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The News

1571   03/27/96
Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


One legend tells of, long ago,
two groups of beings visiting Earth;
one group laughed at what they found, and the other criticized it.
…Thank god, they left.


Simple minds can never see past the horizon,
and to simple minds the horizon always looks dangerous.


A viewer sends in this question:
“If humans didn’t have what we call ‘consciousness,’
would they have any notion of wanting to ‘improve themselves,’
and if your answer is no then my further question is ‘what gives?’
and if your answer is yes my next question is still ‘what gives?'”


There was a man who had two unruly children
who did pretty much what they wanted,
but he slowly discovered that, if he brought one of them under control,
the other one would get in line also.


When one man heard a psychologist say,
“Everyone carries a wound which they spend their life attempting to heal,”
he thought, “Is he referring to the mind?”


The most pathetic aspect of sheep standing at the edge of a cliff,
discussing how they should be flying,
is not the simple act of them doing so,
but rather that they do not recognize the folly of the scene,
or, in the alternative, jump off and attempt it.


One version of history holds that the very first presence of
assistance to consciousness expansion was
the absence of anchovies the night before.

The would-be ruler of one kingdom one day proclaimed to the people,
“Who are you to talk of controlling your thoughts
when you cannot control your bodies?”
And they proclaimed right back at him,
“That’s okay, reverse what you said and it’s still true.”
And the pretender-to-the-throne damn near had an enlightening attack.

A band of explorers once went in search of the source of a mighty river
— but they didn’t go far enough.
…Which wasn’t actually all that far away.


Life: Where Arrangements Are Made For All

One man said,
“Life sure did change when I quit smoking and drinking
and fooling around with dope.”
And another responded,
“Yes, I’ll bet it really did get better.”
And the man retorted,
“I didn’t say anything about it getting better, I just said that it sure
did change.”

Life — you gotta love it!… …or at least admire it a lot.


There are two levels of dumb:
the first is where you don’t know how dumb you are,
and the second is where you do.
…(“Scarcely populated” would well describe level two.)


The extreme, and thus most useful, definition of A Neural Warrior would be
“one who, in the struggle for consciousness,
understands that
there is no ‘middle ground.'”
…Withal, much of ordinary man’s activities and institutions
are for the very purpose of legitimizing one’s habitation of the middle


A man, who (at some profit)
had ridden the mystical express for a number of years,
one day gazed out the window and mused,
“In a way, I liked it better back when it seemed more complicated
and hard to understand.”
And just then the passing conductor touched him on the shoulder,
and out of his reverie.


Double-Decker Think Facts:
Only animals who think can stare good;
animals who stare can’t think good.


The simple worry most about behavior and the external world of events
rather than about consciousness and their own internal states.
…Which, in part, helps keep them simple.


Question And Answer Time

Question: How come you don’t see any enlightened people in the world?
Answer: ‘Cause when they get enlightened they disappear.

…Okay — Question: Why?
Reply: You only get one question, sport.


Don’t go away, here’s tonight’s “Mental Health News”

If you don’t understand the function of the mind,
you stand in direct risk of eventually concluding yours to be dysfunctional.

One man received word from life that it didn’t care what he said about it
as long as he didn’t give away secrets,
but the man recognized that this didn’t come directly from life,
but rather through overly filtered thoughts from his own mind.

And for those of you who insist on nothing but the absolute best, this
helpful tip:
The one surefire, never-fail way to assure that you will forever stay sick
is to simply believe that there is no cure.


There was once a man who swallowed a set of twins,
but, once they were digested enough to settle in one spot,
they claimed to be a single entity —
which claim the man accepted.


After first hitting him in the calves with a jack handle,
a father offered his son this advice,
“Even at the routine level of perception,
there’s always two possible explanations for everything.
Start trying on the other one for size.”


A man once so pondered,
“Well, in a four-dimensional world just how many brains can you have?…”


We have come into possession of a most unusual, though unsubstantiated,
report from a man who claims to have spent a considerable length of time
on The Mystical Express,
and who says that when it got to a certain place, quite near Istanbul,
the whole concept of mysticism vanished.

One of the benefits of “not believing everything you hear”
is in not having to hear about everything you believe.
…Or, in an alternative version:
If you don’t like the messenger, shoot the message,
and be done with the both of them.


Then finally! it struck one man, “We don’t think — our mind does!”
And he suddenly felt freed from a most confusing misconception.

The principal difficulty faced by any consciousness-liberating activity
is in getting those presently imprisoned to realize that
the bars they see are the bars they think they see, that is,
the thoughts they think they think.


From our field guide, this reading:
The way to spot the sane and ordinary being held in life’s mental hospital
is by the fact that they appear to accept the fact that they belong there.


So reflected one chap recently,
“Once you realize that there is no middle ground on which to stand and do
battle, you can kinda kick back and relax some…
except of course if you’re on the middle ground.


Born and bred inside a car
makes it unlikely that one will ever wipe off the windshield.

Life sent word to one man that it didn’t mind him writing stories about it
as long as they weren’t too short.


A man one day challenged a mystic,
“If you’re so smart, how come you ain’t rich?”
And he, challenged, replied,
“It is because my particular area of intellectual expertise
is so far removed from mainstream thought
as to be too exoteric for common appreciation.”
And, before anyone else could say anything, the mystic said as his own
response, “Yeah, right!”


Life In The City

“You can’t write about ‘the highest state of consciousness’
while in a lower one,” said the author. To which the publisher replied,
“You can if you want to get paid.” To which the author responded,
“Why certainly you can! — of course you can!”

…(At least I didn’t call it “Life In The BIG City.”


Just outside his window some children were singing,
“Body parts,
body parts,
that’s where the simple
keep their smarts.”
And at first he wanted to yell at them to stop and go home —
but, on the way to the window, something unseen grasped him by his
intention, bringing him to a halt.


There is a certain legend that says the reason things mystical seem so
hard to locate
is because, no matter how many people may be interested therein,
that at any given moment on this planet
there is only one living mystic to go around for everybody.

…And upon hearing of this tale, one man immediately concluded, “Yikes! —
that sounds just like the situation inside my own mind!”


The sick and the simple always want to talk about themselves —
which helps solidify their position.


Those who incessantly think and talk about “being more conscious”
are like a man who never steps onto the Mystical Express in Paris
due to his hopping back and forth, from one foot to the other,
on the departure platform,
desperate to take a pee,
but refusing to go.

…Either “think about it” and then write me —
or think about it real good and not have to.


Looking out at the beasts of the fields, a man so pondered,
“In what part of its body does a leopard feel itself to exist as an


To be less than as conscious and in control of your mind as you could be
is to always be in some way ill.
It’s natural — predictable — unavoidable.

One advantage to an expanded awareness is in no longer perceiving
“unavoidable” and “inescapable” as being synonymous.


A viewer sends us his latest poetic endeavor,
having to do with a subject most near and dear to every-ole-one: yammering.

“Talk, talk
the magical fruit,
the more you do it,
the more you have to listen to it.”

…I hardly know what to say!… …How about you?…


In one exploration group the first rule was,
“Never ask yourself any question anyone else has already asked.”
And the only way to not realize its explosive potential
is to not use it and then ponder its implications and ramifications.


An extreme and thus quite accurate way to measure how stupid you are
is by how often you think about how stupid other people are.

One man’s motto became: “Let the cows had the window seat.”


As regarded his attempt to remodel his consciousness,
one man began to think of his mind as a “subcontractor.”

Life told one man,
“Hey, I need all the help I can get.”
But the fellow took it to be a joke of some sort.


The weak and the simple are always full of sympathy.

…And to think, there are still those who question the presence of
“justice” in the life of man.


And a viewer finally writes,
“Assuming that you’re referring to ‘the weak and the simple’
in ways nonphysical,
then are not the two synonymous?”
…What took you so long to write?


A man with only two eyes open has no right to say that life is


A certain father so clued his son in certain matters nonphysical,
“If you don’t talk about your enemies, you won’t have any enemies.”


And now some health news, courtesy The Consciousness Expansion Society:

The only thing funny about suffering & death is when it is yours.


Some men climb mountains —
others climb the social ladder —
but few be those attempting ascent of their own nervous system.


There is a place just beyond the horizon from which you can see both
yesterday and tomorrow.


One correspondent’s latest contribution he puts thusly,
“Anyone who’ll tell you how they got to be as awake as they are
isn’t awake enough to waste your time talking to.”


Little known, but there is a sub-myth which says that the
undiagnosed ill that befell the Fisher King was simply misplaced
seriousness, and that the curative Holy Grail was just a mirror.


Re The Risks Of Mental Transactions In The Mundane Marketplace

You have no need for “consumer protection” if you’re not buying anything.


Only thoughts can be insulted — never consciousness.


Past a certain point in the journey,
almost anything you say about the journey becomes
just more glue
on the sole of your shoe.


How It Is In Some Places — With A Few People

Any story much over two sentences long is too long.


A man once confronted a mystic,
“What I don’t understand is how,
once you’ve seen The Secret,
you could have anything to ever say about anything, ever again.

…Hey! are you listening to me?”


And, finally,
tonight’s “Trick Question”:
How can you tell a dead mystic from an awakened one?

(…I did say “trick” didn’t I?…)