Which is to
actually say, it seemed to better define reality (that is, from a rodent’s
view) while yet being without meaning. Which is to say, it presented
nothing new and potentially unsettling. So perhaps, as your mother said,
it’s best not to talk to strangers.


The Latest News Concerning The Search For That All-Important, Secret
Information Necessary To Lead One To That New State Of Awareness

Fools seek the way from those offering the way —
the alert look for it in their own mind.

* * *


One man was suddenly caught where he didn’t belong, and as the light was
shown on him, he said, “I know how bad this looks for me,” but he didn’t
truly know, for if he had he wouldn’t have been there to begin with, now
would he?

With the few, it matters little where you physically may be. No, that is
seldom the basis for any of the concerns that follow the few about.
(Of course, I’m being literarily lenient here; concerns do not follow the
few about, but rather are drug along by them.)

And now for tonight’s Jungle Quiz:

What is the difference in an ordinary man being stalked by a ferocious beast
and a more inquisitive one being forced into involuntary guffawing when
confronted with melodramatic representations of the lamentable human

(In a partially pertinent medical area you might care to note that perhaps
the worse affliction to which the few may succumb is in having a headache
for which no cause can be seen or even imagined that is distinguishable from
the pain itself. To be in better health is to be both doctor and patient;
to be in better spirits is to merge your accuser and the object of his

One stranger describes it as becoming “a living, breathing, alert corpse.”


Today’s Reminder Of The Day

If things can be more connected than is normally perceived then they can
also be more unconnected than believed.

Okay, another reminder:
The ordinary are stuck with accepting only what they define as “the truth,”
while a man who has seen for himself the nature of the mind knows for a fact
what an illusionary crop men harvest, and on which trust their future.

But we cannot overlook this look at neural nourishment’s preparations:
If tommorrow is never to come, then what’s put up is moot.

* * *


Down On The Farm (And Elsewhere)

A man asked a stranger, “What is the best way to go about seeing in life
those things to which the ordinary mind seems blind?”
And the stranger replied, “As you look, record what you see impassionately,
then think about it, except when I say ‘think about it’ delete the word
‘think’ from the sentence and then you’ve got it.”

A man asked his county agent, “If thoughts are the only crop harvested here
which are not planted here–“
And the bureaucrat abruptly interrupted, “If you’re going where I think
you’re going with that, save your breath.” “That’s the kind of question
that must be directed to someone outside the civil loop and official party
line. Inquire it of a stranger…perhaps a stranger in you. One who can
‘think about it’ while exorcizing ‘think’ from the effort.”

* * *


There was this one world on which the creatures were born being able to fly,
but since there was much work needing to be done on the ground, life caused
them to take up talking, and sure enough, once they got around to giving a
name to flying, they were well welded to terra firma.


At a support group meeting of agitated, upset fleas, a suggestion was made
that they all carry about pictures of the human mind to make themselves
feel better.


Anyone who can speak seriously with an ordinary man has the symtoms of rigor
mortis without the declaration of death…yet.


The approach to thinking as formulated by one man: “Allow yourself only
those thoughts which cannot have any variation of themselves.” “In other
words, for instance, think only of color if you can limit your thinking to
one color, and no more.”
(You know what I think? Huh? Wanna know, wanna know? Well, I think that’s
a “trick” approach. That’s what I think.)


The placard outside the lecture hall announced the night’s speaker’s topic
as “The Final Word On The Human Mind.”
And at the specified hour, he commenced his commentary with these words: “I
will this evening reveal to you, describe to you, in one word — in one
single word, mind you — the full nature of the human mind.” “In one word.
And here it is: mind.”
“Thank you, and good night.”

On a faraway, long ago world, the preeminent creatures thereon made an
original spelling error which no one ever corrected, and which thus
persisted right up to their end. The error was that someone initially
spelled “lecture hall” as “lecture hell.”

(There appear to be some ill-defined limits to life allowing men to
introduce continual verbal faux pas, and those who go there beyond are made
to ultimately suffer some sort of consequences, or else seem to slip
themselves into some other state of consciousness wherein they see through
the illusion that words have any consequences.
[Whatever you do, don’t ever let on to life that I told you this!])


Just think, if it wasn’t for talk, no one would ever appear ridiculous.


As the vehicle appeared to roll along, a man appeared to look out a window
and ask, “How many times can I be awakened before I am awakened?”…and on
the vehicle seemed to roll.

In the mind —
to seek a goal
is to establish a goal unobtainable.

Everyone has a radio that picks up broadcasts on a delayed basis.

Man’s ordinary state of mental awareness is like a hypnotist who has himself
as a subject.
And don’t say that this cannot be.
In show business, anything is possible!

Yet another way of looking at it:
The struggle to awaken is like the unauthorized beating up on yourself.

Only those satisfied with sickness are interested in caring for the sick.
(And in another universe several well-known institutions said, “Well, I
guess that about takes care of us.”)

Counting Humans — Counting Humans

Man is not two of anything.

A boy asked his father, “Would shit still stink if we didn’t have a word for
“Yes, but not as bad.”