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The News

1572    03/29/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


There was once an ant hill, populated by two separate armies;
they knew of each other’s existence,
but one seemed to know so much better of the other’s presence
as to make the other’s knowledge of it (in comparison) functionally

The human mind is the only mind in this galaxy which can
“totally know” a certain thing, while at the same time
“not know” certain parts of it.
…I realize it sounds weird, if not impossible, but it is so all the same
— and you know it!
…except for those parts of it that you don’t like, & pretend you don’t.


One man says,
“If thinking is so “important,”
then how come men aren’t more aware of themselves doing it?”


The only way that you can believe there are extrasystemic (supernatural)
forces outside of man, which may assist man,
is to not realize where, within man, the idea of such forces is concocted.

…And a viewer writes,
“I would’ave liked it better if you’d’a said ‘conceived of’ instead of

…Do you not by now find it of some interest
how ready man’s mind is to indiscriminately accept blame, as opposed to
certain circumstances in which it will refuse to accept deserved credit?


From a transcendental position,
there are two ways to look at the question of consciousness & its
one is to say that man is presently conscious, at a normal level,
but that through certain efforts he could be more conscious;
the other view is that man is not presently conscious, and that only
through certain extraordinary efforts
can he become so.

…Which version do you like, Sigfred?


“But,” said the kid, “I don’t get it! — I feel bad!”
“What you don’t get,” replied his old man,
“is that you can feel bad without suffering over it.”


Dwelling on the past helps give ordinary minds
some sense of stability and continuity to their personality and life.

‘Tis alleged that one past mystery school had as its motto:
The Past Sucks — And So Does This Comment…If You Repeat It.

While it is known that many of the secret groups, wherever they went,
located their activities on the edges of cliffs;
’tis also said that the truly extreme ones
carried edges of cliffs around with them.

When it came to matters of “stability and continuity,” one man said,
“I’d rather fall in vat of silicone.”


Inside a closed system,
it is the simplest who are always the last to realize their position.
…Well, them and everyone else (constructively speaking).


One man says,
“If thinking is so gosh-darn ‘important’ to the life of man,
then how come the dumb live just as long as the smarter?”


As long as you accept celebrations of man’s lower self & baser instincts
as “entertainment,”
you walk a rutted, cloudy road,
hunched over, with a limp,
with many a fellow traveler, but far from
the open, sunny path of disciplined awareness that is headed toward the


One man thought,
I wish that I could listen more to my body and less to my mind
…but I guess it’s a little late for that now.”

Once you’re properly mentalized,
and a part of the collective consciousness,
it’s a “little late” for a whole lotta things!


Then there was this other man who also swallowed a set of twins
who, when they had been sufficiently digested to settle in one spot,
began to claim that they were a single entity —
but a claim which this particular man rejected.


One man says,
“If thinking is so super ‘important,’
then how come it’s instinct that still mostly keeps us alive?”


Unique to Earth (in this part of the universe)
is the fact that there are two distinct types of mystery:
one is the mystery the ordinary sense,
which they believe can never be understood;
and the other is the mystery perceived by the mystery stalkers,
which eventually does get de-mystery-ized. …They insist on it!

Life: The only thing known to man that will absolutely, unappealingly
give “no” for an answer.
…(Unless of course you know the secret of how to go about it.)


Here’s the problem:
most people don’t want to study the mind,
and those who do are likely to get hung up doing so, indefinitely,
never coming to any satisfying conclusion.

One man said, “I’d rather fall in a barrel of glue!”


After hearing the term “pain and suffering” used on numerous occasions
as though they were one in the same thing, one man said, “No, this is
incorrect, pain is just pain,
and suffering is pain combined with thought.”


There was once a planet on which three tribes of beings dwelt:
the first walked around using only their legs,
the second group walked about using both their legs and their heads,
and the third bunch asked me not to describe them.

Once upon a thing,
there was a man who had a planet in his head.


One man says,
“If thinking is so almighty ‘important,’
then how come we’re able to get along so well
doing it with no conscious attention required?
…Tell me that!” says he (I assume, expecting no reply).


As he trod the mystery path,
a traveler one day stopped a passing knight and said to him,
“I’m tired of talking about it.”
“So shut up,” replied the knight.
“Well… …I’d never thought of that,” said the man.


Tonight’s Mental Health Update & Time Saver

A man who believes he’s been made ill by events can never be cured.


And finally one guy says,
“Okay, if thinking is so important and such a big deal, then explain to me
how come my sorry-ass brother-in-law Cletus shows every sign of
being able to do it sometimes?”


As the mystery king sent the knights out on the quest, he said to them,
“Make no mistake about it,
there is a quite distinct line between us and everyone else,
but, whatever you do, never give any indication that this is so,
or that you’re aware of it.”


life created men using only blood and hormones;
then as it moved along it began using blood, hormones, and neurons…
but (being as old as it is) it sometimes forgets, in some cases, to add
the neurons.

A viewer writes:
“Regarding a story you read recently,
could you tell me if it’s too late to apply to life for the bran muffin
in lieu of my brain?


Two guys were playing Q. & A. and first one asks,
“What’s the absolutely most unnecessary thing a man can do?”
And the second one replied,
“You mean besides trying to effect his own consciousness, right?”
“Why would I exclude that?” responded the first chap.
“Well…well…,” said the second guy, “I’m sure I wouldn’t know.”
And the first man said,
“Well, just why wouldn’t you ‘know’?”
And the second fellow replied,
“Well…I’m sure I wouldn’t know that either.”

After things had fallen silent for a bit, the first guy spoke back up,
“Look, maybe we just got off on the wrong shoulder.”
And the second guy returned to the fray,
“You mean ‘foot’ — not ‘shoulder’ — right?”
And the first man thought,
“Well, damn! there he goes again with that shit.”
But he kept his thoughts to himself, smiled, and said to the second guy,
“No, look, you’re missing the whole spirit of this,
just consider my original question:
what’s absolutely the most unnecessary thing a man can become involved in?”
And the other guy replied,
“You mean besides playing this game with you, right?”

Once upon a time there was a man who had a game show in his head.


Then there was this other man who took the matter even further, noting,
“Our minds don’t think for us — life does!”


So mused one man,
“One of the minor benefits of reaching a certain place in the arcane
journey is that you no longer await the appearance at your door of your
savior or mystical guide.

“Well, rats!” said one man,
“I was hoping someday to fall into a bubbling lake full of gurus.”


One day it struck The King,
“The way to keep too many people from applying for the position of
Official Court Forecaster
is to hang the present one for failing to see ‘something-or-other’ coming.”
…His Grace then went on to reflect on the fact that it was a shame that
he hadn’t realized this years earlier,
back when he seemed to be putting his own mind together.


Those truly in-the-thing and knowing-what-they’re-doing
never ask themselves, “Who am I?”
but rather, “What am I?…at any given instant, what am I?”


Life: The place where everybody has a home.

…Life — you gotta love it!…or at least be appreciative enough to
keep your mouth shut.


Returning from one of the more brutal and electrifying wars,
some of the soldiers, strangely effected,
were heard to sing a little song:
“How you gonna keep ’em
stuck in their mind,
after they’ve seen their mind?”


To single out any specific activity in the world of man for criticism
is to shoot a one-legged man thrice in his good foot,
while he’s lying helplessly on the ground,
blinded and crushed after being hit by forty tons of falling whale shit.

…Take aim, but ask not “for whom the aim’s intended” —
but know well (stalwart warrior) that it is aimed for thee…
that is, if it is you holding the gun.


One man’s view:
“If instinct relied on talk to keep us alive, we’d all be dead.”


Alternative Myths:
Beings from other worlds have visited here — or
everyone here is from other worlds.

Super Alternative Myths:
Men made up all the myths they tell — or
the myths made them up.


Men are born with the responsibility to explore —
but most people never go far enough away from where they were born.


There was once a ‘possum who did a god a favor,
and in return the deity offered to make the marsupial “conscious of
himself” — the prehensile one pondered this for a moment,
then asked if he could have a mountain bike instead.


A certain King so advised The Prince,
“Give the simple sympathy — they need it.
But you! —
you should be prepared to circumcise yourself with a can opener
and never let on that it happened.”


Tonight’s Mental Health News From The Consciousness-Stretching Society

The only thing funny about psychological problems
is when they’re yours.


Sleepers can talk of wakefulness same as sheep can of flying.


…Okay, okay — a legitimate quiz you can all play:

What’s worse than mere stupidity?
— That’s right, being serious before you understand what to be serious


And: A city with no sense of the future lies dying.

And: Relationships based on talk can disintegrate with
a single, misformed sentence.

And: Natural-born consciousness is chaos compared to what it can be.

And: There comes a time in the journey when
the less one is specifically told, the greater are the possibilities.