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The News

1578 96043 04/12/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


How It Came To Men Preaching To One Another

A man whose dog is out of control will complain about his neighbor’s cat.

– – –

How It Came To Some Insisting That They Must “Enlighten” Others

A man in the dark who knows where the light switch is but doesn’t use it
has got to take it out on somebody!

– – –

A man once asked a mystic,
“Is there some reason, other than their ignorance,
why the ignorant can’t help the ignorant?”
And the mystic replied, “Red hots, get your red hots right here!”

– – –

A man once asked a mystic,
“Is there some reason, other than their attempt,
why those, who attempt to help others, fail?”
And the mysterious one replied, “Red hots, get your red hots
— with catsup — right here!”


Though now forgotten by history,
there was once a university that attracted men from all over the planet,
and whose popularity was unrivaled;
all of the subjects in its curriculum it made up,
and the correct answers to all of its tests were whatever the student put
The reason you now never hear of this institution is because it became so
popular that in the minds of men it simply became “life.”

The minds of the ordinary are as children, lost in a woods,
who attempt to extricate themselves by following a trail of bread crumbs
that they, in part, daily lay.

And a boy asked his father, “Do I understand aright what you have mentioned
over the years, that the more conscious have no heroes nor history on which
to rely because within a sequential reality there is never information
pertinent to escape therefrom.”

…Enlightenment could viewed as:
“Knowledge that left its place in line.”


When he’d awaken each morning one man would say to his mind,
“Well, what d’ya wanna think about today?” And it’d always say,
“Hey man, don’t bug me! — I’ve already been at it while you were sleepin’!”
…(And the man [being the pea brain that he was] would think: “How cute.”)


The Crown’s Official Lecturer was once speaking to the people
in the manner that was his normal want,
condemning far and wide most of their interests, morality, and everyday
behavior, but on this particular occasion someone in the crowd responded and
said, “Why do I have the feeling that when you preach to us
that you are actually addressing your own dreads and guilt?”
figuring the jig to be up, the next day
he requested to be transferred to the Department Of Agriculture.

Those who board the Mystical Express
can berate themselves for lack of effort — profitably —
for only a finite period of time.

…Beyond that, actual effort is required.


Men whose personal sense of themselves is based on some aspect(s) of
their culture, religion, or civilization
have what is commonly referred to as a “personality,”
which is taken to be individual and unique to that person,
but which even a cursory examination will reveal is not.
…And you ask: “Why do not men realize this?”
And I reply: “But if they did, what would they do after that?”
…(And you reply: “How should I know? — I’m just here with the tour.”)


One lazy summer day, a man finally caught up with life and said,
“Tell me one thing,
why do humans believe that they are never doing exactly what they should be
And life paused long enough to say,
“Have you ever considered the obvious in this regard?”
And as it began to walk away the man clutched after it and said,
“Wait, there are two ‘obviouses’ possible in response to my question —
which one is it?”
And life pulled away from the man’s grasp,
and left, muttering about how it couldn’t believe the stupid things men would


One man so concluded,
“Though I’ve never heard the term,
there must be such a thing as ‘negative enlightenment,’
such as in ultimately realizing that drugs and alcohol (for instance)
are not as enjoyable and helpful as you originally perceived them to be.”
…(He felt the urge to add “rats!” to his realization, but resisted,
figuring that he’d long ago already given over more than sufficient
attention to meaningless acts.)


Somewhere a bit past middle age,
one man took all of the thoughts he’d had thus far
and dressed them up as chickens.

The scrawl on one secret wall read:
“If the extraordinary wasn’t extraordinary, it would just be ordinary.”
And, underneath that, no one had written anything else.


After many years of abuse, one man’s liver up and ran away.
…His mind is now considering its options!”


Two children were talking and one of them said,
“Let’s go play in the mud.”
And the other replied,
“No, let’s celebrate the nature of man.”
And the first one replied,
“Okay, we’ll do ’em both.” And the second one asked, “How?”
And the first one said, “By doing either one.”

Then, from within, someone’s mother called out in an accusatory tone,
“Are you playing with that disreputable part of yourself again?”
And the kid, once again,
wished he were orphaned.


The main reason that men can’t understand the mind is because they don’t
want to.


A man wrote to Dr. Reason and said,
“Dear Doctor: Can you tell me the reason that–“, and the doctor interrupted
him right there.


A would-be knight once approached the head of the order who said to him,
“Of those who walk through the door, seeking to join us,
are some who,
when asked,
say that they are able to accept the possibility of life kneeing them in
the groin,
but few are those,
when asked,
who can say that they are able to accept the idea of life wanting to
knee them in the groin.”
As the applicant stood there, now not knowing what to say,
his potential liege continued,
“All of this, of course, being an illusion,
like everything else outside the walls of our activity here.”


The only reason that meaningless hectoring continues to be operational
is because of those hectored to continuing to react to it.


The unseen hand of life writes up man’s collective mental menu,
but partaking only therefrom offers insufficient nourishment for the few.


For many years, one man struggled to quit criticizing others,
and, by the time he realized what a moot effort it was, it was too late!
— he’d damn near stopped thinking about them altogether.


Life has two general ways it keeps its slaves down on the plantation:
it makes them weak; and the remainder, stupid.
…(Although someone riding past on a fast horse
would have trouble distinguishing the two.)

A man wrote to life and complained:
“I have been seeing a certain show on television recently that….”
Well, you can imagine the rest.

…Come to think on it, this brings up yet another singular aspect of man:
He is the only creature who will use death as a threat
in the defense of life’s honor.

…(Doesn’t it just tickle-you-pretty to have been born on this planet
so’s you didn’t miss all this?)


One man challenged his mind and his body to prove which one of them
was of the greatest benefit to him, and they both just laughed at him!
…They later told life and it laughed about it too.


In the context of just mental operations, the awakened are like a man
playing handball on a court with no walls.


A boy asked his father to give him some “rules to live by,”
and the elder replied,
“I have already considered doing this, but there is a danger
in that if I do — and you do not use them —
you can become the worse for it.”


One man’s private slogan to himself was:
“Don’t argue with me! —
“Who, me?” —
“Yeah, you.”


The ordinary take the fantasy world of fiction as offering the maximum in
unexpected thrills, chills, and delights —
but, if they could be inside a mystic’s mind for a couple of seconds,
they’d come out with a whole new appreciation of what the “extraordinary”
is really all about.
…(Either that or it’d scare the shit out of ’em.)


It is the simple who worry about their possible evolution —
the worthy do something about it.

Second Verse:
The simple always say, “Well…I don’t know ‘what to do.'”

…(Final Verse: Yeah, yeah….)