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1781 97013 02/14/97 Copyright J. M. Cox 1997


Three Stories

There was once a man who undertook a study of the mind.

There was once a man who investigated thoughts.

“Come here and let me give you a haircut…or, at least, take a nap.”

* * *


Gradually, one man began to understand:
“No one eats for me —
no one breathes for me —
no one drinks for me.”
And ultimately, upon his awakening, realized:
“And no one speaks for me — no one! — and that includes the thing that’s
always spoken for me.”


For years, a man with a certain hunger searched and explored, discovering
one new thing after another, until one day — BLAM-O!
He made a single, sudden discovery that rendered all of the others
unnecessary, and brought satisfaction to his hunger.

Yes, I know, life can seem to be harsh and unforthcoming, but remember
this: Cinderella’s not dead, she’s only snoozing, hiding behind eyes that
are closed, but which could be otherwise.


There are two types of thinking: thought thinking, and you thinking.
…(And if you don’t know the difference then you’re fully stuck in the

There is a certain ventriloquist act which consists of three performers:
the ventriloquist, the dummy, and in this particular instance the dummy’s
…Okay, I’ll give you a hint: The act is really about man, his mind, and
his thoughts (using the word “his” in its loosest sense).


When speaking of “freedom from illusion,” the ordinary think in terms of
illusions regarding the external world, when the reality of it is further
back in the pipeline.


As his discoveries expanded, one man began to think of his mind as
“Who said that?”


At the conclusion of his lecture, a mystic was stopped by a man who gave
his interpretation of something the mystic had said, then asked, “Is that
what you meant?”
To which the mystic replied, “I don’t know what I meant.”


One man marveled, “What a trick! —
thoughts think about me
thus making me think that it is me.”

And another man whined, “But how can this be? How can this be?”

In the land of ghosts, anything is possible.

* * *


There is one thing that,
once you realize it,
makes all knowledge — pretend knowledge,
and all entertainment — kid’s shows.


A man who takes what he thinks and says seriously has one simple problem:
He’s listening to his thoughts.
…And in response to this ordinary minds would say, “You can’t be serious!”

Dancing to one song — while always singing another.


Man says, “You’ve changed so much I hardly recognize you from just a year
ago” — and he was much in appreciation of all such encouragement.


One man began to think of the “me” within his mind as “cheap underwear
under a cheap suit.”


The reason that thoughts take so long to respond is for the same reason
that they always can respond — always knowing what to do, being part of
the same machinery as whatever it is to which they’re responding.

…Well, sure the rear bumper’s a few feet from the grill, but you know for
sure it’s there, and will be along soon after the front of the car passes


Dig it like this:
If humans are products of their environment — then! — your physical
disposition is your environment, and thoughts, it’s results.
Dig it!


One man would
creep up silently
behind his mind
to try and see who
he could find.


One man finally scratched his head on this:
“I should’ve suspected something funny about thoughts if for no other
reason than the fact that you can’t question them.”

One man’s network announced a quiz show, but no contestants appeared —
his head executive said, “I should’ve expected something funny.”

The mean old king proclaimed, “Shoot everyone who’s full of shit!”
And the entire kingdom made a run for it…just in case…being unsure
whether he meant the “full of shit” part extremely metaphorically, or just
routinely so.

Before going to bed, a boy asked his father, “Should I be in fear of
“No,” replied the elder, “not unless they remove their sheets and there’s
still somebody there.”
…(Funny thing about thoughts, they never suspect anything funny’s going.
…Funny, huh?)


Once he realized the canary’s game, he had it singing to an empty house.


When one man first heard the term “No pain — no gain,” he mused, “Boy,
it’s a shame that doesn’t apply to my mind and the thoughts it handles.”
He now is waiting to hear it said that “No awareness of stupidity — no
…Which he says would be the natural extension of the original idea if it
were applied to the area he noted.

– – –

Though you can wake a man physically asleep by poking him ‘most anywhere,
to do so to one mentally so, you must poke him specifically in the eye —
so that he might see what is the cause of his slumber.

* * *


Whenever this one man would find himself annoyed at the noise in his head,
he’d reply, “Hey, it ain’t me!”


One man who hated to go out to get things done (like, go get a haircut,
go to the dentist, go shopping, and like that) finally said to himself,
“Ah, hell, I’ll just stay home and awaken myself.”


Since left to their own devices thoughts think only of you, what you’ve
done, and what you may do in the future, it’s not surprising you take them
to be you.
…Is it?


One man refused to sign his name — saying it only encouraged the illusion.


Once, after his thoughts had just come up with some ridiculously
complimentary something about himself, one man had to say aloud to them,
“You guys are a riot!”


A fact that has gone completely unnoticed is that man’s mind was the
inspiration for the notion of a “haunted house.”
…And, by-the-by, since I went to the trouble to bring this to your
attention don’t miss the true point by taking it only as crudely as your
mind will initially want to hear it.
There is a deeper refinement within the conspicuous coarseness.
Mere attacks on the mind will get you nowhere, for the ammunition you use,
it manufactures and is immune thereto.

So, consider it again:
The mind —
as inspiration for —
the idea of — a haunted house.

…”Papa, should I be impressed by ghosts?”
“We’ve already covered that, son.”


Under ordinary conditions the closest thing there is to a “me” is a thought
that’s held longer than those around it.


So pictured one man: “Ordinary awareness is like being tumbled in a clothes
dryer that’s filled with words.”


One man had a pet flea whose primary talent was that it was forever
jumping, never still. But then one day (sad to say) the flea “passed away,”
but for some reason the man continued to let it jump about.

…And someone said, “What a curious story to be told.”

One man heard a voice say, “When you reach your destination, be sure and
stop your traveling.”
And he thought, “What a curious thing to be said.”


A Poem…And Perhaps A Timely One At That

Without the sensation of me
there’s never a feeling of urgency.

* * *


Once you realize a certain thing, after that there’s only one kind of talk
you can ever again take seriously.
…(And it doesn’t come from thoughts.)


True mystical info would be in the form of an unanswerable question — never
stated as a fact.


Saying that The Great Discovery is “the discovery of nothing” can, ordinary
minds, much confuse, for it doesn’t mean that you didn’t discover anything,
it means just what it says: the discovery of nothing.

…(Finally seeing how the “me trick” is done.)


The supreme comment possible for thought is “No comment.”
…(Which is its minimally useful one as well.)


Where the wind is still
is the place to be.