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The News

1803 97024 03/12/97 Copyright J. M. Cox 1997


One man used to feel ashamed for how stupid most people are, then for a
while he felt ashamed for feeling that most people are stupid.
Then one fine day (more or less) he had an extraordinary, expanded
experience of awareness and saw quite clearly that, yes indeed, without any
doubt and free of all subjective opinion, most people are stupid
compared to what they are capable of, including him, as evidenced by this
episode, and after that he never felt ashamed again…’cause he immediately
dropped dead!


Notice: Listening to your thoughts run and thinking are two different

If you listen only to your own thoughts run,
not only will you learn nothing,
but you will also never discover how to think.

Things go on
inside the mind
besides what men call thinking.


Eye Exercise: When you “look” at things, don’t look at the things —
look at what in you is doing the looking.


There was once a man who kept trying to run up a certain hill, but could
never make it; he eventually came up with a new tactic, he pretended the
hill didn’t exist and he quit trying.

Note: Only the extremely shortsighted find fault with such measures, and
have such silly thoughts as “Well, that doesn’t count!”


One man dreamed that he swallowed a radio and that it lodged in his head.
Then he awoke to discover he was a radio who had swallowed a man. So he
went back to sleep to try and straighten it all out…in his mind, that is.
…Like — where else?


Troublesome Emotions Update: Without illusionary (that is, totally
meaningless) specific concepts of self-interest
you wouldn’t have emotions, much less
troublesome ones.

Stupidity Update: Without a tongue, no one would know you were stupid.

Tongue Update: Without thought, you wouldn’t be wavin’ around that stupid
thing in your mouth.

…Update, update — always an update.

* * *


There’s this one thing that (if you want it) there’re two main ways to go
about trying to get it:
one is to try real hard to get it,
and the other is to try and forget about wanting to get it.
And strange-be-to-tell, but either way works as well.


Ear Aerobics: When you “listen” to things, don’t listen to things —
listen to what in you is doing the listening.

What kind of fool gets mad at noise?
The kind of man who is fooled by noise.

Fact For Those Here — Who Can Hear

There is a phantom who passes in and out of men’s lives —
most are never aware of him —
a few are.

You must be!

* * *


Piggyback Facts: If you don’t think about you, you won’t feel about you,
and if you don’t feel about you, you can’t think about you.

And a man mused, “I always wondered which came first, the chicken or the
unusually stupid chicken. Hah! — but now that I’m a human, and a fully
grown one at that, I no longer care! …So there!”


There’s this one thing that (if you want to see) there’re two ways to go
about trying to see it:
one is to try real hard to see it,
and the other is to try and never look at it.
And strange-to-say, but you can do it either way.


If it were possible to have a true mystical teaching it would not be any
special system, philosophy, history, or discipline, but would be simply a
talking about the kinds of things you should already be doing.


The creatures on one planet are divided into thirty-four groups. (Actually
only two, but for the sake of this story, we’ll say thirty-four.) Anyway,
the creatures on this one planet are divided into two groups: the sissies
(actually they’re just extremely delicate and sensitive…well actually-
actually they just think they are, but anyway they’re actually just
extremely delicate and sensitive, but for the sake of this story we’ll call
them sissies)…
well, anyway, they’re divided into two groups: the sissies, who call what’s
stirrin’ around in them their “spirit”; and then the other, more forceful
group. (Actually there’s no objective way to determine whether they are
more forceful than the sissies, but they think they are, and for the sake of
this story we’ll let it go at that.)
Anyway, the more forceful group calls what’s stirrin’ around in them their
…Okay — now the reason I bring up this story (well, not actually the only
reason I bring it up…well, actually-actually, not “bring it up” but “make
it up” is simply to make this point. That all creatures on all worlds who
can tell and hear tales are always divided into two groups. No matter where
they are, no matter what they look like — always two groups. (Nifty, huh?)

The difference between those seeking God and those after enlightenment is
the difference between those whose radio in their head is not quite on a
station and those whose radio in their head is also not quite on a station,
but one of the two doesn’t go nuts over it…and don’t you be so quick to
figure you know which is which.


In one land —
all children are born with an inheritance —
most forget about it —
a few don’t
…at least…not entirely.

* * *


One fellow kept changing the title of his proposed autobiography.
First it was “I Am A One-Man News Team,”
then went to “I Am A One-Man Wrecking Crew,”
then became “I Am A One-Man Natural Disaster,”
and finally he seemed to settle on
“I Once Believed I Was A One-Man Something-Or-Other, But Now I Know Better.”

…(He invites interested publishers to contact him at his present address:
Room 602, The Northcrest Clinic For Severe Eye Damage.)


A true artistic endeavor, a true transcendental endeavor — both can only
occur when there is no goal outside the endeavor itself.


Stratospheric Fact: If you think about you, you’ll think lowly of you.


The more you understand, the more it becomes a matter of:
Although you’re not to blame — you’re now responsible for your own errors
and delusion.


With the king’s sword to his throat, the man said, “I will tell you anything
you want to know — except what I will or will not do.”


Thinking that there is but one special way to get where you want to go can
keep you from ever getting there…much less anywhere.

Every time this one man would hear people say something, and think that they
had it backwards, he’d make himself momentarily think about it in that

For many years, one man believed that he was hearing other people talk
whenever he heard them say something, then he started believing that he
wasn’t hearing them when he heard them talk but rather was hearing himself
hear them.

…(And all of the normal passengers on board said that they needed to go
lie down for a while and get their equilibrium back on straight.)


One man said, “Okay, let me get this straight:
first we don’t look and we don’t listen,
then we look and listen,
and then we don’t look or listen again?”


All things have their obvious opposite, save one — the natural. The
opposite of natural is not unnatural, and if you can discover what it is
you’ll be freed from a whole bunch’a junk.

Hint Update: Don’t look at the content of your thoughts, but rather at the
phenomenon of thought itself.