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The News

1552   (96018)    02/12/1996
Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


There was once a wondrous land, through which ran a mighty river,
and some of those who lived nearby began to believe that it would be
a good thing to build levies and damns to direct and control its flow —
so they tried —
but the task proved more difficult than they had ever imagined,
and even their best, present efforts produced less than spectacular
results —
and most of them soon abandoned actual work on the project,
yet they all continued to periodically think about it.

The future is always with man
in that he forever feels its stirring.


It is by the mind that reality, to man, has become both more real and less
real, and once you understand this you no longer have any cause to ever
speak or think the word “reality” —
cause (you see)
you’re sorta “back home again” (even though for the first time),
and to “be back home” (even by such surrealistic definition)
is to be in a place where no comment is required —
where your mere presence is all that need be said.

Such then is the operational relationship between the more conscious
and what others call “reality” —
they are in it, same as everyone else,
but, not same as everyone else, they unconditionally recognize it as home.
…(And what well-mannered child has tales to tell of his family?)


There was once a man who discovered something very-little known,
and when he decided he’d talk about it
he realized that his potential audience would be quite limited,
so in the beginning he’d preface all his remarks by noting how small
and exclusive were the numbers of people interested-in and able to hear-of
matters such as he was prepared to reveal.
But after some time along this line,
he began to fear that his prophecies were becoming self-fulfilling,
so he changed his approach and began to introduce his comments by saying
that the subject at hand was one of significance and importance to all
…and yet
the numbers of those practically interested remained about the same.

Moral: If there’s not nude dancers and free beer, forget it!
…And if you’re surprised at this, have a beer & doubly forget
about it.

Routine existence provides its own forms of excitement and entertainment,
which is about all that collective humanity is equipped to enjoy —
anything beyond that is unexpected, unnecessary, and difficult to discern,
with its survival always in the hands of but a few.


A Religion That Never Went Anywhere! —
I Mean It Never Even Got Off The Ground!

…What it did was to
go around cutting people down from gallows.
…And if you’re getting as perceptive as you should be
you realize this applies, not just to religion,
but to all general aspects of what men think of as their “civilizations.”

– – –

The prime ingredient for the conveyance of information is repetition —
“Oh, I’m sorry, did you say the prime ingredient for the
conveyance of information, or for civilization? — civ-i-li-zation.”
(Very funny!)

* * *


Another Look At The Stickiness Of The Situation

If sheep did have the unrealized potential to fly,
how could you ever direct their interest thereto
without first going through a process of making them feel less than adequate
just being sheep?

Ergo: The titillation many enjoy in their dreams of harsh, accusatory
mystical disciplines wherein (they imagine)
men are made to properly feel guilty and ashamed at a new & higher
level…as if indeed this might drive sheep to fly.

…(Don’t forget however that for every glue there is a solvent.)


Update & Showdown Time At The Proverb Corral

You can fool some of the people all of the time,
and all of the people some of the time,
but, if you’re life, you can fool all of the people all of the time,
including those who make up proverbs.

…See, the problem was that
someone told Doc Holliday not to look into the sun when he drew his gun,
when the truth of the matter is that,
under the normal conditions you find around these here parts,
if you look off in any direction, you’re a dead man!


There is nothing to ever be learned or gained
from following anyone or anything
down a road that diminishes and demeans man —
which in turn will always be one that embraces, even glorifies,
those aspects less than manly.


One group decided they’d “expose” a certain mystic —
but all they were able to do was take his clothes off.
You can’t hide that which people are already unable to see — see?

One man was finally able to strip his own mind and personality,
and you think he was embarrassed? Hey, get real!


Credo For Routine Existence

A day with no thoughts of illness is a day not fully lived.

* * *


Through certain mental and verbal maneuvers do men attempt to distance
themselves from their past and aspects of its influence on the present
which they find unacceptable;
this is done primarily by identifying action that is condemnable as being
separate from the actor.
Thus do men secretly strive to distinguish their instinctive self from
their mental.


If the majority of those who claim to be interested in things mystical
do not hear it spoken of in terms either spiritual
or related to “self-improvement,”
they don’t feel as though they’ve actually heard it spoken of.


Another Peek At The Confining, Binary, In-The-Alternative Construction Of
Man’s Mental Expectations

Some prophecies are said to be “self-fulfilling,” when in fact,
except for those which aren’t, all are.


There was once a race of creatures who lived on a purple planet,
but due to the physical structure of their eyes
they could not naturally see the color purple,
but one day one of them finally did discern the color of their world,
but when he attempted to tell the others what he’d seen…well,
let’s just say this: it’s a good thing he didn’t give up his regular job.


One way to keep horses at home, without fences or corrals,
is to make them feel guilty.


Would-be mystics are most excited about the idea of The Secret when they’re
twenty, then they become more focused on finding it when they’re thirty,
then they become more determined in their search when they’re forty —
and by the time they’re fifty, most of them,
regardless of what they say,
have joined the ranks of the resigned and defeated.

…(And looking back on how they began
it’s almost enough to make one say: “Sad, but true.”
Except that, should you do so, you’d be dangerously close to joining them.)

if the race is not to the swift, nor the strong, then who to?
Well, obviously to the idiots who continue to run the thing
long after its meaningless nature’s become clear to ordinary men.

Even while at routine levels repetition is a sorry handmaiden to the status
quo, at the transcendental there is a certain quite crude, most effective
power to perseverance.

None can be called heroic who surrender at an early age —
who give up at the first sign that the battle cannot be won
as then perceived.

The last man standing — inside of a man — is the mystical, triumphant


Under ordinary conditions,
the growth of the mind is a ball of string made larger and larger and
larger and….


How To Stay Sick And Minimize The Possibility Of Unwanted Assistance in
Getting Better

First off of course is to take your sickness seriously!
Secondly is to believe resolutely that it is you who is sick,
and lastly is to never, ever ponder any relationship between your sickness
and your sensation of having an individual “personality.”


It’s hard to stir up excitement among the dead —
and especially with those neurally so.


And Another Note Regarding The Dichotomous Restraints Of
Routine Mental Perception

If The Secret weren’t so simple, it’d be complex,
and then not the same secret.


Dialogue For Two

“One guy had a little man who lived in his head…least that’s what he
“Who, the guy, or the little man?”
“He didn’t say.”


Any mental reaction you have to the mental actions of other men
is no more than an act of urination on a heap of dung.

To struggle-with and criticize the ideas flowing through ordinary men
is to forever swim in a sea of tar.
(Or if you don’t care for that metaphor, how about:
is to forever dine at the table of cannibals?)

The sound of the wind tells the more conscious nothing other than
how the wind sounds.


From a simple view, everyone’s weak —
and from a more complex one, none as weak as those who proclaim it.

…Another reason you see so few mystics wearing retainers on their teeth
is because they long-g-g ago
already bit off their tongues.


Those laid out to rest — neurally dead while yet alive —
always sense the future to be a place of disquiet and disorder.

Hence ordinary men’s distrust of tomorrow as they perceive it to be,
leaving them grasping at the past and clinging to the present
(at least to what minute portions they are able to imagine there be),
and parallel to this
the unexpected enormity of the few’s love for all things yet realized,
and their total dissatisfaction with all things as they are.


Mental Confinement And The Effort Of Some To Break Free

In his attempt to escape from his prison,
one man changed its mailing address.

Thinking fast (when they came to repossess his car)
this one man offered them his feet instead.


While art studies dreams,
and religion studies fears,
and science studies things,
and psychology studies itself,
who is left to study man but mystics?

…(Which of course ultimately is to say: “Who else really wants to?”)

After reading and hearing about such things for years,
one man finally located a mystic and asked him,
“What’s the ‘big deal’ with all this stuff you people are involved in?”
And the mystic replied, “Damn’f I know.”

First came the universe which imagined it had a mind —
then came man, with a mind, who imagines there is a universe.

And now for a simple fact that is continually overlooked:
everyone is smarter than a mystic.