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1555 96021 02/19/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


Finding himself suddenly more alive,
one man said, “I must admit I’m
somewhat surprised —
particularly in light of what I had previously thought of
‘living’ to be.”

There are several ways to minimize the possibility of unwanted mental
pregnancies. One is to simply wait for the inevitable, natural decline in
hormonal excitement; another is to refuse delivery of any new packages
after eight-thirty a.m., or the age of twenty-two;
and still one other way is to merely accept the fact that life as you now
know it is all that is possible.
I trust this information will prove useful,
will save you money on unnecessary condom purchases,
and help keep down that unsightly mental swelling so often experienced by
those who expand their capacity for living.


The more commonly civilized and sophisticated are the people,
the stronger is their belief in the importance of the things
they routinely discuss and debate.

It is indeed the paradigm of
“The Dance That Never Ends,”
but which also never affords the participants that final, satisfying “dip.”

Like much else in the realm of things transcendental,
ordinary men have a notion of mystics often being reticent recluses,
but for mistaken reasons,
not for the simple, obvious one.

…(And legend tells of a certain man who,
just as the moment of Enlightenment was about to fall upon him,
heard a voice whisper to his mind, “Get ready now to…dip!”)


The speaker announced that his subject would be,
“How Proselytistic Enthusiasm Is Connected To Routine Hormonal States,”
and opened with this remark,
“Men only passionately attempt to convert others when they want to screw
And someone in the audience immediately asked,
“By ‘screw them,’ do you mean that such proselytizers wish to trick &
deceive others, or that they actually want to have sex with them?”
And the speaker replied by restating the title of his speech,
“How Proselytistic Enthusiasm Is Connected To Routine Hormonal States.”

When one sees clearly how the tracks are laid out in the lives of ordinary
men, and comes to understand what little interest they have in the matter,
one’s zeal
to reveal to them
alternative possibilities
tends to (to say the least)
remain below the boiling point.

The reason that attempting to truly help others is such a problematic and
thankless task is not because of some vague, unpredictable incalculable,
but rather due to the fact that men ordinarily only desire assistance in
staying just as they are.


Concern for matters local
keeps one’s vistas quite parochial.

When all you see is home, you want to stay at home.

A Solid Citizen’s City, Philosophical, Updated Dictum:
“I think, therefore I’m immobile.”


Travel On The Intellectual Highway

At every crossroads and interchange,
there is at least one possibility that the mind never considers.

A man once asked a mystic,
“Can you ‘think’ your way to happiness and enlightenment?”
And the mystic replied,
“No-o-o, but
you can do so to darkness and despair
(if indeed this info is of any use to you).”

…Which does bring up interesting infrastructure considerations (such as):
What can even the most astute of asphalt do with exhortations to
“not just lie there!” But,
as unpromising as the situation at first seems,
there is always the opportunity available to it to consider alternatives to
either just lying there or not lying there.
Unconventional but not inconceivable.


After doing one of the gods a favor,
the deity returned the man’s kindness by saying to him
first thing every morning when he awoke, “Remember!”
so that the day would begin with the increased possibility that
the man could continue the stated activity on throughout the day.

A man with nothing wilfully on his mind
will have by default whatever life wants him to have.
…And if you still expect this to ever come to anything worthwhile, well,
good luck! — and dream on you dreamer you.


Irony and its offspring cynicism
have both made their appearance in the mental life of man due to
the natural lag between the time of today’s sunset and tomorrow’s sunrise.

Hurry can be good in the area of physical hunger,
but less so in others.
That is,
it may certainly be proper for the stomach to immediately pounce on
the first edible food it finds,
but in truth consciousness is not under such pressing restrictions.

…(Which, you might care to consider,
is what has given rise to the mistaken belief in the immortality of mystics,
for it is not that their bodies transcend death, but rather their

When you know what lies behind,
and you glimpse what’s up ahead,
there’s no present space left for the mental uncertainties that
spawn such sensations as
sarcasm, criticism, contempt, ridicule, and
all other forms of nonphysical aggression.

…Based on the just noted, then might it be that the more awakened are not
necessarily “kinder, gentler, more charitable people” due to some
unfathomable spiritual transformation, but rather due to the fact that


The Big Guy Goes A’Angling

With those ideas commonly discussed by men does life fish for their


The main thing in the proper disposal of garbage is that
it be in little-bitty pieces.
…(And don’t bother asking me if this is intended literally, or
metaphorically, somehow related to mental activity.)


One Time-Line Of Some Who Seek A Seat On The Great Mystical Express

Once they’ve found their way thereon, and the train begins to move,
some soon believe that the trip may cause them to “lose their mind.”

Then after some years on the journey,
a few begin to ultimately fear that it will not!

…One man became so upset over this possibility that he began
standing in the space between the cars
while sticking out his tongue at the world a’whizzin’ by,
only to suffer the final, cold indignity of having it —
while in its extended, insulting position — adhere to himself.


The Absolute, Surefire Way To Identify The “Incurably Ill”:

Easy, they’re the ones who, if you offer them a cure, won’t take it.


A father so noted to his son,
“There are three ways you can react to the ideas you hear
other men express regarding the nature of life:
you can (as is normal) take them literally,
or you can see them as a metaphor for something else not said,
or you can turn them into a satire of themselves.”

…And after thinking on this for a while, the boy asked the old man,
“Is there no other way?”
And his elder replied, “Yes, there is one other.”
“Which is?”
“Which is almost impossible to describe, but it’s something like this:
you simply don’t think about the ideas you hear from other men.”


To ordinary minds,
to be awash amidst the latest fashions, controversies, and cliches
is their evidence to themselves of their mental vitality and individuality
— while to the more conscious just the opposite would be true.

Round 2:
“To ordinary minds,
to be awash amidst the latest fashions, controversies, and cliches
is their evidence to themselves of their mental vitality and individuality”
— and don’t say this can’t be true,
that even the sentence itself is self-contradictory,
for all you’ll do is start a new controversy
which can become trendy and festooned with its own attendant buzzwords,
and make you living proof of the statement.


The simple see the conflict as being out there,
while the sophisticated see is as being within themselves,
but only the awakened know where it really is.
…(Or even what it is!)


The Difference Between The Definition Of Things & The Things Themselves

Definitions are local, while the things themselves are not.
…(Even greater incentive [eh what?] to yak it up!)

Corollary Health Tip:
One way to help protect yourself from the harshness of reality is to simply
talk about it.
…(And as you might suspect, this only works with ordinary people.)


A man once asked a mystic,
“I’ve noticed that when other people ask you if such-and-such historic
figure was a mystic or not
that you’ll say ‘I don’t know’ —
do you do that for some specific purpose?”
And the mystic replied, “I don’t know.”


In the instinctive world, muscles collide,
in the mental, words do.


After witnessing a mystic decline an offer to write a preface to someone’s
book, a man said to him,
“I guess you don’t lend your name to other people’s work?”
And the mystic mused,
“Hell, I just barely lend it to my own.”

Someone once pondered,
“Is evidence of a man’s level of consciousness the fact that,
after knowing him for twenty years,
you don’t know any more about him personally than you did when you first
met him?”


The simple still run the world,
with those aggressively so in apparent control.

There are no philosophical leaders among the wolves —
only the meanest.


In any undertaking,
any reasonable man looking out after his own self-interest
will first off consider the possibilities inherent therein and open to
him (for example):
if one concludes that secret information about life does exist,
but that it is known at any given time by only a small number of men,
and one decides to go in search of same,
one should immediately ask oneself,
“Even should I find one of these men,
how do I know that he will tell me what he knows?
Or, if he does tell me something, how will I know that it’s genuine?”
And the answer of course is that
there is no way that you can “know for sure” the answer to
such questions in advance (which is to say):
“You can’t know before you know.” So! —
if! — if a man could actually understand this when he first
undertakes his search
(which, though improbable, I use to highlight another potential),
might he not from the very beginning
look to some area other than “other men” as the possible source of
the desired information?
…And, “Yes!” would reply all reasonable men now.
But just look how terribly long it takes to move one’s consciousness into
any position even remotely resembling the present…and a contemporaneous
understanding of one’s self.


It’s understandable that everyone “wants to know,”
but not so
regarding with what so little passion
they do so.


Another Note Regarding That Most Curious, Mystical Express

You are only on the train
when you remember that
you are one the train.

* * *


A viewer writes:
“How come you hardly ever talk about money? —
in fact, how come you never do?”

Rarely do you find the interests common to ordinary minds
to be of much interest or value to those more conscious —
for, unlike the ordinary,
once their basic physical needs are met,
their interests turn in directions far removed from older, survival ones
to younger, not-so-specific, more-difficult-to-describe ones
in the futuristic area of consciousness.


To accept the fact that you have specific, identifiable, “psychological
problems” which are unique to you individually,
is to have the muther-fu…is to have them for the rest of your days.

All kingdoms divided
are in pain.


One mind once wondered,
“Why do so many people want to know if
a more conscious man could ever do anything evil or injurious to others?”
…(A question [I might suggest to you] that is pregnant with
many useful possibilities far beyond the immediately apparent.)

There were once two mighty, adjacent kingdoms,
a situation which to routine observers
always implies necessary conflict! —
and if not now forever impending.

The reason that a more conscious mind can live in peace
is because that it lives only with itself.


The thing about examples is that they can never be completely proved or
totally disproved.


If you ask someone who’s actually been to Istanbul how they got there,
any directions they may give you will not reveal how they got there —
but out of simple politeness, along with your common shared interest,
they feel obliged to somehow respond to your question.


Another take on the notion of Immortality-Amongst-The-More-Conscious:

It’s not really a matter of the enlightened “living forever,”
but rather the fact that they truly don’t care whether they die or not.


One man finally decided that he’d talk to no one but himself —
and said he considered even that conditional and temporary.


The simple have it easy —
when they don’t know what to think, they simply ask somebody.


In a herd we’re born and physically run,
but on your own two legs only is it possible to fly.


Only life can put the brakes on life,
while an individual man’s mind can him.


One man discovered a dam in his yard —
this in spite of the fact that
most of his neighbors still weren’t even aware that they had a river in


The more conscious are more interested in the universal nature of life
than they are in the personal incidents of their own life —
which might be why they so seldom seem to think of making mention thereof.


Time to face it:

The Crucible —

Anything people are talking about is not worth thinking about.


Another History Of Days Gone By

There was once a circus that consisted of but one act:
they shot mystics out of cannons.
And fortunate were towns that lay in their trajectory.

Note: In this tale, the words circus, mystics, cannons, and fortunate towns
do not mean what they mean now.


And now, for your convenience & comfort — free! this “Sure Bet”:
The only ones who say that they’d give anything in the world to
“Know The Secret,”
are those who don’t know The Secret.
…And may I point out that this is not as ridiculously self-evident as the
mere grammar of the sentence conveys.

Additional Angles To The Matter

A man once caught a wondrous fish, the likes of which he’d never seen,
but no one else seemed as impressed by it as he was,
so soon he quit showing it around —
but discovered he was stuck with it in an unexpected way —
turned out that the thing would not rot away,
and turned out that he couldn’t throw it away —
so there he was, just him and his wondrous fish.


After seeing several of his public appearances,
a man approached a certain mystic and said to him,
“I’ve been around entertainment all of my life, but I’ve got to tell you,
you’ve got the damndest act I’ve ever seen! —
and on top of that, I can’t even tell what it is!”