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The News

1556 96022 02/21/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


It is commonly believed that many things effect the development of
both civilizations and individuals (such as):
geography, climate, diet, and disease.
But what is never given its face-value, in-your-face due is
life itself.

Where else you gonna look? —
once you’ve looked “look”
dead in the eye?

One nice thing about being lost in your own home is that,
even though it is an illusion,
under that circumstance,
it’s not all that bad!

Where else is there to go? —
once you’ve been there and seen where “go” is?

Continues to remain — overlooked and unaccounted for —
the influence life exerts on itself.

Under routine conditions,
the mind is like a lookout atop the life of each man which continually
cautions, “Look out! here comes some ‘not you’!” —
a situation that is natural and serves him well at the common level,
but one which is totally instinctive and collectively driven,
and which offers no individually fulfilling nourishment to
consciousness and understanding.

From the ordinary approach:
The only way to make any sense of the life of man is to
cut it up into smaller and smaller and smaller pieces to study
until it is so cut up that it makes no sense at all.

At the basic, instinctive level
man is as much a herd, group-oriented creature as any other beast on this
planet, and under common conditions his intellect likewise manifests itself,
a situation in no way untoward, unnatural, or unexpected,
but also one not closed to individual alteration and expansion.


For a sheep, it is natural to go where the flock goes,
and for a wolf it is natural to feel what the pack feels,
and for a man it appears natural for him to think
whatever the group he most closely identifies himself with thinks.
This is the natural way of things —
but not the way of the mystic.

The acceptance of others to mentally entertain you
is a sure sign of the common man.

While in ordinary use the words “instinct” and “thought”
denote contrary concepts,
instinct being that which is thoroughly automatic, requiring no attention,
and thought being that which is willful and purposefully produced,
you by now should realize that there is such a thing as
“instinctive thought” —
which is in fact what men normally experience.

Exhilarating, individual excursions of the mind
are about as close as ordinary men come to heightened states of
consciousness…and in-and-of-themselves are no small things.

Comparing certain mental activities to sexual ones,
ordinary men have made the comment that
doing such-and-such is “the most fun you can have with your clothes still
on,” while those on the quest might expand this to say that
struggling to be conscious of life beyond the
normal, verbal-based concepts of existence
is the most fun they can have with their thoughts still on.

To strive for anything internally unexpected,
you must have something on your mind besides what’s normally “on your mind.”

Keeping A Correct Perspective On The Possibilities
Facilitates Increased Efficiency In The Use Of One’s Energy & Attention

No matter how great, awakened, or enlightened a man becomes,
he’s still a man.

…If being “ordinary” is in wasting your time in ordinary matters,
then being extra-ordinary is not in simply doing so
in matters that may seem otherwise.
What does the stated aim amount to if the effort to get there is futile?

Even if a cow learned to talk, it’d still be a “talking cow” —
and should a man become more conscious, he does not cease being a man.
The misunderstanding of this allows men to dream of a
mystical state that does not exist,
and thus frees them from any effort to achieve one which does.

Regarding Restrictions Inherent In The Commerce Of Instruction

A normal, stable mind will normally seek counsel only from a source that
will not disturb its stability.

…Perceiving initially the above situation to involve two or more people,
affix finally the same observation to the routine operations within your
own individual mental processes.

It turns out to be as difficult to get the mind to engage in activity that
is threatening to it as it is impossible to get nonthinking creatures to
commit physical suicide.

…Ah yes! —
but the unknown transcendental beauty of it is that
death — in its joyful and liberating totality —
is not what men imagine it to be.

…And the trick now (as has always been) is to
die to one level of existence while yet alive,
and experience a new birth of you consciously — through you.

One of the usually unnoted pleasures & advantages to the increased
state of awareness is that for the first time a person is truly alone —
and aware for the first time of that source, alone, from which all
information comes.

What if a better description of it would be that
it is not so much a matter of men struggling to become more conscious
as it is of consciousness struggling to become more manlike.

…And what if an even better description would be to say that both are
Not only form seeking an expanded influx of energy,
but energy seeking expanded forms through which to manifest itself.

The mind’s approach is to divide and conquer,
while that of the mystic’s is to swallow whole, and re-merge therewith.


One man’s thoughts turned into mush —
at least he thought they did! —
but then began to wonder if it was actually a case of him
just realizing it.

The reason that more men never discover anything extraordinary about life
is because of the high degree to which life is on top of overall safety
concerns in the workplace in which men toil.

What the mind calls reality
is just The Secret
smashed up into smithereens.


To do his work,
a mystic must have either silence, or some noise,
but what he cannot have is
noise on the days he needs silence.


Not only does everyone have a biological clock,
but also what amounts to a psychological one as well —
and as indication of their relative importance consider this:
without the existence of the latter,
we’d have no knowledge of the former.

…And someone said, “You call that “an indication of relative importance”?


In his morning remarks, an older monk in a monastery said,
“Those on The Quest
must always do their best.”
And a younger raised the question,
“Do you mean that those in search of the discovery must
at every moment
of every day
be making every effort they know is possible for them,
or else they are not truly of the work?”
And the elder,
taking into consideration the tender years and inexperience of the
youngster, hesitated in answering the question directly as asked.

There is one sure way to determine if a question you may have is
foolish and useless (and that is):
Do you expect there to be a simple yes or no answer to it?

…Is it not interesting that, when they miss the target,
even expert marksmen tend to first look inquisitively at their pistol?


A chap once pondered,
“I’ll bet that a mystic takes his own silence along with him wherever
he goes since noise is always available everywhere.”


From The Mental Pier

Men all go a’fishin’,
catchin’ next to nuthin’,
but never get discouraged ’cause
the sport’s in just a’fishin’.

Legend on another world says that those who seek the transcendental
secret are no more than those who,
once they realize (like everyone else does) what the game is all about,
get sore about it.


One man’s present conclusion is that,
“It’s not so much a matter that listening to other people will drive you
crazy as it is that listening to them can drive additional nails through
your foot,
helping hold you right where you are now — that is,
actually making it more difficult for you to drive off somewhere else.”

Sanity: The glue that keeps the home fires burning.
…And makes it possible for men — from one day to the next —
to recognize themselves mentally.

…(Also an extremely subtle reason that the more conscious
are so reluctant to assume a name or title.)


Regarding Aquatic Safety Concerns

There’s one thing for certain for which you can be thankful:
unlike the body, the mind will not drown when swamped.

…This of course leaves those curiously anxious to eventually be forced
to provide not only their new depths of water,
but their private, internal life preserver as well.

Only the sick believe they’re dying —
dying that meaningless, physical death.


There’s always two things happening in the lives of thinking creatures:
that which is actually happening in their lives,
and that which they think is happening.

…(There is in fact more than this going on,
but since men don’t normally even realize these two
what’s the use in pointing out any more?)

…Lovers of the mental boogie-woogie came up with the term
“Beat me, Daddy, eight to the bar”
so’s to reduce the possibility of them ever hearing patterns based on
ninth — or tenth — notes.

Whereas it can never be noted that it is in any manner less than beneficial
that the stomach can readily find that which satisfies it fully,
and when it is so satisfied longs for nothing more,
most would believe that something similarly so is proper regarding the mind
— but!…ah!…but!
you know that’s not gonna do for you!
…(Come on! — you knew that!)


Regarding The Secret:

There is the idea of The Secret,
the mythology of The Secret,
the philosophy of The Secret,
the history of The Secret,
the dreams of The Secret,
and even all kinds of other stuff about The Secret
…but then — you know what? —
there’s still the ole Secret itself —
just a’sittin’ there —
just a’waitin’ —
not doin’ nuthin’ but a’sittin’ and a’waitin’.
…”Well no wonder!” exclaims a normally active mind,
“no wonder the damn thing’s secret!”
And if what he said makes sense to you
at least you know you have a routinely “active mind.”
…(For what that’s worth.)


Have you yet to notice how noise can accelerate the passing of time,
while silence can do otherwise?


A kingdom in flux is always in pain.


A dwarf can always find happiness as long as
he finds it agreeable to suffer over the sight of knees.

…Another of those “advantages/disadvantages” of being a
tad more conscious than everyone else is that
the things that annoy, offend, and make everyone else acceptably ill
are the very same ones which you can no long allow yourself.


The Problematic Realization Of What’s Actually Involved In The Search

As long as an explorer keeps attempting to discover Norway in the China Sea,
Norway (need I note)
will remain safe from
prying eyes.

In another land, a certain man once asked himself,
“Is the trick to finding The Secret in
knowing where it is? —
in knowing what it is? —
or in knowing how to look for it?”
For considerable time did he so ponder,
until one day he suddenly realized there was an additional dynamic involved
which he had previously overlooked entirely.

…Is it not interesting that, when they miss the stake,
even champion pitchers will immediately go pick up the errant horseshoe
and subject it to critical scrutiny?


In one extreme “What To Do In An Emergency” class,
the instructors told the students,
“At the very least,
as soon as you hear someone say such words as
‘if humanity is to be saved from destroying itself, it may be necessary
for…” — right there — you can immediately turn off your hearing aid.”


If making fun of the weak, the dumb, and the ordinary
was to anyone’s advantage,
would not the enlightened continually do so?


There are two primary ways by which you can be assured of staying sane,
being normal, and remaining in your present, familiar position:
the first is to continue to perceive of yourself as somehow
“separate” and specifically distinct from the rest of life,
and the second is to continue to take the thoughts that flow through you
as being individually your own.

…(Actually, truth-be-told,
just persisting in the latter will assure the survival of the former.)

Quotable Update For Those Of Extended Outlook & Understanding

So noted one man, “‘Tis a far better thing I will do in the future
than I have ever done ’til now.”


One man became so sick and tired of trying to be more conscious
that he would at times become even less so.

This (according to you level of nonregulation comprehension)
is either tonight’s Bad News, or Cheer-Up Time.

On another planet a man once wondered to himself,
“Since it’s possible to ‘wait-out’ or ‘wear-out’ detrimental physical
additions, and even possible to do something similar with one’s ignorance
and stupidity,
why’s it not feasible for those already a bit more conscious
to use this in their struggle to become more conscious?”

In one galaxy exists the notion that
those of greater understanding can not have their feet affixed to
any particular place — or, in the alternative, that if they do,
then they cannot permit themselves to be concerned about it.

…(Too bad such an approach won’t work on Earth, what?)


One day a mystic said to a crowd,
“What would you people think if I told you that ‘being there’
is not so much ‘it’
as is the continual struggle to be there?”
And after they all stood around silently for a while, looking perplexed,
he said, “Never mind, I’ll just tell it to myself.”


In the matter of trying to create within yourself
conditions more conducive to the discovery of The Secret,
do most of you now believe that it is a question of knowing exactly
what to do? —
or more a matter of doing something — dammit! something!
anything! — other than what is normal for you to be doing in the
internal privacy of your own self?


After many years spent struggling to suppress and overcome the anger
he so often felt upon hearing much of what others had to say,
one man — one day — in a sudden flash of miraculous insight —
hit on a brilliant idea! —
he’d just quit listening to what others had to say!


Myth tells of an ancient mystical school which,
when it wanted to be permanently rid of a particular person,
would send him out in the world to become a public, mystical figure &

And contemporary times tell of a man who just recently asked himself,
“If more people don’t know what’s going on in life than do,
then doesn’t the mere fact of their majority at least suggest the
possibility that it is they who are in the correct position?”

…(One of the many minor joys of transcendental awareness is that
when confronted with what everyone else would consider
inescapable, confounding, foolish, and meaningless mental culs-de-sac,
it can lead a man into squeals of enlightening joy.)


At the silent, physical level,
man knows full well what life is all about,
while at the mental and verbal
it all seems so uncertain…and open to question.
Why does not this situation itself
give men some small hint? …(Hint, hint, hint.)


There was once an enlightened king who proclaimed,
“All should die! —
but none so soon as mystics!”
And His Court Mystic smiled and said,
“Why — thank you, My Lord.”
…(While the Royal Priest, Philosopher, Warlord, and Jester
all stood right there, hearing it all,
yet not getting any of it.)