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1553 96019 02/14/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


Religion attempted to heal men’s soul;
government, his behavior;
psychiatry, his mind.
…Guess that about covers it, eh what?

All criticism begins as wonder,
and all wonder begins as ignorance,
and all ignorance becomes the answer to its own questions.
…About covers it, what?

Ancient myth tells of the days when the Spirit Of Mysticism walked the
Earth, and announced to those who might seek its face,
“Amidst all that is useless, look for me there.”


Understanding that the local is always specific and the universal not,
ponder this:
The body is naturally specific-based,
while the mind has other opportunities available to it.

…Carried onward, consider this:
Examples are always local,
and thus, no matter their apparent pertinence and exactness,
can never reveal anything beyond their own boundaries —
anything of an unconditional, universal nature.

…Applying this to men rather than just ideas,
does it become clearer why the more conscious tell so few
personal anecdotes about themselves?

The stronger the acceptance one has of hisr native personality
the weaker the possibility of him ever seeing
and experiencing life there beyond.

Only ants, habitual inhabitants of the ant hill,
believe that a study thereof — more than a single initial one —
holds out “promise.”

The beauty of a view from outer space is that,
once you’ve seen one thing fully, you’ve seen everything.


A lad asked his dad,
“If the truly rich never think of money,
do the truly knowledgeable never think of ignorance?”

There was once a land where everyone knew everything —
that is, everyone but this one man,
and after a time he began to believe that he was in possession of something
unknown to everyone else.
The name of this land was Isn’t That The Way It Goes?

A boy inquired of his father,
“If there was a place where it rained all of the time,
would it benefit the inhabitants to be told of sunshine?”

There was once a world on which
everyone was their own parent, and
everyone was their own offspring.
The name of this world was
Don’t I Wish I Could Always Remember That This Is How Things Really Are?


Two kinds of men take to the public Serious Podium to speak:
the ordinary, and those who know something extra-ordinary.
Both waste their time, but one more than the other…since they should
know better.

There was once a mystic who one day stopped and thought:
“I may be too hard on my own mind —
after all,
without it
I wouldn’t have anybody to talk to about all this!”

Legend says that a hunter should never shoot the last bird in the sky
until he has a practical knowledge of avian production.

Public myths of warriors defending their homeland while in retreat
by burning the last bridge behind them
are physical commandeering of what was originally a mental battle strategy.


Pop Tart Quiz:
If such things were visible,
how could you differentiate a parade of the more conscious
from an everyday one? —
The former variety would be sending out, from their own ranks,
those to run up ahead of them
to stand on the sidewalks, sticking out their tongues and laughing.
…(Either that or the progression of the more conscious would still be
exactly as it is now — in-friggin’-visible.)

Moral: It’s quite difficult to get people to laugh at something
they already think is ridiculous.

There was once a kingdom of great potential,
but it remained undiscovered — hidden in the middle of every other

As he was being booted out of the garden door, Adam was asked by God
whether, as a going-away consolation, he would prefer to be blinded, or
be fitted with a pair of glasses that distorts everything beyond belief.


Those who life can’t get to take drugs, it makes think…in a normal

…After being held in confinement for a considerable time,
one man managed his escape by
making his straitjacket appear to be a psychiatrist’s smock.

…(After learning of what he’d done,
the mental-health-care professionals were, to say the least, “upset,”
but which was nothing compared to the outrage experienced by the other
…Oh, and by-de-by: if you have trouble making sense of the above,
you probably possess the abilities to have a future in the mental-health
field…on one side or the other.)


From one view you could say that the more conscious either have
better sight than everyone else, or else, worse
in that they can look at a thing and see only the thing.

And a man asked a mystic,
“Wait a minute, let me get this straight once and for all:
is being more conscious having the ability to look at a thing
and see only the thing,
or to look at a thing a see how it is connected to everything else extant?”
And the mystic replied, “Now you’re gettin’ it!”

…(Which [if you’re interested] is about what the man was afraid he’d say.)


Life pours a ton of energy through everybody
with most of it being wasted —
not that those it’s wasted on can ever realize it —
much of the energy available goes absolutely to waste.

Definition: Mystics — Earth’s first conservationists and recyclers.

A man once asked a transcendental thinker,
“Is everything old new again?”
To which the thinker replied,
“Can you reverse that and it still make sense to you?”


For a blind man who’s seen the sunrise,
and tried to describe it to his fellow sightless with no success,
keeping a level of excitement related thereto can become quite a challenge.

…And all the little blind people said, “Aw-w-w-w.”


Even amongst one-time mystics who have “aged too well,” it remains true:
Once a Republican, always a Republican.

…(Another reason that
travelers properly seasoned
get off the first train as soon as possible.)

Caution: If you are prepared to go to your grave
wrapped proudly in you present garb,
be it known that you will die.

The reason you see so few mystics embalmed is because of their
already-in-action plans of “self-resurrection.”

Another interesting aspect of travel on the Mystic Express it that
you can’t go
dressed as you are now —
no matter how that is.

…”At least,” mused one sojourner, well into his sojourn,
“on this particular journey, you can’t ever get your money back.”


Another way to look at it (as long as you still are looking at it) is that
the mind deals in specific, local examples,
while expanded consciousness trades in all-encompassing universals.

Further note: The former always requires explaining and defending,
while the latter just is.


One mystical order is said to have taught that
every time life tells you to “wait a minute”
it is a test! —
a test the purpose of which no one understands.
when life says “wait a minute”
your best bet is to do…something-or-the-other…or else, not.

Cheese-Quiz Time: Just what is the difference between the religious’ belief
that life is some sort of spiritual test,
and a similar situation regarding the more conscious
and the above touched on? —
Well, sir: The religious think of man’s mundane existence
as some sort of test to determine one’s future fitness,
while those on more familiar terms with life understand
not to mail in box tops for prizes
to any organization whose address is outside this

“Hey-y-y,” cried a gaggle of youngsters clutching beheaded boxes of cereal,
“what have we suckered ourselves into?…”
But never being one to be caught off-guard, napping, or otherwise
unprepared, life immediately calmed their festering testiness by saying,
“Wait a minute.” And them continuing to be the alert little devils they
are, they hesitated but a moment, then said, “Okay.”


The sensation of progress within the overall mortal parade
is maintained as long as men can mentally arrange things so that (for
instance) the state of “being wet” can be held culpable, rather than
the rain.
…(And if you don’t get this one either, welcome to the parade.)


Looking around one day, one man was struck by this thought regarding death:
“Something funny’s afoot
when one of the things that gets the living most excited
is the idea of not living.”

…Would anybody on the Blue Team care to take this idea
and find some application thereof to how men ordinarily get excited in
their thinking?…Hum-m-m?

…(And the little kid with glasses [second from left] said that
he might give it a try, but only if his school would get some new computers
or sports equipment if he was correct.
…You know, you gotta admire a smart-ass like that.)


There is a legend that tells of one mystical school which never spoke of
any matter other than the specifically mystical;
they never addressed any aspect of ordinary human existence,
only matters directly and solely mystical.
Legend goes on to say that such a school never existed long enough
to actually exist — outside a legend.
…(Legend does add, however, that you’re free to ponder this matter

The Tale Of The Mighty Warrior

Once upon a time there was a mighty warrior
who unhesitatingly, for many years, attacked any and all possible targets.
But then the day came
when he wearied of such efforts —
but what could he do? —
after all, he was a warrior.

The End (at least according to legend).

* * *


To help hold his seat on the train of transcendency,
one man strove to hold in his mind, at all times, the number one —
then after so traveling for some years
he attempted to keep his seat by keeping in his mind, at all times,
the number two —
and after a few years thus spent,
and feeling himself to have made “real progress,”
he decided to either
temporarily cease thinking of certain numbers — or
change seats.

Note: Those born Republican can scarce bear the thought of becoming


Way back, when men had dumber ideas,
some believed that squinty, little eyes were a sure sign of stupidity
…course what made this actually dumb was that they
were spelling “eyes” the wrong way.

One man’s mind said,
“I squint, therefore I get by.”

In reaction to the world moving too quickly (as they perceived it),
one band of trees began making their home in the tops of squirrels.

…And another man’s mind said,
“It is nourishment such as that
on which I cannot survive.”


One way to tell when a mystic is calling for help
is by all the silence you hear.

There was once a man who came to understand so much that he
tore off his glasses,
ripped out his hearing aid,
threw away his wooden leg, and commenced to
collapse of the ground — deaf, and unable to see where he was.

The reason so few mystics believe in “good luck” is because of the
hidden cost involved.


Mental Shopping By Mail

Although death has your final package to deliver,
between now and then,
sleep continues to call to make sure you’re still at home.


All civilizations begin as dreams,
all religions as drugs —
so what does all mysticism start out as?
…And if you don’t know the answer, you’re getting close.


While ordinary men sometimes pass along the insult one to another that
“You couldn’t think your way out of a paper bag,”
those of extended awareness are striving to become mental “paper bags.”

In a faraway, fantastic kingdom
was once a man of firm opinions and convictions
who was of such mental sensitivity that he was extraordinarily easy to
intellectually offend —
and this man,
this very same man,
was never elected king.


Life is in radio contact with all areas of the universe,
and on some planets it broadcasts on two separate bands (like AM and FM)
whereby it sends out one signal to the inhabitants’ feet,
and another to their heads.
…(After hearing of this, one man tried to do the same thing in his own


A man pondered: “What can cause excitement other than
hunger, fear, or dreams?”
And not being able to think of any more,
he decided there weren’t enough for him to start talking to people about
them trying to become more conscious.

One man agreed to bring the birthday cake and presents,
but said that others would have to blow out the candles and open them.
…And in appreciation the would-be party-goers told him not to bother.

The distinction between the mystical express and routine trains is that
the mystical pulls up its own tracks behind itself to use as fuel to go

One version of the story says that Adam left the original garden of paradise
of his own choosing after God told him he was going to have to start
providing his own entertainment and excitement.

From our continuing Philosophical Dictum Updating:
Those standing squarely in the middle of contemporary life say,
“I think, therefore I think I’m enthused,” while the more conscious feel,
“I think anew, and have thereby refreshed myself into another level of


If you don’t change your underwear, you can’t change your hat,
and, if you don’t clean out the basement, the penthouse will stay cluttered,
since there’s no way you can change your underwear while your hat’s still
on or clean out the basement while the upstairs is still cluttered,
what can one do?
…And of course the answer is, for the sane and ordinary, nothing!
There is nothing that can be done! —
but…not quite good enough for the few
who’ve been able to “back off” and get a better view.

While something may be sequentially and spatially impossible in one
dimension, it can be otherwise in another.
…Why else you think that transcendental realms exist?…if they do…
and even if they don’t,
they only don’t in the dimension in which they seem to don’t.

Ergo: Even in worlds where you can’t change your hat
’til you’ve changed your underwear,
and where you can’t change your underwear while your hat’s on,
magicians in-the-know can still take off their vest
without removing their coat.

The danger (and joy, I might add)
to being the last car on the train leaving town is that
someone will always take a shot at you. …(If you’re lucky.)


How To Identify The Incurably Dumb: They take being dumb seriously.

A certain mystic once went to see a doctor
just to complain about the magazines in his waiting room.

…And after being encouraged by the experience, he
then went on to do something similar to himself regarding his own
mental antechamber.

In an attempt to bring about a new sense of intellectual balance,
one man fired a bullet into the area of his left frontal lobe —
only to miss and hit himself most painfully in the clavicle!
…(Which did result in better weight distribution in his shoulders,
but did nothing to improve his opinionated mental posture.)

…(“Of course,” added one man,
“there is yet another way to spot the incurably dumb,
which is by the fact that they even misspell the word ‘dumb’ —
such as I just did.”

The reason you see so few mystics committing suicide is because
you see so few of them alive to begin with.


How To Learn Secrets Not Known To Normal Man:

There are two ways to go about this —
the first way is to listen and learn from other people,
and the second way is to learn some other way.

…Is it any wonder that education remains the popular pastime it is?


And now, just in time for the holidays,
yet another definition of those ever-popular creatures, The Mystics.

Mystics: Those who always — and everywhere — open their presents early.

…(And here again [if needed]
is additional proof that everyone else is much smarter than

There was once a man who pulled on his own fake beard
only to find guess what underneath.
…(And he said he’d never do that again!
…[obviously not part of The Jolly Ole Saint Know-It-All School].)


Life looks as much to man for mental procreation as it does physical.
This presently is so on the collective level rather than the individual.


The Secret is not seen in pieces —
oh, pieces of it can be seen,
but it is not to be found in the piecemeal specifics
that the mind locally makes of the universal.


In the city, buildings age from the top down,
while in the country barns crumble from the bottom up —
what this says regarding how the more alert should turn the pages
is at least that they shouldn’t fall victim to either of the above.

You can build on a hill,
or build in a valley,
but the juice of life still runs through the heart.


At least,
one of the benefits of “being sick” is that
you have “getting well” to look forward to.

A boy,
born into a family of mystics,
was a bit miffed in that,
as he was growing up, they never went anywhere.


With a sense of mystery,
many men can longer retain a sense of mental excitement.
…Another advantage the ordinary have over the more conscious.


Beings born on Venus, to further awaken, must go to Mars —
but then
they must come back home.


Once upon a time, in a land far away,
there was a clown who wearied of his clowning,
and decided he’d take on the appearance of a mystic;

also in that distant kingdom was a mystic,
a mystic who wearied of being a mystic,
and decided he’d take on the appearance of a clown —

and then one day they met, face-to-face, on a one-person pathway,
and now,
being unable to tell themselves one from the other,
they merged into a single, happy entity and disappeared.


Once you accept a specific mental area as being a relevant field of
conflict, you will then of necessity defend a local position thereon
and be oblivious to its placement within the universal.

Nearby daggers do men use to blind themselves to faraway sights.


According to a just-released report,
one researcher claims to have discovered a neurotransmitter which is
produced by talk, and which in turn produces anomalies in normal thought


There was once an order of knights
who only attacked red dragons,
but inasmuch as they lived in a crimson world
no dragons did they ever find.

When mystics go a’wanderin’,
not only do they take along whiskey in case of snake bite,
but also a snake.


The Tale Of Mighty Minds

In the Land Of City Giants,
the weak and simple can withstand any assault —
other than ridicule.


The people of one city began to sing to a mystic,
“Please don’t talk about us when we’re gone…” —
then suddenly stopped,
suddenly realizing that it was not them but the mystic who was leaving.