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The News

1580   [96045]   04/17/1996
Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


When life became aware that this one guy was planning to start
talking about it and its future
in ways unusually close to its normally unrecognized reality,
it told him that he could do so, but only if
he never hinted that any of it was in any way a matter of seriousness.
…(And of course the man was more than delighted to agree!…
[just of course to throw life totally off his scent].)

…And — oh yeah (sigh) —
life insists that I tell you that was all just fiction —
that I just “made it up”
(which, evidently it doesn’t seem to realize,
just helps throw itself off the track).

— But, hey!
it’s life! —
it can do anything it wants to do! — right?

And now, Some News From Our Zoological Desk:
Only animals what can think can be throwed off a track —
same as that recent Anatomical Update noted that
only those organs with
only two legs can
go around in circles. (No, I don’t have a clue as to what it means,


Compared to this sort of activity,
the neat advantage to being ordinary and believing that you have
circumstantially caused “psychological problems” is that,
after establishing that, nothing else is required — or needed.

…(And of course the ordinary will say: “Well, how about cures?”
And there you are! —
the distinction again,
made as clear as a buzzard’s conscience.)


Criticism has no significance —
it does, but not as men believe.

The only thing that matters to life is continuity
…even when it comes to man & thought.


One man, intrigued with the possibility of an extraordinary adventure,
stopped everything he was doing and took up sitting —
sitting quietly still, and nothing else.

After pursuing this for some time, he changed to dancing —
jumping around, whirling — just staying on the move, all the time.

Some time after that, he took up nonstop talking —
he would yammer on about anything, for any length of time,
even if no one was listening but him.

There came a period after that when he commenced to be totally silent —
no matter what, he would not speak.

People intrigued with the idea of some extraordinary inner adventure in
this life will try the darndest things.
…(I added that last line because life always gets such a bang out of it.)


And the speaker delivered tonight’s sermon:

“The simple believe in extra-systemic deities —
those a bit less simple believe in dirt.

Even at ground level, ‘evolution marches on!’
…even though its step seem unsteady,
and direction uncertain.”

…(And just between moi & thou,
I wouldn’t show up for the next service expecting him
still in the pulpit.)


Whenever he’d say “I,” this one man would add “speaking metaphorically.”


A man asked a mystic,
“Is the enlightenment — the experience of realizing The Secret —
is it an internal going forward or a returning to something?”
And the mystic began jumping up and down and slapping his thighs & yelling,
“Now you’ve got it! — now you’ve got it!”


The Mind, plainly defined:
The Mind — looking where life points.

It’s alleged that on some lesser developed planets
are creatures who are unable to see not “in the dark”
but rather who cannot see the synonymy of nouns with verbs.
…(Those of you active in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
might be further interested to know that also on such worlds
[which for the sake of example let us say consist of five dimensions]
they have great difficulty experiencing the existence of
any dimensions beyond five.
…[But moreover, if it makes you “feel” any better,
the “intellectuals” in such realms
compensate for their lack of experiencing this
by being able to conceive of mental models thereof
…(no offense to Science,
but it’s not all that different from the relationship between Religion and
the actual excursion into new areas of consciousness.)])


Just as thought never exhausts reality,
so also does thought never exhaust thought.

…(Does that give you something to look forward to or what?)


At a level not visible or audible at the normal one,
the simple stay “weak & sick” by saying that they are,
while the uncommonly well never speak of their health.

A man once sat & pondered this,
“Is there something I should be learning from the fact that
the brain itself cannot make any sound?”
…(And just then his stomach growled,
reminding him of the fact that
noise from instinct is inescapable,
but, from one’s mind, other-o-wise.


One chap,
on The Quest,
written on a slip
that he kept in his pocket,
this reminder:
“Wheresoever thou findeth seriousness, thou findeth barriers to thy path —
and wheresoever is linearity is seriousness.”
…(His mind kept up a constant insistence that he should dispose of the


A side story to one of man’s creation myths:

‘Tis said that, when the animals in The Garden saw what happened to Adam,
they one-and-all decided to “skip” becoming conscious enough to ever talk
so’s to never have to answer for their behavior.

The son of a mystic once said to the old man,
“When I ‘grow up’
I want to become a mouse — but
only if I can learn to swallow a boa constrictor!”
And the mystic was secretly relieved to hear him say such a thing,
in that he’d been harboring some uncertainties as to his siring of the lad.


Confirmation Of A Common Suspicion

As far as life on the Earthly level goes,
it is best to wait ’til after death for help to arrive.

Note: Under normal planetary conditions,
“best” always equates with “easiest.”


Tonight’s PSA:
It’s pretty difficult to ever accomplish anything new with your
consciousness until you realize that your consciousness, as is now,
actually consists of two things going on in your brain
that are normally taken to be the singular phenomenon of consciousness.

A man wrote to the Department Of Revenue and asked:
“But is it possible to have even more than two things going on?”
And they called him in for an audit.

One thing you might consider before stepping into such a postal faux pas
is that, as long as you maintain that you “don’t get it,” you won’t get it.

…(See, you just saved yourself the cost of a stamp and a wasted life!

when transcendental liners are “going down”
there’s never anyone to yell “abandon ship!” — (thank Odin)].)


Legend says that life once took such offense at something the
mentally active creatures of one world did
that in retaliation it gave them the ability to
“think about things”
to such a degree that
it could substitute for them actually experiencing it.

…(Due to my heartfelt concern for people’s general sensibility,
I will not reveal to you the name of that particular planet.)


A man asked a mystic,
“Is the awakening of consciousness involved with
a bringing of the mind under control,
a new understanding of what the mind is,
a shutting up of the mind,
or a moving of awareness beyond the mind?”
And the mystic fell to the ground and began rolling up and down nearby
hills as he hollered, “That’s it — you’ve got it — that’s it!”


Those who live by circumstantially caused “personal problems”
can be cured by externally based treatments.

…Thus, none can be cured, though none are particularly disturbed by the
This, another of the: “Final Words” Regarding Mental Health — And The
Under-Studied Matter Of Human Stupidity.

Tonight’s Household Tips

Tip One:
You can identify stupid people by looking them directly in the eye.

Tip Two:
It’s best not to look most people directly in the eye.

…(And, for those of you with no outstanding mortgage, an advanced tip:
Don’t look in the mirror.)


The perils of criticism lie in physics, not morality.


There was once a consciousness school whose approach was based solely on
the student listening to what the master said to him;

there was a later school which employed the method of the student having to
respond to whatever the teacher said to him;

then there was a school after that one in which the activity consisted only
of the student asking the master questions;

but, there was a group even later on whose “teaching” (in quotation marks,
they always insisted that you add)…
whose “teaching” was transmitted by the method of
the teacher saying nothing — and the student hearing everything.

One man awoke one morning to suddenly discover Tibet in his head!
…or was it his bed?…
perhaps it was India?…Japan?…ah, maybe it wasn’t even his head!

When it comes to the expansion & stabilization of one’s own awareness,
the only “good” method is a singular method!
…until it quits working, then you need another sole one.


Tonight’s Metaphysical Update For Those “In-Search-Of”

There are three types of messiahs:
those who are dead,
those now alive,
and those yet to come.

And now some additional news:
There are three ways to get a crick in your neck….


In some faraway mountains (or maybe it was some ravines)
— no, mountains, I imagine (it sounds so much loftier and inspiring) —
any damn way —
this guy found an ancient, mystical dictionary which turned out to have
only one page, with one word defined — “Consciousness.”
And you know what it said? It said:
“Consciousness — a well-known synonym for many other things.”

…Well, sir!
after reading this, the man sat down on a rock and pondered this —
then reread it several times
(always followed by some additional pondering),
then finally it was as though some sort of “light” ignited in his head,
and he immediately stood up and threw the book as far away as possible.
…Which takes us back to the beginning of the story:
“In some faraway mountains….”

The daughter of a mystic once said to him,
“When I grow up (but not necessarily old),
I want to become an author — but
only if I can learn to write tales that will turn on themselves
and consume themselves right out of existence.”
And the mystic was secretly relieved to hear her say such a thing
in that he’d been experiencing some fear that he’d never have any offspring.


Only minimally functioning consciousness can find any fault —
and only minimally functioning consciousness can construct the worlds
with which ordinary man find fault.

A king once said to his people,
“Let us build a gigantic structure, the likes of which has never been seen;
let up put into its construction the best of which we are capable!
But let us fashion it in such a way that most of us will find it ugly —
then! — we will be assured of mortal success.”
…And the people, being common and ordinary, shouted out their approval
…though later, unrealized by the majority,
a few of their number wandered away from the project,
indescribably dissatisfied.


A man asked a mystic,
“Can you experience the liberation of consciousness and know The Secret,
yet still fall back into bouts of stupidity like everyone else?”
And the mystic looked pretty crestfallen, if not pissed, as he mumbled,
“Thanks a lot! — what an encouraging thing to bring up.”

…(‘Course you being as sharp as you are
you recognize when an enlightened one is satirically playing a part
to make a point?…right?…
that is what he was doing…don’t you think?…)


Only unfinished products have the energy to preach…
or be preached to.


More Of The Unknown History Of This Kinda Activity

The first human to ever experience noncollective consciousness
— who decided to try and talk about it to others —
ended up swallowing himself
and leaving behind him refuse and tailings
which began the mystical teaching tradition.

…(Alternative Exegesis:
The first awakened man to ever stand at an echo point and yell into a canyon
did so with his mouth closed.

…Seriously Skewed Version:
The reason that the enlightened have so few personal friends
is because they won’t even speak to themselves.)


Consider the matter of adverse judgements in this manner:
Anything running slower than you appears to be stupid,
and all around you, constantly, are things running so,
but also all about you are things operating at a faster speed than you
…do I have to ask you point blank how you figure you look to them?

Inside of everyone’s brain are two brains;
inside of every symphony orchestra are two orchestras;
inside of every movie & book are two movies & books;
inside of every marathon and tango are two other track events and dances,
and inside of every brain are two brains, whose relationship to one another
is unknown…inasmuch as each other’s existence is a hazy concept.

There was once a long-distance runner
who continually sensed the unseen presence of another running along with
him; at times he could hear him breathe,
and feel the fall of his feet somewhere around him,
and, when he’d speed up to try and lose his phantom partner, he’d stay apace,
and slowing down accomplished no more.
Then one day, whilst engaged in his normal run, he halted the run in his
mind, and — viola! — a whole new course and way to move
became available to this long-distance runner.


Be Advised (Limited Edition):

Anything of public concern to collective humanity
is of no concern to a more alert individual —
and nothing on the common agenda was conceived of by man.

Specific Suggestion (Extreme, Blunt Version):

Nothing and no one is looking after you,
and even saying that
“no one can help you but you” is a kind of wishful thinking…
as long as you take “you” to be
the you that feels itself a natural part of collective humanity
and its common, public concerns.

Thus and verily it cameth to be-eth that
the private rallying cry of many who discover an
actual path toward The Grail is:
“Quick, run for your life! — no, no! — quicker than that!
and in any other direction but the one in which you’re headed.”

…Zeus! — what a relief! — huh?