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The News

1807 97026 03/17/97 Copyright J. M. Cox 1997


One man seemed happy only when he wasn’t at home, that is to say he seemed
most satisfied (based on frequency of occurrence) when his mind, thoughts,
and attention were somewhere other than present at the instant moment.

He was not unaware of the situation, and in fact found it disturbing. And
the more disturbing he found it, the more aware he was of its proven
dangers…and yet he could seem to find no way to stop, reverse, or in
some other manner permanently change the situation.

There was once a man who lost a gold coin, and did everything he could think
of to find it.
…He never found it…and you wanna know why? ‘Cause he never had one to
begin with! And if you don’t like that, then, okay, maybe he had one, but
if he did he never lost it in the first place.

Take Note: Such stories can make you feel momentarily flushed, perhaps
somehow even encouraged, or relieved. But get past the
ephemeral, and more deeply feel and grasp the greater useful
significance in realizing that you have been “seriously involved”
in a spurious search. (Hey, maybe!)

A man asked an oracle, “Is there any usefulness within the concept of
“Maybe,” he replied.


According to the most ancient of Earthly legends, long before there were any
religions, philosophies, or other complex theories on how man should live,
there was a single directive posted which simply said “Watch Your Step.”

During a now long-forgotten war, captains of battleships, whose tactics
seemed unsound, were blindfolded, tied, and gagged as to increase the
chances for success.

There was once a king who waged a campaign, not of overt hostilities, but
one of propaganda, but propaganda on a scale you would not believe were I to
tell you of it. And the reason I know this is that it’s still going on
today and you’re still falling for it.

And the sign simply said “Watch Your Step.”

* * *


Flight Time

A distracted pilot can make life hell for the rest of the crew.

Flight Time II

It’s the rest of the crew who make the plane fly.

Flight Time Wrap

Wake up! up front.

In another galaxy was once a planet which started out with creatures who had
what we now refer to as “mental capacities,” but the name of the world
turned out to be S.O.S.W.D.T.A — Sing One Song While Dancing To Another.
At first everyone will say they’ve never heard of the place…then a few,
after further reflection, find it to sound familiar.

In another reality, a man once implanted a parrot’s brain into a leopard.
…Another example of a news story about which no additional comment seems
needed…if indeed possible.


Ghosts create, then populate, the mind’s reality.


There was once a man who longed to be in “show biz,” so he put together a
ventriloquist act wherein he made a wooden dummy appear to converse with him
and the audience, and he therewith achieved a degree of fame and fortune,
but soon grew weary of it.
He then became a magician and made small objects appear and disappear, and
this too brought him an acceptable amount of success, but it also soon lost
its appeal and he became a stage hypnotist, making people fall in and out
of a trance. And although he became quite well known in this area, he
eventually lost interest in it also.
After considering several possibilities, he decided to become an agent —
an agent representing only himself…a man who no longer had an act.
…Get it?

* * *


Man’s reality is REAL reality put in grammatical form, with all the proper
punctuation — especially periods and conjunctions.

One man hired an out-of-work oracle to travel around with him and
constantly say to him that he had an invisible twin living inside of him.
After some time so employed, the oracle (to his complete surprise) had his
own awakening and became an landscaper.

Weed Tip: Everyone with any sense, by now, should realize that — above all
— you must hire yourself to do that which must be done.

Advanced Fungus Alert: Eventually the sensible recognize that there is
nothing to be done, and can thus “let themselves go”
and save (by God) a bundle on wasted salary.

One man was forced to ultimately query himself regarding this matter:
“What am I to make of the fact that my normal state of consciousness doesn’t
bother me until I make it bother me?”


You turn a mirror slightly,
and get a different view,
your eyes become accustomed,
it must be turned anew.

How long will you still turn it,
to have a new view flee,
before your one desire becomes
to somehow break the mirror?

* * *


At first one man enjoyed the music coming from everyone’s radios — then he
started becoming selective and soon only enjoyed the sounds coming from his
own, finding the ones from others annoying.
Then he went off, out of town on a lengthy journey, or else holed up in his
house alone for a few years, I forget which, but at any rate, after doing
“something-or-other” for a while, he became irritated at the music coming
from everyone’s radio, including his. And that’s more or less where the
situation stands today (based on the latest report he’s made available to
…(I guess you can stay tuned to see if anything further develops in this


If you did not listen to and watch thoughts prop up old ghosts, what would
keep you from the earlier, carefree joys of childhood?


A traveler stood between a ravine and a mountain, looked first in one
direction, then the other, and thought to himself how all of the great,
enlightened men either lived in times past or have yet to see birth.
…And there he stood…pondering (what proved to be to him) this perturbing
He was so swept up in his reflections on this affair that he stood in place
for many days, motionless, and picture after picture flowed through his
And then on the sixth day of his standing, immobile meditation, a horseman
rode up and broke up his reverie by saying, “I have observed you standing
here, long lost in deep, absorbing thought, and decided the time has come
for me to approach you and ask if you’d like to buy some really nice skin
lotion and moisturizer I’m distributing in this area?”
And the aroused man was outraged and cried out to the peddler, “How dare
you interrupt my transcendent contemplation for the sake of commercial
To which the taken-aback tradesman replied, “Well…still-and-all, being out
here for so long in the direct sunlight can play absolute havoc on a
person’s complexion, and no matter how enlightened you may become, you’re
still gonna have a complexion.”
And the previously upset man realized the validity of what the drummer said,
and purchases several tubes of the ointment.

And a viewer writes, “Now, that’s more like it! See, it’s not that
difficult. Why can’t you have more of your little stories wrap up with
endings that make sense?
Sincerely, Yours For More Logic And Less Ambiguity.”


There was once a man who lived in two different kingdoms, and while both
of them offered their own joys and problems, one of them, much more so than
the other, in fact singularly so, was t-r-o-u-b-l-e personified to think
Think about it — learn from it —
learn what it’s worthwhile to think about.


At first (and for a long time) a man believed that he was getting somewhere;
then he began to believe that his sense of progress was unjustified; then
he began to search for new ways to move forward, only to eventually suspect
that they were all about the same, and that no one method would give any
better objective results than another.
after going through all of this, and after giving it all of his best study
and reflection, he took the only next step that he saw available and
profitable — he killed himself.
…(He said he always suspected it would come to this.)

To some, “enlightenment” is first a shot-in-the-head to darkness —
then to enlightenment.

One guy decided, “The reason meditation’s so fascinatin’ is because it’s
so close to our ever’day condition — you know, kinda bleary-eyed and
starin’ off into space, ’bout half out of it.”
…(Does anyone care to respond or comment on that?…)


One man said,
“Okay, let me get this straight:
first we don’t resist,
then we resist,
and then we don’t resist again?”


One man stayed so busy trying to awaken
that he didn’t have time to.


In private (just to himself) one man didn’t know whether to be more ashamed
of himself, or angry with himself.
Then the day came when he began to see either as insufficient, irrelevant,
and impractical, for no matter how often or to what intensity he heaped
upon himself shame and condemnation, and in fact no matter how well-deserved
either appeared to be, nothing was ever permanently accomplished by such
This then left him with an intriguing question: If he was desirous of
change, and whenever he caught himself back in his original condition, if
neither feeling ashamed nor angry about it made any difference, what in the
world else was left for him to possibly do to encourage himself onward?

There was once a race of creatures who had a moral without a setup story
(which was): “When the question doesn’t make sense, neither will any
…(Once every fourteen years, they adopted a variation of this for a two
week period in the middle of July, which went,
“Beating wild dogs you’ve captured
will tame them no better than
setting them free.”

* * *


What Should Be Your Final Word Regarding Fairness And Faultfinding

There are no ills or injustices in the world —
only individual men’s apparent self-interests.

* * *


One man believed that he at some time had swallowed something that now
disagreed with him noticeably, but try as he might, he never felt sure that
he’d correctly identified exactly what it was. So he tried to cough up
everything he could cough up, but this still gave no relief.

Then one day he ran into a kind of doctor who he told of his problem, and
who suggested to the man that he reexamine and reconsider his original
digestive diagnosis.
The man did so, and was pleasantly surprised at what he now found (or if not
actually “found,” at how he now perceived the situation).

Your Chart:
The proper diagnosis of “human” problems is in fact their solution.

You must be able to “think” to be able to think that you’re ill.

You’ll never be freed from mortal captivity as long as you continue to
hold to your chains.

Or lastly,
you’ll never spit it up ’til you want to spit it up.

* * *


After years of meditation in a hermetical monastery, one man withdrew upon
realizing that he already lived such a life inside himself.

One difference between a real mystic and a playtimer is that a real one,
at least, won’t pay for the privilege of sustaining his stupidity.


There’s a strange land with but a single strange train to take you there,
and strange also is the fact that the train only runs on two types of fuel:
stark desperation, and absolute exasperation.

…(By the way, there is another means of propulsion to that place, but no
one who talks knows what it is — but let me assure you, there is another


“Okay,” said one man, “let’s try one more thing and see if I’ve got this
first you know what you’re doing, but don’t know that you know;
then you think you know what you’re doing, but you don’t;
and then you know what you’re doing again except this time you know that
you know.
Now is that about once-and-for-all it?”


To work outside the home is idiocy.
…Not just too cost intensive, but cost idiocy.


It was a strange time:
At the same instant the hangman achieved enlightenment,
the condemned man received a reprieve.


The Journey ‘Cross The Desert

You can stare at your feet,
you can stare at your hands,
you can stare at things close,
or off in the distance,

but when all’s said and plotted,
and the caravan starts to move,
there is no such thing as “acceptable staring.”

You can study all you like,
think all you want,
picture things as this or that,
imagine how you’ll get there.

But there is no “way” to get there,
but there is no “way” to get there,
but there is no “way” to get there,
but there is no “way” to get there.


There was once a man who went in search of an empty box, but who did so
while carrying with him a stuffed one.