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The News

1575  04/05/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


A man had a henhouse in which he spent part of each day,
and ultimately undertook to try and pass in and out thereof
without causing them to squawk or shit on him.

…The man was a mystic, and the hen house, his mind (in case you didn’t


There is a flow of energy that drives the external world of events,
and there is a flow of energy that drives man’s internal world of states,
and the flow of energy that drives the external world of events
is the same energy that drives man’s internal world of states.

Those more conscious are like a man who suddenly becomes aware that
he is in a house of mirrors — and so is everyone else, but they don’t
know it, and now he does, and it is only through such an awareness that
one can find a way out.


In the presence of his brain, one man said,
“Damn, I feel depressed!”
And his frontal lobes replied,
“Why do you always look at us when you say that?”

Every time this one man would drive up to Chicago, he’d complain about the
weather, never realizing that they got theirs from Indianapolis.

Progress is no progress if you don’t know where it came from.


See, here’s how it is:
Everybody’s born one thing,
and to ever be anything else you’ve got to first realize that
“everybody’s born one thing.”

On a particular world,
those who life wished not to see
it made available to the idea of fatalism & predestination,
along with a natural distaste therefor.

…Put another way:
No one is stupid who does not know they are stupid.


When this doctor who specialized in sexually transmitted diseases
would take the history of those who came to him complaining of
their genitalia itching,
he’d often say to them, “Well, little wonder — look where all it’s been!”

Then one day, his mind began to itch.


The only means by which a man can understand the world “out there”
is by that which is in him,
and the only way through which he can become aware of this fact
is by a refinement of that which is in him.

Only ships interminably sinking cast about for life preservers.


The immediate, always-available method to beneficially effect the
conscious condition of the mind is to focus —
but the trick is not to focus on anything present in the mind.

What it comes down to is a focusing on the act of focusing.

The transcendental effort is directed at the function of awareness —
not its content.


Just as the inside of a man’s mouth, who has a toothache,
is larger and more important than the entire operations of the universe,
so likewise seem the limited mental activities within the confines of
an ordinary man’s head.

To accept ignorance as knowledge
is to fill up all the available space
and leave no room for real understanding.

To be ignorant is to be dissatisfied —
but to be ignorant, and take yourself wise, is to suffer.

Thus, at the ordinary level,
the cultivated perceive the simple to be inadequately concerned,
that is,
while they seem generally as miserable as everyone else,
they don’t appear to give sufficient thought to the matter.

On dark days, the moan of the mentally sophisticated resembles:
“If events don’t get you, your own states will…
and if they don’t, then something is wrong with you!”

There was once a man who began to suspect that his pet cat was…well…
if not actually “laughing at him,” engaged in something somehow similar.


Those struggling with this sort of activity eventually come to realize that
“behavior’s the least of my worries.”


Whenever this one man would catch himself saying publicly that
“well, I think this,” or “I feel that,”
he’d mentally cut another notch in his bedpost,
thinking, “Screwed again!”


Herd animals look to one another for assistance…they’re supposed to —
but neurons haven’t graduated until they can strike out on their own.

On one planet,
the sole synonym for “intelligence” was “separation.”


In the backyard behind everyone’s house
is another house.

Hint: Don’t ever ask the mind “hey, where you stay at,”
’cause it’ll probably tell you,
and thus drag you there with it.

A Certain Type Of Stability More Closely Examined

A man acceptant of his thoughts need not have his feet nailed to the floor.


One day a man thought:
“It’s a good thing that my liver’s not as noisy as my brain.”
And from within a voice came, asking, “Who said that?”
And, as you might well imagine,
the man was afraid to reply.

Life allows mortals to pick on anything… …with one exception.


In the focus attempted by the few is freedom from
time, noise, confusion,
and numerous other forms of tension and pressure.


Only herd animals have gods and gurus.


Everybody’s on a trip,
life’s on a trip,
the universe is on a trip, reality’s on a trip —
but so what? —
but “so what?” if you’re not personally conscious of it.

A journey is no journey if you’re not aware of movement.


Those who carry on with this far enough ultimately come to see that
“events are the least of my problems.”


Efficiency In The Search For Advice & Direction

A man who takes credit for anything can’t tell you anything.

…(Kinda narrows it down, don’t it?)

…We interrupt this broadcast for an important announcement:
Life has never been a braggart!

…Now back to your own pitiful little pissant existence.


There was once a cow who went to live with sheep —
he fit in so well that he soon forgot what he’d originally been.

The title of this story could have been “What Difference Does It Make?”
…(But you shouldn’t be so cynical, now should you?)


Those who continue to believe that spirituality is based on behavior
are like infants — seventy years old.


In one sense: That unusual ability to focus
is the source of all wisdom & understanding.


One man’s private attitude toward the mind became,
“Triviality! — triviality! —
hey, don’t talk to me about triviality!”


Swimming Allowed — And Yet Not Allowed

There is a lake of stuff,
into which a man can fall,
and from which
he can scarce e’er crawl.


Everyone is born drowned — it’s up to you to do something about it.

* * *


More Of How Things Are Arranged

There is only one degree of understanding, but many of ignorance.


Those accustomed to religion
expect the transcendental activity to also “have a message for all of
humanity” — but it does not! — only one for the individual.


Anyone with any uncertainty regarding what “focusing” means in the sense
it is used here can look at it like this:
It is the supreme opposite of “staring.”


To the ends you seek, you can look upon the method twice;
you can see it as either remembering or forgetting:
either remembering that consciousness can be more than what the mind thinks,
or forgetting about whatever it is the mind thinks.


The difference between those-who-try and the ordinary is that,
in the life of the ordinary, any interruption is due to accidental events,
while with the others, it comes about intentionally.


The complaint never heard inside one arena: “It’s too quiet in here!”

Yet another variation of a common creation myth
says that the curse god put on the first mortal
was not that he had to “leave the Garden and go to work,”
but rather that he had to start talking and listen to others do so.
…(It’s further reputed that, upon hearing this,
Adam grabbed his head and screamed, “Oh no, anything but that!”
And the big guy replied, “Hey, don’t try that on me,
I’ve read the B’rer Rabbit story too.”
And that in fact
Adam’s attempt to put this over on him caused god to extend the curse into
man’s mind as well.)

The compliant now never heard: “It’s too quiet in here!”


A man who’d had his eyes begin to open wider thought:
“It’s easier to find fault with life
when you can narrow down your criticism to one specific area.
…Too late for me though
since ‘easier’ has become synonymous with ‘possible’ in this regard.”
…(And as he walked away a joyful bounce was detectable in his step.)

There was once a race of cows whose curse was
to believe that anything was possible! —
anything that is
but an improvement in their individual bovineness.


Another way of looking at it (if you like):
There is a mind within the mind —
consciousness within consciousness —
all in the potential.


When this one man began to see what was going on, he at first thought:
“There must be some kind of ‘misunderstanding’ here.”
Then thought: “No, it must be some sort of ‘joke.'”
Then later began to think: “No, it must be that I’m not seeing it
Then finally came to the conclusion that there was nothing to be said about


Many men enjoy actual warfare and combat
in that it forces them to be alert.
The few carry it all along with them.


The Final Word On The Matter

The reason that you’re in the particular psychological condition you are
today is due specifically to the fact of your being alive.


One advantage that those attempting such as this have over other people is
that they cannot explain what they’re doing, to other people.


The Final Word On Another Matter

The energy that drives consciousness is the same energy that drives
everything else…(so there!).


A man who converses with the ordinary in their language
is a man who is up to nothing of any significance.

Note: The term “ordinary” as herein used includes one’s own mind.


A man who doesn’t realize that, nonphysically, he lives in two separate
places never feels at home, mentally, anywhere.

The mailing address for stupidity is the same for everybody —
so don’t waste your time accusing some other cow or sheep of
stealing your letters.

…And finally: A Final Word On Yet Another Matter

Those who know-what’s-going-on
know that there’s nothing actually to be said about
what’s going on.

…So — moo-o-o!