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The News

1574  04/03/96
Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


There is a myth that says man was born on another planet,
but that at an early age he slipped off it and fell to Earth,
and in landing was shattered into numerous pieces,
but which managed to go on, passing themselves off still as a single entity.
…Aren’t you glad this is just a myth? — or else it’d explain too much.

…At the grave side,
as the lowered all of him — all parts of him — into the ground,
they began to chant,
“Stomachs to dust, and lungs to ashes,
and minds back to wherever it is that they imagine they came from. Ohmmmm.”


After experiencing and becoming aware of (ah hum) “certain difficulties”
that seemed inherent in his activities related to his consciousness,
one man said,
“Since my brain is nourished by blood and oxygen,
then something is either amiss with the food I’m taking in
or with my brain itself.”

…As far as he knew,
no one had ever thought this before, and may never again.


There was once a group of men involved in an activity whose purpose they
said was to show you that life had no purpose —
there was another group who said their activity was for the purpose of
giving you a purpose in life —
and there was a third group who said that their activity had no purpose.

Warning To Swimmers Who Haven’t Eaten Recently:
There is a difference between you not being able to see something
and it not existing.


A man asked his mind, “Where is the passion?”
And it replied, “What passion?”
Which proved that it was too late…
and which should be a reminder not to let it happen to you.
…(And one man’s mind said, “What?”)


As the knights prepared to sally forth on the great exploit,
their liege said to them,
“Out there, for what you attempt,
not only is the deck stacked against you,
it’s not even stacked in a way that makes any sense…
that is,
if you’re going to ride out of here still relying on
‘what-makes-sense’ to guide you.”

Bonus Info For Farmers Who Haven’t Yet Got Their Corn In The Ground:
The body makes sense,
numbers make sense,
but anything beyond that is merely the mind attempting to justify its

…And one of the deck hands cried out,
“But without charts we can sail to nowhere?”
“Precisely what I had in mind,” said the captain.

…And from just over the neural horizon, a few could hear the sirens sing,
“To the edge,
to the edge,
a little bit closer — to the edge.”


As long as you accept the linear activity of ordinary thought
as the full manifestation possible for consciousness, you’ll miss something.


Why Men Gather

Men gather initially on a hormonal basis —
they gather later on perceived neural bases.
…(They still gather on a hormonal basis.)


The Easy Version

The attempt to do this is the same as trying to hold a river in your grasp.


Local conditions on one world told a man that he could
talk about things that might help increase consciousness and understanding
as long as he made it sound real complicated and mysterious —
but warned him “not to get cute” and try to tell people how it really is!

Having here made up yet another story of this type,
let me point out that they are ultimately a bit disingenuous inasmuch as
it takes more for Adam to get into a new Garden
than it did for him to leave the old one.

…Or, musically put,
it is a going from monophonic, plain songs,
to polyphonic choral works,
to finally a man alone,
whistling to himself a song
known to none but he.


There is a flow of energy that runs the body,
and a flow of energy that runs the mind,
and the flow of energy that runs the mind
is the same flow of energy that runs the body.


One reason men so enjoy their bedtime dreams
is because they emphasize the linearity of thought.


The mysterious prince one day said to the secret knights,
“Now that I’ve told you everything, I don’t know what else to tell you.”
And they replied, “But you haven’t told us anything.”
And he replied, “What I said still holds.”
…And a few of them got it.
…But not enough to make a sculling team, or establish a new religion.

There is a legend that says,
instead of the ability to think,
the gods gave some men reliable systems.


One man said,
“I don’t know what I dislike most about my mind’s normal activity —
its repetition?…
its predictability?…
its incessantness?…
its irrelevance? or just the plain fact that it is out of my control?…
…Hummmm…but the more I think about it,
why play favorites? — it’s all of them!”


The Really “Easy Version”:

The attempt to do this is the same as trying to hold time in your hand.


Life gives everyone a choice:
either try not to think;
or, if you do, try and think only about events, and not states.
…(This gives you some idea of where life places mystics.)


Tonight’s True Life Story

A correspondent writes:
“Contrary to you people,
all I ask out of life is that I be able to stumble my way through it without
having to give it any particular attention.
Is that asking so much?”
…(Did I mention “true life and heart chilling?”)


Another View Of How The Mental World Is Stratified

Once you realize that The Department Store Of The City is all on one floor,
you then have access to the energy that you previously wasted
riding the elevators up and down to nowhere.

…A salesman in shoes notes,
“The great thing about being of native awareness
is not only that you’re not ‘going anywhere,’
but better than that is the fact that you don’t even imagine that you are!”
…(He also noted a sale on two-left-foot climbing boots.)


Many ordinary people make the discovery that it’s more fun to
read about mystical kinda stuff that it is to do it.
…(Some people even discover that it’s a lot more fun.)

…And one guy thought, “What if it really is more fun?”
…(Even masochists deserve to enjoy themselves.)


One man finally said to his mind, “Look — I’ve had it!”
To which it replied, “Oh no — not yet, you haven’t.”
And he thought, “How can it tell?”


One man doesn’t go rafting — he says life flows through him already.

Life told one man, “Why don’t you get a hobby? — you need to get out more.”
And the guy sneered to himself, “What a joke, coming from you!”


Okay, Really: “The Easy Version” — SERIOUSLY

The attempt to do this is the same as trying not to stand on your own two
feet, or anyone else’s.


When ordinary expeditions set off exploring new territory, they go in single
file — with consciousness stalkers, they spread out in all directions…
and not one of them with a watch or linear compass.


More Inspiring Sketches From City Life

What passes for original thinking amongst the ordinary
is but poor substitutes for cliches.


One way to determine if you’re getting anywhere with this
is to ask yourself if events are still more important to you than your
…(And, of course, those of you who don’t wanna know shouldn’t ask.)


There! —
finally! —
properly impaled on the stake of self,
one man whispered, in mock agony,
“Ahh — but it only hurts when I’m serious”
(…a comment no reasonable bystander found funny).

The more conscious don’t “have children” —
they “have children” and then kill them!…or else “have them,”
then murder themselves…
it’s all the same.

but it does hurt so
when I try to talk about it.
…Oh-h-h! yuk, yuk, yuk!”


Some men build monasteries to keep from having to face where they really

…And as the team prepared for that fourth and decisive quarter,
the coach said to them,
“Remember, weakness isn’t everything,
it’s just everything necessary.”


If you allow what’s talked about in man’s collective mind
to determine what’s important to you,
you’ll never discover the higher intensity at which the mind can work.

Within cow herds, the talk is always, somehow, related to
Chicago and the stockyards,
and never about points east, west, north, or south of there.


One of the most exclusive clubs in the world is The Stop Timers…
(and they’re not involved in tap dance or watch making.)


To maximize one’s efforts in the unusual activity,
one needs a proper, nonnegative sense of isolation —
mental isolation.


One trick is,
if you can enrich the blood to your brain,
you’ll lose all interest in anyone else’s ideas.


And now for another chapter in that series “Little Do Scholars Know”:

The reason it is so difficult to nail down the historical reality of
famous, mystical figures
is due to the fact that they were all outlaws,
and had to keep their true identities and whereabouts hidden.

…(As a matter of fact [but don’t let this get around],
Buddha was originally known as Billy The Buddha,
and Confucius and Lao went by the name Frank & Jessie Just-Flow-With-It.)

A man once so pondered,
“What is the difference between the ‘seriousness-of-the-stomach’
and the seriousness-of-the-mind?…besides of course the fact that
seriousness-of-the-mind is just a crude attempt to camouflage stupidity.”


The simple always believe that they’re more complicated than they are,
and the cultivated always believe that they’re more cultivated than they are
— which pretty much leaves the field wide open for the rest of us.

Updated Account Statement For Investors Who Too Soon Sold Short:

The zip code for civilization is the same for everybody.

One man thought, “It’s me against the world.”
Then later, “It’s me against myself.”
And later still, “It’s me against my mind.”
And finally, “Hey, it’s me against the world again,
but at least now I understand what that means.”

And just before the cape was thrown over his shoulders
signaling the end of the show,
The Godfather Of Directness fell to one knee and sang,
“Events won’t change you, but states…states will take you out.”
…(And one guy’s pet name for his mind was: It’s always something.)