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The News

1795 97020 03/03/97 Copyright J. M. Cox 1997


There was once a race of creatures who were unconcerned, and unaware that
they were.

Then one of them began to experience periodic feelings of concern, along
with the desire to have these feelings consistently — but he found he
could only be concerned when he remembered to be…which proved to be
seldom. And this inability to remember bothered him greatly, and a
struggle to overcome it became the focus of his life.

Then, after many years of effort, he was finally able to constantly remember
to be concerned, but just as soon as he was able to do this he became
unconcerned again! — but this time knowingly.


Only the blind see irony —
for there are no nonsequential consequences,
no anomalous connections,
no unauthorized combinations;
everything fits perfectly —
every nut and bolt,
every tongue and groove,
every hand and glove, all fit perfectly, by gawd
— fit perfectly, as intended.


There is a machine that men can have which they can run by will, or which
will run by itself.

…And a leopard whined, “Aw, men have all the fun.”
And a hippo muttered, “I wouldn’t bet on that.”


In one of his daily talks, the head of a monastery said to the monks,
“If you listen to me, you’ll never be free,
but if you listen to you, you’ll also stay trapped.”

As they disassembled, one monk thought,
“I sure hope I’m just in a parable.”


A man asked life to “do me just one favor.”
To which life replied, “Can a lunch pail decide which victuals it’ll carry?”
And when the man said he didn’t understand that, life said, “Then substitute
the word ‘mind’ for ‘lunch pail.'”


People who think that some things are true and some not have two homes,
but can live in neither.

Oh so much,
but oh so little,
embarrassing wealth that never gets spent.

* * *

As he talked, one man said, “I may not be totally free,
but I can sound like I am.”

Sparrows sound like sparrows,
and finches like themselves,
’tis only the call of man
can confuse listener and caller alike.


A Mother Of All Travel Myths

Once, everyone lived in Sumer,
then most began to daydream of other places,
a few did not —
they’re the only ones not now confused.

* * *


One man’s wonderings:
“Do we awaken to something new, or awaken from a dream that’s old?
Do we become enlightened to a new reality, or simply step out of the dark?”


Along with life can exist simultaneously not life; (that is to say) there
can be life accompanied by thinking-about-life.


A Mother Of All Medical Facts

Trying to cure an illusionary illness just makes it worse.

A man asked a mystic, “Would you sit privately with me and discuss it?”
“I would never be so insulting,” he replied.


One man’s explanation for still beating and trying to ride a dead horse was
that it was invisible to begin with.
…(I dunno…should we accept this as an explanation or not?…)

And one man wondered, “Is it possible to discover what’s going on, and yet
be unable to totally forget what’s not?”


And now “The Bad News”…strike that, make it “And Now For Some Adult News”

It is easier to experience enlightenment than it is to live by it.


All debts are pretensions — all payments, pretentious.

You may owe everyone something — but it is not lies.


There is some candy that men can have which can either be soft and pliable
or else hard and brittle.

…”I guess,” mused a fish, “that’s why men have such strong teeth.”
“A little higher up in your guess,” injected a passing turtle.



Thoughts: Things the mind gets stuck on. …(Or with.)


Transcendency On The Midway

Religion is like the initial come-on to see the scantily clad hoochie
dancers, while in the back tent the real naked ones perform.

…But upon hearing such a story for the hundredth time, a man pondered,
“Exactly what supernatural efforts are possible, to go beyond the realm of
the original infinite?

All tickets held too long become cancellations of trips, which further
impedes the realization of there being nowhere to go.

There was once a man who wanted to know the sum of two and two, but was
never satisfied with the answer four.
You can never be happy with Calcutta as long as you live there — think

Mystics have long been known as wanderers, but would be better said: the
minds of mystics are such.


Insomnia Is Not Untreatable — Fitful Rest IS Possible

How To Snooze: Talk.
How To Deep Sleep: Listen to you talk.

…(In fact, insomnia doesn’t even exist, does it?)


The way to look at extraordinarily useful tips is that they are
extraordinarily useful for an extraordinarily short period of time.

All keys, held too long, become new locks, further hindering the discovery
that no doors exist.

Once upon a time a man asked himself, “Well, if thoughts are not my friend,
who is?”
And the part of himself not involved in asking the question replied, “Sex,
a good steak, and a warm, soft bed.”


Living between a rock and hard place
would be like spring break
for one struggling to awaken.

And now another excerpt from the book “What They Do For Fun”:

A mystic’s idea of a good time can’t even be partially described!


One man sat alone, trying to grapple with it:
“Okay, ‘all good things come to those who wait’…okay,
all waits come to he who things’…hmmm,
all he’s waits on things to come…well,
all comes he to things that wait’…”

Grappling can be a joy of beauty and a thing forever…if you don’t watch


There was once a mystic who for twenty years attempted to speak of the
enlightenment in words; after that he spent another twenty years trying to
address the subject through only gestures; and after that period, for the
following twenty years, he adopted a method of presenting his ideas by way
of complete silence and total stillness. And some years after that, when on
his death bed, someone asked him which of the three approaches had worked
best, and he replied that once finished with them he couldn’t really tell
much difference between them.

…(For those of you who looked away for a moment and missed it, that’s
known as “understanding” — ’tis neither vocal nor nonvocal, neither still
nor active, nothing that means anything…except for the time you’re in the


The use of the mind sought by the few is to be aware of things without
handling them.


A man said to a mystic, “I’m not sure what you’re attempting to accomplish
by your public comments.”
“Neither am I,” he replied.


One man went to a mystic (carrying a pistol) and demanded, “I want to know
why behavior can’t awaken you!”
“You answered your own question by just being in this story,” he replied.

After one man came alive, thus leaving Hell and going to Earth, he looked
around him, amazed, thinking, “I expected something more complex than a


Trying to clean up an oil spill that never occurred muddies the waters even
more than before.


A man sought counseling from a mystic, saying, “I only feel satisfied when
I’m on drugs, or else passed out from taking them.”
And the loose one’s reply was to ask the man why he wasn’t satisfied with
that, a question which startled and seemed to confuse the man, and made him
begin reaching for his stash, at which moment the mystic pointed to the
man’s intoxicants — then at his head — and then at the empty sky.

– – –

A house will never be peaceful as long as furniture is being moved about,
and no question can ever be stilled as long as you answer it.

– – –

There was once a bird who thought, “What a delightful friend, the sky —
with never a word to say to me.”

* * *


No one has ever talked about enlightenment — only attempts to get it back.