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1799 97022 03/07/97 Copyright J. M. Cox 1997


If success seems open to doubt then it’s more comfortable to think that
you’re faced with a multitude of problems rather than just one.
…Back at the bar, it sounds much better to tell you got whipped by a
whole gang of guys rather then by one “little feller.”

However! —
the glamorous underbelly of our particular fight game is that “success” is
not measured by normal concepts of success, but rather by your failure to
accept normal concepts as a measure of things.
You pitted against one, or a thousand, thoughts is a match with a
preordained outcome; when you box shadows, shadows always win.

When the swelling goes down and your eyes open up, sight can reveal that you
were born a champ, but that through past, irrelevant circumstances somehow
you misplaced the belt and have been needlessly playing the role of a
washed-up, punch-drunk palooka.
It’s time to splash fresh water in your face, pull up your trunks, tighten
up your gloves, and take a clear survey of the ring; there’s no one in the
opposing corner, no one keeping you from reclaiming your belt. All you’ve
got to do it take it! — after all, it’s yours.

What a beautifully simple and just affair be this mind-sanctioned fight game!

* * *


While other children were cautioned against drinking and smoking and lying,
one lad’s father told him to never, never “quote.”

If left unattended, much of any city’s infrastructure will crumble, which
(I’m suspectin’) is what the boy’s old man was pointing to.

The distinction between the ordinary and the few is that ordinary men want
to acquire and possess, while the few (to their own special profit and
benefit) desire the opposite.


A man asked a mystic, “How do you become awakened?”
“Don’t sleep,” he replied.
Another man asked, “How do you achieve enlightenment?”
“Step out of the dark,” he replied.
Another man asked, “How do you obtain the great knowledge?”
“Be not ignorant,” he replied.
And still another man asked, “How do you obtain liberation?”
And the mystic replied, “By not binding yourself to yourself — with
yourself — using your thoughts as binding.”


Question: If it’s only you trapped in there, who is there to send for help?

…Yeah, I know it seems that someone has been sent, but think about it!
If it’s just you in there (“Yeah, right!”) then who is it that you have to
send out for help? (“Yeah, right!…”)


One man finally said, “Looking back over my life, I now realize that it
really didn’t matter.”
And something inside him responded, “What didn’t matter?”
“Uh, you know,” he replied, “you, above all, know.”

One guy’s personal motto was “If you don’t want to know, don’t ask.”
And the rest of the world liked it so much that they adopted it too.

Yeah, but one other guy’s understanding is that saying that you want to know
is one thing, being able to bear it, another.
“Papa, what happens then? Do men just ‘grin and bear it’?”
“No, lad, they grin and ignore it…just like they never even heard it.”


How To Handle Thought (Short Version):

Give no thought to thought.

* * *


Instead of criticizing, look at it like this: If you can’t understand why
everybody else does all of the things they do, then you are not even up to
the minimal level of being a fully functioning, intelligent human yourself.

A man who tells you that he absolutely cannot understand why some other
human being would do a particular thing — even though he be looking you
straight in the eye — is blind.


One man sighed, “God help me but I enjoy being pissed!”
And God piped in, “Hey, so do I.”
Then life entered the confab and said, “You two shut up, I’m trying to do
my taxes.”

Upon hearing this tale, one guy said, “Man, I sure would like to get a
refund this year.”
So life granted him his wish and killed him.
…What’d he expect?


There is really one course of action to take in pursuit of this matter, and
that is the effort to know you as you are — totally, objectively, and with
no prejudice. But do note, there are two ways, completely distinct from one
another, to go about this. One type of knowledge of oneself is useless, the
other, not. The first type is what is normally achieved, the second very

You should go for the second type, and the way to distinguish between the
two and be sure you’re dealing with the correct one is simple: the first
knowledge you have of yourself is the first type, and incorrect. And take it
from there.


There is no “problem” to search for — the problem is the thing wanting to
do the searching.


As described in one chap’s personal dictionary:
Thoughts And The Mind: Imaginary items carried in an illusionary pouch.


It has been said that, past a certain point in your experience and effort,
the only excuse left is flabbiness of your own desire and memory.

“‘Tis good,” reflected one man, “to know clearly who be your friend and who
be foe — no?”

…And privately, someone responded by thinking, “Yeah…long as it doesn’t
turn out to entail anything personal!”


To be free is to have no thought for thought — however, the struggle to be
requires otherwise.

Not only should you not let time slip up on you, but neither should you let
it linger too long.

For a while, the sport seems to be one of running, running, running,
then stopping, stopping, stopping,
then pondering, pondering, pondering,
then back to running, running, running.

…(And beyond that — god knows what!)


If you see only sights,
hear only sounds,
and know only of outward affairs,
you are a splendid example of a blind, deaf man who knows nothing.

Life once hid a secret in one race of creatures,
then hid the key to the secret in the secret.


At first, after his initial experience in that extraordinary zone, one man
thought of it as “being free from time,” but upon further exposure to the
affair he began to think of it as “freedom from the ticking of the clock.”


After years of struggling along the way, on his own, one man realized, “I’ve
finally hit on something.”

…Never fear — you can always count on it.


That which separates man from enlightenment amounts to so little that it can
hardly be spoken of…which may account for the difficulty in speaking of


You’ll never find something you’ve pretended to lose.


And one man said, “Okay, let me get this straight:
first we’re not serious,
then we’re serious,
and then we’re not serious again?”


A man in a boat said, “I’m tired of talking about fishing —
I’m ready to eat.