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1563   (96029)    03/08/96
Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


There was once a creature with two brains,
and thus not only had neural activity, but consciousness as well —
which it discovered operated optimally
when it constantly focused the attention of one of the brains…
on the other one.


The “mystical” is properly based on the word “mystery”
only for as long as you don’t understand what it is,
and it is thus a mystery to you.


Everyone is born with an original mind —
and if that is the same one you die with, you did not mentally live.


Everyone talks to themselves, but only a few ever ask, “How can this be? —
How can this physically be?”


The Song Of The Ordinary: “I am what happens to me —
my states are the results of events.”


All questions weighed by the original mind
have both a positive and negative answer,
and thus have no final answer —
it offers no solution, only discussion.


In one of the early mystical records,
a more conscious man is pictured as a juggler.


Left to their routine resources,
men do not reflect the diverse future possibilities of human consciousness,
but rather the contradictory multiplicity of their present condition.


The deepest dangers of the original mind
are its disposition to ramble and run incessantly,
and to tag along with most any passing emotion.


The Supernatural Statuary

A god with two hands is impotent unless he favors one of them over the other
— then he’s no helpless deity, but simply a mortal.

Rule: Everyone thinks with a limp.


A grave, though common, mistake is to take your listening to
talk about the mystical effort
as being your effort.


All engines run from the fuel within, and from the air without —
no less the mind of man.


It’s not necessary to think of the experiential payoff of the struggle
in terms too mysterious and exotic,
such as an “enlightened” or “higher state of consciousness,” for
compared to man’s normal state of consciousness it could simply be called
big state of consciousness,
with the ordinary one being small state of consciousness,
or the routine state being labeled hazy consciousness,
and the achieved one precise consciousness.

Descriptions perhaps not very esoteric,
but accurate nonetheless.


It is not a matter of men living physically in shadows — but rather


The mystical warrior is neither positive, nor negative —
but someplace in between.


Everyone talks to themselves, but only a few ever learn from it.


For long do most believe things
more complex than actually are.

A man reached the place where he stopped and pondered,
“Is ‘The Secret’
something you discover through mystical effort,
or is it the discovery of the proper effort?”

For long are men unclear that
the effort is the aim.


Do note: The original mind can be educated, but not enlightened.


…For those of you who do still prefer your descriptions
occult and mysterious,
perhaps the most telling of all possible verbal comparisons is to call
man’s ordinary state of mental awareness Local consciousness,
and the achieved consciousness Universal.

…(But even as “otherworldly” as this may sound,
the reality of it still quite Earthy and everyday.)


The mystical warrior has no home, no nationality, and is stateless —
except for the one true one.


One guy pretty well figured he was approaching a significant juncture
when he absolutely lost all taste for any food considered in any way
healthy and good for you.

Rule: The rest of the world eats with a limp.


Everyone still has their original mind —
even after enlightenment, Buddha still had his pre-Buddha mind —
but just because there’s a knife in your pocket doesn’t mean that
you have to cut yourself with it.


Everyone talks to themselves, but only a few ever wonder for what purpose.


After concluding the course Chemistry Of The Brain,
one man then wanted to take up the geography of the beast.


…And in another history of the work,
a more conscious man is shown as a tightrope walker.


The ultimate sacrifice of the mystical warrior
is in his giving up of surrendering to events.


The experienced, knowledgeable traveler
carries with him
in one pocket — a reminder,
and in the other — a motivator.
What more does he need?


To try and explain in great detail any mystical practice is to destroy it.


The speaker declared,
“The whole world is stupid — only the enlightened, intelligent.”
And a man in the crowd said, “Isn’t that a bit harsh?”
And the speaker replied, “Yes, I guess it is.”