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The News

1573  04/01/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


One version of one creation story says that, after Adam offended God,
the real curse the big guy whipped on him was not that he had to leave the
Garden and go to work,
but rather that he would begin to always want to be more conscious than he
…This version proved so disturbing to men
that it got re-writ into the one you’re familiar with now.


As long as you can’t distinguish between info and the informer,
you can’t be informed.


A man wrote the Tell Me Doctor and said:
“Tell me, Doctor,
is it easier for the simple and crude to derive fun from being alive,
or for the sophisticated and cultivated to do so?
Yours truly…
P.S. Never mind,
I just realized on my own that the answer depends simply on the matter of
whether one finds pleasure in things simple and crude,
or in matters more sophisticated and cultivated.
…How come I didn’t see this when I first thought of the question?
…Was it because the mind forming such an inquiry was itself either
too crude, or
overly cultivated?
I appreciate your help, but never mind.
Yours Sincerely,” etc.


A father said to his son,
“There are several things you can learn from that time in bed in the
morning when you’re half awake and half still asleep:
one is to realize that there are states of sleep & semi-consciousness
that are worse than your daytime ones;
another is to see — quite distinctly —
how automatically and meaninglessly
are the thoughts that pass through your head tied together;
and yet another is to just be reminded of
what a low level of awareness in which we normally live.
…(That, and what a dumb-ass bastard you are.)”
“Gee, thanks, Dad.”

One man had a Dad in his own head…not to mention a son in his hip pocket.


Once local conditions on one planet
discovered that the creatures would pay even more for food with the fat
removed, candy with the sugar removed,
and coffee with the caffeine out,
it figured, “I’ll really clean up! —
I’ll start making knowledge available with all the information removed.
…Aww…wait a minute, I’ve already done that. Rats!”

On the Good Ship Stupidpop,
due to a lack of deck space,
there was nowhere to stand!
…But it being the good ship that it was, nobody ever noticed!

The reason that Moses (for one example)
is not more popular than he is today
is because, after he did drag…lead
a few out of the wilderness and into the land of promise,
once they realized where they were, they shot him, and tried to hide the


Nonparallel Gymnastic News

If you can’t stand real still, you’ll never be able to run.
…(I assume you realize this concerns the sport of consciousness.)

There was once a man who’d struggled most of his life
to achieve that most elusive of ends,
and finally one day life said to him,
“Why don’t you give yourself a break and give it up?”
And the man instantly turned extremely red in the face,
his eyes widened frighteningly,
his nostrils flared,
and smoke began to billow from his ears, and he said to life….
Well, never mind what he said.


A stomach and a brain once decided to go out for the evening and “have
some fun,” and the brain asked the stomach, “What d’ya wanna do?” And the
stomach replied, “Well…I guess…go eat something.” And the brain said,
“Sounds good to me.” But then the stomach thought:
“You know, it seems unfair —
’cause the brain can not only receive pleasure from
the same kinds of things I eat,
but it is also able to obtain enjoyment from the consumption of those
nonphysical foodstuffs — thoughts —
which is completely beyond me.”

Just because an engine will run on crude oil,
doesn’t exclude its superior operation on refined gasoline.

Many miles away, a mystic was once described as
someone quite prepared to ill-treat their mind as others do their body.


Three men were talking and one of them (complaining about his job) said,
“I wish I could just work part time.” To which the others nodded their
And a second man added, “Yeah, and I wish I could just live part time.”
But the third man then thought, “Uup! — he went too far,
my problem NOW is that I only live part time.”

Sir — your prescription is ready:

To get more conscious,
you’ve gotta be able to move faster than hormones can age.


Tonight’s News You Can Use

Without talk, there is no seriousness.
…(Unless of course, after you shut up, you keep on thinking.)

The reason that men don’t kill one another over the inefficacy of the advice
passed from one to another
is because no one wants it to work.

Tonight’s Financial News (in a neuralistic sense):

The difference between a “professional” and a “tradesman” is that
you can waste more money with the former.

They confronted and challenged one man,
“We want to know, are you more conscious than we are?
…And don’t try to use silence as a reply!” …Which he did…
and which they failed to notice. …But that’s all right,
they didn’t want to notice.


A leopard wrote the Tell Me Doctor and said: “Tell me, Doctor,
do not men,
if they continue to discuss man,
run the risk of remaining men?”
…And the doctor thought…well, never mind what he thought!


One man began to hear a voice that would say,
“It’s weird-d-d up here.”
And, no, he wasn’t crazy,
yet when he’d look up, nothing was there, just the voice that’d say,
“It’s weird-d-d up here.”

In the geography of the mind,
there is no definitive “here,”
if it is the mind that has the final say as to where “here” is.


The simple believe that a change in behavior can change one’s states,
and the sophisticated believe that a change in states can change events,
while those who know-what’s-going-on believe that
the simple and the sophisticated should press on in their beliefs.

Local conditions on one world
decided to wipe out all those involved with the private struggle —
but couldn’t find them.

Lack of numbers is not the only factor that can render something invisible.


One way to minimize the possibility of ever seeing anything about man & life
for which you might be unprepared
is to treat man (and yourself, naturally)
as some sort of “psychological creature” who (quite naturally)
is subject to “psychological problems.”

You never have to be concerned over missing the Streamlined Bullet Express
if you never even find your way to the train station.


One man built a library — and his neighbor burnt it down.
One man built a fire — and his neighbor snuffed it out with books.
One man watched all of this occur,
time and time again
in the history of man,
and finally decided just to go out and get something to eat.

In the brain — same as on land —
fluids flow downhill — except
in the brain
they flow in both directions.

There was once a physicist who “woke up,” and was pissed as hell!
…”But at least,” thought he, “thank god, I wasn’t a priest or

Long before you got here,
life used to send people personal packages —
but it stopped as soon as men began using fictitious names
and blind mail drops
(known in some quarters as The Dawn Of Consciousness).


For his son’s twentieth birthday,
in recognition of two decades well spent,
the father presented him with this gift,
“From now on, lad,
I will never speak to you about any matter that ordinary people speak of.
…That is,
we will narrow down the focus of your attention
to where it more profitably belongs —
to areas n’er considered by our neighbors,
to possibilities n’er dreamed of by our brains.
Now let us cut the cake, and
cut the shit!
Grow up, my boy! — grow up while you still have a chance!”


One man hated cold weather —
and warm beer…
and taxes…
and traffic jams…
and dentists…
and telemarketers…
and equipment that fails, and things that break,
and long lines, and people who talk too loud,
and the high price of funerals, and gasoline in the summertime! —
but above all (him being mystically inclined)
there was one thing he hated more than anything else.

Those who comprehend the nature of life have no need for belief in demons.

And from the crowd came a voice,
“Speaking, I believe, for many,
I suspect that this overall experience could prove reasonably pleasant,
were it not for…,” (glance around, glance around), “certain elements among
us!” And one man mused, “Is he referring to calcium and magnesium?”

In the periodic table of consciousness, things are not held together by
magnetic or gravitational forces — but by habit.
…(Don’t you just hate it?)


Ordinary, simple people,
when flummoxed and nonplused,
will commonly say,
“Well, let’s do something!”
reacting on the basis that it is better to do anything than nothing.
…Now, my question to you is,
has this any proper mental counterpart?
…Are you positive?
…Need we reconsider the definition of “proper”
in its sense of “useful” and beneficial?

Legend has it that Buddha once said that you should “kill him,”
should you in the road meet
either Mr. Merriam or Mr. Webster.

Examining first one side of his brain
and then the other,
one man said,
“Well, obviously! — I’m already half shot.”


The basic elusiveness of it all is due to the fact that,
unless you realize how little conscious you are,
you can never be any more conscious,
but, unless you are a bit more conscious, you can never realize how
little conscious you are — or,
without being aware that you are asleep, you can never awaken,
but without being a bit awake you can never be aware that you are asleep —
or, until you recognize that you are imprisoned, there is no chance for
escape, but as long as you stay inside, confined to your cell,
you will never recognize that you are in prison.

Fact is, instead of such terms as
asleep, unconscious, imprisoned, and unenlightened,
the more revealing and to-the-point description of man’s
routine state, along with a notation regarding his nonstandard
possibilities, would be,
“Doing, under all conditions, just as I must…as long as I don’t know any

…Or, as a certain radical choir was given to sing
at the height of their holiday celebration in honor of the
struggle for neural system transcendency,
“Oh, come all ye faithful,
come and be unfaithful.”


Urban Hierarchy: How Things Neural “Stack Up”

To be “hip” requires that others be unhip;
it is under such conditions that ordinary men appear to be
more intelligent than their neighbor.

In city parks,
in imaginary skies,
the cultivated flying
more complex, imaginary kites than their
less sophisticated counterparts.


No matter the particular instance,
in the case of the few (once they see it),
the criticism of a thing is always worse than the thing being criticized.

…By the way, a viewer sent this note:
“Why do you keep referring to those actually involved in kinds of activities
you talk about as “the few,”
when you must know there aren’t near that many?”


How The Ordinary Mental World Of Man Survives
In Spite Of All The Facts That Clearly Indicate It Should Be Otherwise

Imaginary boats sink not in seas of dreams.

Neural futurists could be described as those who can mentally
“drown on dry land” — and who will in fact
carry along dry land with them just in case
the opportunity to emerge from the wistful waters might arise.

The reason that more ordinary men don’t go “crazy” under ordinary conditions
is because they and their conditions are at the same atmospheric pressure.

In the landscape of the mind,
there is nowhere to go
if it is the ultimate authority as to what constitutes “where.”


One man pondered,
“If I could somehow enrich the blood flowing to my brain,
might this effect my state of consciousness?”


A man wrote to the Tell Me Doctor and said:
“Tell me, Doctor,
why does everyone from the crude to the cultivated
believe that things should be other than how they are?
…Why is no one ever satisfied with life as it is?
Sincerely yours —
P.S. Never mind,
I just realized that I don’t really want to know the answer to this,
at least, not right now.
Thanks all the same,
perhaps I’ll get back to you on this at a later date
when I’m personally better prepared.
Yours….” etc.


The speaker so addressed the crowd,
“If thoughts are the only things that make up your consciousness,
then your consciousness is…well — never mind what it is! —
it’s not worth talking about!”

The difference between listening to other people and listening to yourself
is that you can waste more energy with the former…
or is it the latter?…no, former…uhhh, latter?…ah, never mind!


A man so pondered,
“If the reality of conscience is
‘the simultaneous awareness of one’s contradictory desires,’
then should not the reality of intelligence similarly be
the simultaneous awareness of one’s contradictory thoughts?”

…He pondered this a bit more, then thought,
“But who would ever think such a thing?”

Long before radio came up with the idea of The Top Forty Hits Of The Week,
life came up with the idea of giving men,
if not prepackaged, at least predisposed
brain things!…you know, minds.

There is a land right between the borders of Ease-Comfort-&-Familiarity
and Effort-Agitation-&-Uncertainty —
a place known to some as
“I Can’t Help It! — I Gotta Do It!”

The original model for the mortal Hippocrates
was he who first realized that, once men become conscious,
“the simple enjoy being sick” — but after discovering that no one was
interested in this diagnosis he switched professions and became a stock


When the more conscious talk, they bleed.
…(When they talk to the ordinary.)


Once you see what’s actually going on,
after having seen what you thought was going on
through the same kind of eyes as everyone else…
well…after that,
things are just not quite ever a-dollar-and-a-quarter-a-pound anymore.

After having snared the elusive and exotic beast he’d been tracking,
he called his father on the phone,
but the old man couldn’t understand what he was talking about.

After having snared the elusive and exotic beast he’d been tracking,
he called his best friend on the phone,
but his friend couldn’t understand what he was talking about.

After having snared the elusive and exotic beast he’d been tracking,
he tried to call home, only to discover — to his additional delight —
that he’d moved, and had no home.

The conductor glanced at the timpanist and whispered,
“When we reach the climax, you speak at your own peril.”