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The News

1565 96031 03/13/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


Collectively, men can agree on nothing —
only an individual can know for sure.


An ordinary man’s “self” is his idea of himself,
and his idea of himself came from somewhere other than himself.
And what d’ya think of that, Fatso & Dartaga?


It’s easy to overlook & forget, but
the world of events is a world of other people,
the world of states, that of one man.


A man without an aim
that can’t be explained
is a man with no aim
worthy of man.

Once upon a time there was a man who came to suspect that
the reason mystics have always been so “secretive” about what
they are up to is because if regular people knew exactly what it was
it would strike them as being so simple and meaningless
as to make mystics appear totally ridiculous.

If stupidity is a good policy — silence is an even better one.


The Wide World Of Transcendental Water Sports

You can drown with others, but swim only alone.


One man decided,
“Animals live only in a world of events — and no states!
— that’s why they’re so happy!”

…(He didn’t seem much pleased over this observation.)

Then there was this other guy who thought,
“If ignorance is happiness,
then god surely wanted man to be happy,
or else he wouldn’t ‘ave made him so…you know.”


There is, in addition to the life everyone observes going on,
more — much more —
but which you will never see if you look only through the eyes of the
The collective is witness to a certain level of reality and nothing more,
and only an individual here-and-there has other possibilities.

The claim that men see only the false, and never see the true, is in error
— what should be said is that men normally see only a portion of what is,
which gives the sensation that something in their thinking is amiss.

You waste your time attempting to correct what is perceived to be
current, faulty vision
when what is actually needed is the addition of a new eye.

One fellow finally looked at his shackles, and his labor ’til now, and
thought, “It’s bad enough being a prisoner,
but even worse when you realize that you haven’t even been
working on the right chain gang.”


The reason that two people can’t keep a secret
is because anything worthy of being a secret can’t be known by more than

Even the brainiest of cow herds will insist they are not on the way to
Chicago, and none save a stray here-&-there can ever realize otherwise.

It is thusly that all who awaken — whether they wish to or not —
and whether they physically do so or not —
ultimately become hermits…unrecognized, internal solitaries.

To what jackdaw’s squawk
would a crow wish to listen
once he’d heard a robin sing?


According to one disreputable rumor,
the name of this planet’s very first mystical order was:
“Every Man For Himself!”


Charity And Reality

The more conscious are concerned for their fellow man in the same way that
monopolies care what their customers think of them.

…Even Harsher Follow-Up:
A more conscious man is concerned for and worries about his old, normal self
to the same extent that he’s disturbed, shit stinks.

…One guy’s related verse:
“Don’t give at home,
don’t give at the office,
take all useless care, and
stick it up an orifice.”

Since life can’t stand by its own grave and morn,
and since it can’t die anyway,
it gets somebody dumb to do it for it —
and guess, just guess, who ‘dat is?…


The Metaphysics Of Slumber

You can sleep with others, but awaken…only alone.


Mental Health Stripped And Defiled — I mean — Defined

If you let your thinking run as is its normal want,
you open yourself up to the distinct risk of developing “mental problems.”

…Another benefit of going beyond binocular vision and binary brainery is
that there are immediate, fucking answers to everything!
…”Yeah-h-h! and I guess that’s what makes doing it so fucking popular!”
Well, Jeeze! sir — don’t take it so personally.

Then there was this chap who mused,
“God must favor the psychologically disturbed! —
because he made so many…well, you know the rest.”


To be of just ordinary awareness is to be a helpless, pathetic sycophant
to the minimal intelligence of man-the-collective.

All, save those engaged in the great solitary activity, are “yes men” to
somebody or some set of unperfected, imprisoning ideas.


How it is to be what you are,
and, in addition to that, have an idea of “what you are”:
(with the ordinary, it goes like this)
you can be a thin person trapped inside a fat man — or
you can be a fat man trapped inside a thin person,
but the one thing you’re not normally allowed to be is
what you would have been had you never had an idea of what you were.

…(And a couple of hippos nudged each other and smiled knowingly.
Don’t you just hate it when they do that?)


The Underground And Mystical Realms

You can live in the dark with others, but in the light only alone.


“Okay, prisoners’ numbers RK2709–3218, listen up:
There is no freedom from events — only from states.
Now, back to your cells!…(If you’re dumb enough to go.)”


One guy started his own private mystical order, which he named
“Just Me And My Brain.”


Classification Of Olympic Neural Activities

Stupidity: A team sport.
Enlightenment: An individual.


Legend tells of one past mystical teacher who,
as he lay dying,
gathered his followers around his bed
and left them with these final words,
“The best part about telling others of The Great Struggle is that
each minute you spend talking to them about it
is another moment you can distract yourself from the awareness of
how little effort you’re making.”

…There is, attached to the main legend, a “Codicil For The Squeamish”
which claims that after saying that, just as he died,
he winked at them and added, “Just a joke.”


Myth tells of a race on another planet
who only visit Earth when they can look down and see
a certain number of brains lit up like a hot pinball machine.

The payoff to the mystical game is a private one —
not something ever handed out across the counter by collective hands.


How’s about ponderin’ on the story this way:
originally, god lived in solitude;
then he made man,
then almost immediately ran him off, so that he was again alone.

…What d’ya make of that, Dumbo & Boniventure?


More Secret Info From “The Mystic’s Secret Handbook”:

If you can’t focus your eyes, you can’t wake up,
and, if you don’t figure out what “focus you eyes” means,
well…the whole trip’s gonna be a waste.


Yet another definition of “the more conscious”:
Those with no permanent mental hobby.


The ordinary all need help to stand —
not so mystics,
for in fact
to use such assistance would cause them to fall.

Even though “theories” are of no value to anyone but the ordinary,
it still takes at least two cows to even come up with a theory.

If The Secret could be written on a single sign,
and the sign be carried by a single individual,
it would still be invisible to the collective.


…What?…What’s that you say?…
Cries for even greater bluntness and directness?…All right:

The dumb always get in a bunch.


Though it forever eludes comprehensive definition, still (if you like)
the experience of enlightenment could be described as
The Great Solitude.


A mystic finally knows:
“My brain is the game —
my brain is the playing field —
my brain is the scorecard, and my only opponent.”

…(I’m tellin’ ya, the more conscious really-y-y have it rough!)


After the journey had been underway for some time,
a passenger on the mystical express stopped the conductor and asked him,
“Am I mistaken,
or am I just now realizing that
you actually announced our arrival at our destination
almost immediately upon our departure?”

A railroad man’s conception
of the true liberation
would be that it is the
punch line to every other punch line you’ve ever heard.


With dancers two the tango never ends;
only he
who in solitude writes his own steps
e’re from the floor finds his way.