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The News

1566 96032 03/15/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


During biker week at the beach,
overhead the skywriting plane wrote
“Live In A Bunch — Die In A Bunch —
Worse Yet, Stupid-To-Death While Alive In A Crowd.”
And the city fathers instructed the life guards to shoot the plane down.

One day a young monk came to the head of the order and said,
“I’m gonna have to leave, you guys are wiggin’ me out!”

And the next week another neophyte told them,
“I’ve got to go too — this stuff’s too scary!”

And, a few days after that, up pops another beginner who tells the leader,
“Look man, I’ve gotta split — this is screwin’ up my mind too bad!”
And the following Saturday the head of the school went to visit a friend
who lived just down the road.

No organization can survive unless its members take it seriously.
Normal human thinking is an organization.
…(And an alert chap over by a sand dune wondered, “Should I shoot it


There was once a planet of creatures whose every action was involuntary,
but with a strange twist —
any act they took notice of themselves doing, they felt, was voluntary
and those they did not, they felt, were involuntary.
…(Is that weird or what?)


In tonight’s episode entitled The Problem Of Personality Disorders,
we find Dr. Lawson asking a mystic the question,
“Is it better to have self-confidence
or to have self-doubts?”
To which we hear the transient one reply,
“How about having no self?”
And if things go right after that, be sure and tune in tomorrow night when
there won’t be a “tomorrow night.”


From a cosmic view: Men who live by “convictions”
have a spike driven through their brain.

Earth Coordinates, Withal: The more conscious could be thought of as
those with no permanent mental allegiance.


If you picture man as being a creature who lives in the dual, balanced
worlds of external events and mental states,
you could then perceive mystics to be those men who attempt to
expand the importance of their states — to them! —
over that of the events which happen to them;
and this, not an end in itself,
but rather a method to achieve a certain nonstandard experience of


For man to ever be capable of understanding himself,
he had to first be made incomprehensible to himself;

for man to ever be capable of being familiar with himself,
he had to first be made a stranger to himself.

In posing for the transcendental underwear ad, he coyly cooed to the camera,
“Nothing comes between me and awakening but me.”
…(The campaign flopped.)


In the normal world of man there is but one type of illusions —
necessary illusions.


One guy’s private verse regarding his involvement in the thing:
“The more I talk, the more I think,
the more I think, the less I do.”

At the monks’ graduation ceremony, the head of the order delivered these
words, “Anyone who thinks and lives by any system — including a mystical
one — is an idiot and a fool,
and has no idea at all what the mind is capable of.”
…(Actually, this occurred at the rehearsal of their graduation ceremony…
which thankfully never takes place.)


One day, in one place, local conditions whined, “God, I’m pissed!”
And life asked, “How can that be?”
And conditions replied, “‘Cause you filled me full of men — that’s how.”

A certain doctor examined his own x-rays and pondered,
“If a creature can have a stomach ache,
then the stomach should be capable of a creature ache.”
And at that moment he finally achieved the end for which he’d been


Another ad hoc description that might hold some usefulness to some:

A man’s state of mental awareness is like a gate between the
world of events and the world of states
and what generally passes for his “personality,” like a gate keeper —
but one with no training or knowledge of his duties.

…And around the decaying corpse the children would sing:
“The worms crawl in,
the worms crawl out….”
With the adults standing nearby
incognizant that such an interplay likewise keeps the alive in a vertical


…Perhaps some would care for a more (shall we say) “focused” version of
it, as per the way one man began to look at it (which was),
“It’s not ‘thinking’ itself I so much dislike
as it is the fact that what I normally think happens to me involuntarily.”

…(And for those of you with advanced intensity
it might be helpful to know that he originally intended to say
“as it is the fact that what I normally think OCCURS to me involuntarily,”
but even he wasn’t up to that!…are you?…you see what I mean?…)


Q & A

Q: If all talk is a hobby, then is talk about the mystical exempt?
A: No.

Q: Well, if all talk is a hobby, is your internal talk to yourself an
A: Most assuredly not.


In the nonphysical world,
everything men can do they do best in the company of others
…everything but this kind thing!
…everything but the very kinda thing that a few men insist on!

One man one day thought,
“One nice aspect of how difficult it is to do this, and how weak I am at it,
is the fact that no one knows it but me.”
…(It’s up to you to decide if this is a straight, legit story,
or just some piece of sarcastic drivel.)


…Speaking of hobbies:
One man says it’s just finally struck him that if
any activity man engages in that’s not directly necessary for his
physical survival is nothing but a hobby (including all of his mental
life), then the mystical effort has got to be the granddaddy of all hobbies,
since it’s not even needed for the routine hobby of thinking.
…”The superfluous piled upon the unnecessary,” is how he says he thinks of
it — and why not?


Today’s Fact: The dumber the man, the more he is convinced.


Upon hearing it said that a man’s personality acts like a gatekeeper
between his experience of the external world of events
and his own internal world of states,
one fellow took it a bit further and began to ponder if in fact
a man’s routine personality didn’t interfere with his proper understanding
of his relationship to the two worlds.


Quoting now from this one speaker:

“The reason there is no satisfying psychological description of what it is
like to be ‘more conscious’
is because there is no way to psychologically describe what it is like
to be more conscious.
Now shut up about it!”


From The Unpublished World Of “Transcendental Philosophy”
(If There Was Such A Place)

First, a man must realize that all opposites are just the opposing sides of
the same coin — then
he must finally come to see that the coin itself is just a convenient

In a certain ancient mystical school was posted a reminder:
Don’t Let Reality Get You Down — After All, It’s Just Your Imagination.”


As Regards Efforts To Think Better

If a word needs a synonym, you don’t need the word.


The “real” Adam escaped from the original Garden, not empty handed,
but with part of something of potentially extreme significance:
he left with the desire to remember —
just not quite enough of the motivation to do so.
…It’s now up to his grandchildren — like you — to provide that.


Weak wolves need a leader —
weak minds, the ideas of others.


All great mystical schools and systems had a secret manual,
in some instances running to more than then thousand pages,
in others, to over forty thousand,
and in still others the text consisted of less than a hundred.

But note,
in no school — in no school known to history —
was their activity not based on anything written.

One man thought he had a headache; not so,
turned out that he had a mystical system lodged in his head.


The sign read
Save Yourself Some Time: It’s Simple,
The Collective Know Nothing Of The Transcendental.


Many among the simple get periodically hip enough to see that they’re in
bondage, but it never does ’em any good —
’cause they end up yackin’ about it!

A Joke: How can you tell that idiots are talking?
Answer: Their lips are moving.
…”Hold on there, sir — I don’t think you got that quite right!”
See! — I rest my case.


After many years of studying the mystical, one man thought,
“I am really getting dizzy,” and thought, “well, it’s about time.”


Everybody’s correct, there is “safety in numbers” —
dense, torpid, stupid safety.
…(And we’re talkin’, “mental” here, not physical you know.)


Being a hermit is a crude, external show that one is interested in that
certain internal, solitary activity known as The Work.


For any still uncertain and in doubt, let’s make it super simple
(here ’tis): You’re an idiot if you think that anything anybody else thinks
has any importance.

…(And if you’re inclined to ask “Do you really mean ‘anybody’?”
then you’re a magna cum laude dunce.)


It is common for slaves to be unconcerned over their captivity
as long as no one notices it.
A mystic considers such matters as applicable to his thinking.

A patient asked the doctor,
“Is this procedure going to hurt?”
And the doctor replied,
“Only if you don’t look at it.”
…(See, he was a mystical physician! —
you just thought he had it backwards.)


According to one legend,
the way god tells who deserves reward
is by watching who has anything at all to say at their moment of death.


One man collected all of the metaphors he could find,
and took ’em up in the mountains,
and blew ’em up with dynamite.
…His mind was the mountains, his understanding, the dynamite.
Hey! wait a minute, you’re back doin’ it again.


A man asked a mystic,
“Is there no such thing as ANY good belief system?”
And the wired one wished he’d brought his gun.


If someone else can make you mentally feel like a fool, then you are a
fool! That’s what you get for hanging around the stockyards…dressed like
a cow.


One myth tells of a past mystic who told all interested parties
that the only purpose served by listening to someone talk to you
about things mystical
is to make you look like a fool.
…No…wait…maybe I’ve got the story wrong…
no, not that, just part of the ending is missing…
you can figure it out.

One man noted,
“It’s not so bad being blind as long as no one ever points it out to you.”

…And all of the stupid people of the world
(proving that they’re not all that stupid) said:
“Hey-y-y, watch it, we know what you’re really talking about.”


A man asked a mystic,
“Is having just even one episode of what you people call the experience
of enlightenment worth a whole lifetime of effort?”
And the mystic smilingly replied, “Silly boy.”

…(Of what might be of some organizational and historical interest
to some of you is the fact that in certain past, severe mystical orders
there was a quite specific rule that unequivocally stated
“A mystic doesn’t answer questions!”)


Today’s Fashion Tip: Stupidity never goes out of style.


A man who can’t take silence as an answer —
an informative, enlightening answer —
is not yet able to hear any answer of consequence.

…(This also includes men who can’t take “shut up” as an answer as well.)


Man-the-collective is a healthy, intelligent, and growing organism;
a mystic, an individual malcontent.
…”Is that it?”
So what d’ya want?

And a final word concerning the illusion of magnanimity via this definition:
The Understanding Of Enlightenment — The one thing that positively can not
be shared with others.

…”Is that it?”
So what’d ya’ expect?…
That’s part of its beauty.