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1557 96023 02/23/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


A mystic once said to some people who were interested in such matters,
“Rather than you waiting for me to describe Enlightenment to you,
why not use the better approach of being able to presently see for
yourselves what it is not! —
that it is not man’s
natural state of
This understanding alone offers many season’s worth of nourishment.”


One Man’s Ode To Transportation

“All good trains run right on time,
‘specially those going
through my mind;

they’re never late, or fail to show,
no matter what,
they’re ready to go.

What trusty trains,
so faithful and true,
always there…forever there…god dammit!”

* * *


To be on a treadmill is one thing;
to be on a treadmill and know it is another;
to know that you are on a treadmill and feel despondent thereabout
is yet another thing;
but to realize that you are on a treadmill,
the existence of which is dependent on your awareness of it,
and your remaining there dependent on your acceptance of it,
this situation offers an escape therefrom not normally perceived.

Pessimism and discouragement flow solely from ignorance…

To know The Secret is to have an entirely new set of definitions for
the words & ideas of ordinary men.


Normal minds,
when too dangerously confronted with the obvious,
have a fairly common theme song: “Yeah — but!…”

Legend tells of a certain knight (long ago shot and forgotten)
who sent word back to His Liege that
all of his expeditions and adventures had lead him to the conclusion that
The Secret had firmly hidden itself securely behind the obvious,
and that no amount of superficial surveying by routine eyes would ever
pry it out.

“Yeah — but!…” Zoological Take: Weasels face-to-face with hungry foxes
can always “find-a-way-out”! …(Just consider their name.)

The club car attendant on one run of the Mystical Express notes that
men are spared ever seeing anything disturbing as long as they
look mentally upon life through
the whirling, hypnotic haze of
indigenous consciousness.

A non-normal mind, when confronted with its routine counterpart’s
protestation “Yeah — but!…” would carry the matter forward by treating
this reaction itself to a new level of Yeah — but-ness.
The unholy interrogation of the interrogator.


A man once asked a mystical teacher,
“Do you ever use other people’s ideas without your followers knowing it?”
And the mystic replied,
“Past a certain point in your understanding,
you can’t use other people’s ideas even if you wanted to.”
’tis good that such conversations are not dependent on
the existence of two conversationalists.)


The instructor made the remark,
“Of prime importance to one’s health
is the sufficient intake of roughage.”
And one man turned to his seatmate and asked,
“Am I in the class on Diet & Nutrition, or the one about How To Think Good?”


When one man heard of a song entitled
It Takes A Worried Man To Sing A Worried Song,
he began worrying over the fact that no one seemed to take note that
worried songs would not exist for men to sing
were it not for the initial presence of worried men.

…He became doubly troubled over the unsatisfying response he received
when he attempted to point this out.

Moral: Perhaps you should never invite the blind to look at the sun…
or maybe not expect those with highly-charged,
aural expectations to react much to silence…
or perhaps there is no moral
and you shouldn’t worry about it! …(Maybe.)


One part of one version of the early history of man (now never told)
says that almost immediately after man progressed to the stage of having
mental consciousness
and possessing an individual “psychology,”
that the psychologies all got together in a planning session and decided
first-thing-to-do was, “Let’s have psychological problems!”

But-On-The-Other-Hand Moral: Only fallow fields feel no pain.


A viewer writes,
“Based on something you said on your last show,
I have adopted myself a new personal motto and work touchstone:
You must have something on your mind
other than what passes through your mind.
I trust you have no objections to my doing this.”
Have at it, dear, perceptive sir.

…And now on to New Business:

The Simplicity Of It All…Reconsidered…Again

If you don’t remember what you’ve been,
you’ll remain what you’ve been.

Only the simple believe that the justice of reincarnation lies ahead of

A certain warlordian voice coach screamed at the class,
“I said circular breathing — not living!”


Conversation Regarding Consciousness:
“It seems a waste for man to be conscious and yet not be conscious of
certain interesting and important operations taking place within him,
like with his heart…or lungs.”
“Yeah, or consciousness.”


To be an ordinary man is to be an automatic man —
which includes naturally believing that you’re not.


Two Stories

There was once a wealthy father who told his sons that
he had left them nothing in his will;
this was not true,
but he told them that it was
so as to keep them from abandoning their own present efforts,
in reliance on an anticipated future inheritance of his resources.

There was once a mystic who told his followers that
it was not possible to directly convey to them The Secret.
He did this for reasons similar to those of the father in the first story.


By one understanding of it:
all of the legitimate methods ever put forward as a means to expand
consciousness amount to attempting to establish a place of individual,
internal permanency amidst the natural, never-ending condition of chaos.

The Secret Of Life exists in one place only —
in the minds of those who constantly think about it.
Enlightenment does not come to those satisfied to live in the dark.

The conductor on one run of The Mystical Express
expressed the view that it is perhaps a good thing that
more of the passengers do not have a clear understanding of the true
destination, or else they could not even be as tolerant of their present
seat as they are now.
Awakening does not come to those satisfied to live in dreams.

On a faraway world was once told a tale in which the villainous opponent to
all things good, progressive, and uplifting
was not some demonic spirit of willful Evil And Destruction,
but was rather The Spirit Of Comfort And Familiarity.


…Well — regardless of all that! — it’s still
Proverb Update Time again:

The sick will always be with you. …As long as you’re sick.


As the crowd below the palace walls
grew daily in size and their degree of agitation,
the king finally gave instructions to pour down upon them,
as a placating measure,
cauldrons of boiling-hot neurotransmitters.


Wrap up: A kingdom divided is always in pain.
A kingdom in flux is always in pain.
A thing which is growing
seems always in pain.


On Venus they used to sing this song:
“In a fog we’re born,
in a fog we will die,
but aren’t you glad you don’t
live on Earth,
where the same thing’s true — but, damn!
they don’t realize it!”

Moral-cum-Excuse: Insider’s folk songs travel about as well as do
pork recipes among pigs.


Women do not like men masturbating
for the same reason that
the collective disfavors individual efforts in the area of consciousness —
they find it an act of infidelity for someone to have anything on their
mind other than them.

One man’s motto started out as “Bite My Ass!”
and eventually changed to “Bite My Mind.”
Now his mind has adopted its own slogan: “Bite My Man!”


A man ponders the following:
“I have noticed that in movies it is always in the final five minutes
that the triumph of the superior aspects of the human spirit takes place.
My question is, at what point does it occur in the life of man?”


From the view of the few: Man is not created, but rather has been half
created — his completion is up to him.


One man’s name was Francois Gigolo Redundant Shitstien, which,
in an effort to keep himself alert and conscious of his aim,
he changed to Bill Smith.
What works works — and what doesn’t is the playground of the ordinary.

One man had some blue pills that he took, and some yellow ones,
and sometimes, when in a hurry, he couldn’t tell the difference in the two,
in fact,
being in a hurry
assured that he couldn’t.


In one most valid sense,
the striving for another state of awareness is not as exotic and heroic
as it is everyday and mundane.

…Another of the reasons that malformed dreams of the quest
remain the best known and popular.


We’re all at the mercy of forces we can’t control —
and we’re also at the mercy of some we can.

The understanding thereof distinguishing those-who-know
from the rest of humanity.


Planning Notes From Potter’s Field:
Believing that something is more complex and difficult than it is
helps keep it too complex and difficult to bother with.


There is
an area of the universe that strains against the walls of
man’s normally perceived reality-of-even-numbered-dimensions, wherein
two and two does not equal four,
up is not the other direction of down,
and truth is not the opposite of error;
it is a land of giants —
a place of gargantuan consciousness
able to, in whole,
swallow all
man claims to know.


Some Correspondence Concerning Certain Questions Regarding
The Mystical Express

A viewer writes:
“You recently said something to the effect that
only those are on-the-train who remember that they are on-the-train,
which I at first believed I understood,
but after further reflection I suspect that you intended more than was
Would you comment.”

Dear Viewer: Yes, I could have been more specific in my picturization;
I could have put it thusly —
you are only on the train when you remember that you intend to be,
and looking out of the window, daydreaming about the train and the journey,
is not the same as “remembering” your intention to be actively thereon.

There was once a man who won the grand prize in the
Unpublished Cleaning House Sweepstakes,
which consisted of a personal phone call from life
in which it gave to the man
some most potentially explosive and important information,
which was presented in these words:
“Do something, dammit! something!…anything but what you presently are.”
Then life abruptly hung up — leaving the man with it.


After all has been dreamed, thought, discussed, and described,
there is but one effort possible for those who would awaken, and that is:
the constant, continual struggle against man’s natural, mental condition.

Now, good night — and if you must return home, please,
drive like bats fleeing Hades!

…and with that I leave you with it.

* * *