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The News

1551 96017 02/09/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


One Tale Of One Who Longed For Adventure

There was once a man who was interested in exotic travel —
and he heard there was someone giving a lecture on such —
so he went —
and he listened —
and he left… …and thought about it some more.

The End


Men in prison see bars separating them from freedom,
but what’s weird is that they see the bars as being something
totally external to their position
when they are equally a part thereof.

The bars are as close to them as they are distant from them.
…Such is the natural structure of man’s routine awareness.


There was once a traveling caravan
which claimed it could teach you “How To Be Sick.”

…Did it ever stop in your town?


Every orthodontist knows
when your bite is off, your jaw is fatigued,
but where is the specialist to make a relative observation regarding the
conclusions one holds, related to one’s mental vitality?


The simple ride horses too wild,
while the sophisticates opt for driven carriages,
and the few who want to go where neither care to tread
must provide their own way around.

“Gads!” said one traveler, “but it’s great to be all alone!
…especially when you have no choice.
Gads! and more gads!”


The environment of a man
is the environment of all men,
but by the mind individualizing it
men are relieved temporarily
from having to face the overall fact.

A man once said, “I don’t want to be relieved.”
And his grandmother was startled,
“I had no idea you had transcendental leanings!”

Legend tells of one man’s appearance before the Great Bar Of Infinite
Justice after his death, whereat he was asked by the mighty Eternal Judge
to tell the court of the loftier, more conscious activities he pursued
and experienced during his lifetime, and the man replied,
“Well, to tell you the truth, Your Honor,
I would always black out before mentally reaching my higher aims.”


Most people believe that the world’s great ideas come from books.
…What a curious notion.


Blues For Those Not Makin’ It Under Normal City Conditions

“Oh, if troubles were money,
I wouldn’t have a single dime….”

Dig it: If you don’t play the game, why you can’t even lose the game.

…And several priests, politicians, and morticians
raised the objection,
“A man’s livelihood is no ‘game’!”

And yet, if you play by city rules, it is —
and a serious one at that! —
regardless of the illusion of winning or losing.

“Oh, if bad luck was dollars,
I’m proud to say I’m broke…. Oh…”

* * *


In the interest of fair play,
we will now present some info in rebuttal to several recent stories we
covered regarding a certain matter.

Note: Were it not for “sores in the mouth,”
mankind would not have any of the various cultural, religious,
political, and artistic institutions he now enjoys —
in fact, civilization itself would be doubtful.


The Fabric Of Consciousness

To those of certain, sensitive touch,
different thoughts have their own unique texture.

“And exactly how,” asked the elder monk of a neophyte,
“would you describe ‘Buddha mind’?”
And the younger thoughtfully replied,
“Ah-h-h, I’d say about a 42 long.”


A boy asked his father,
“Why do men believe in things they can’t see,
such as gods, demons, and supernatural forces of all kinds,
when they won’t believe in what’s right before their eyes?”
And the old man thought to himself,
“There may be hope for the little fucker yet.”


Only moribund minds find certain ideas controversial —
regressive some can be,
but “controversial” is just a childish tug-of-was carried out in a cemetery.


A man wrote to The Write To Me Doctor and asked him:
“Is the actual difference between being normally conscious and being more
so that in the first instance you’re just conscious and that’s it,
while in the latter case you’re conscious and conscious of being so?
Tell me, doctor, is that it?”
To which the doctor replied,
“You misspelled ‘difference.'”


The Problem With Certain Descriptions

Every time you say that “one-who-knows-The-Secret”
would be like this
or be like that,
you move the heat a bit away from the fire.

The solution of course is to be able to hear
with a discerning ear.


On one planet they say that men on Earth are but a metaphor for something
else unseen and unsuspected.

One purpose of the seriousness with which men hold their individual
personalities is so they’ll never have even the slightest inclination to
ever see themselves as an allegory or representation of anything other
than what they immediately seem to be.

City philosophical dictum update: “I’m me — therefore I am. …I think.”


Man’s Normal State Of Mental Indebtedness And Certain Efforts By Some
To Get Out Under Therefrom

In an attempt to escape his creditors, one man changed their name.


How The Various Human Institutions Continue To Survive, Even Flourish,
In Spite Of The Fact That Their Goals Are Never Achieved

The normally sick
(who don’t want to get well)
know well which physicians to avoid.

Those who believe in great, secret knowledge do so
not based on any facts,
but on their own needs.

Run-of-the-mill burros
would not continue to plod toward the horizon
were they too suspicious of what lay ahead.


Men have no trouble living the instinctive life to the hilt
(just look at protruding stomachs),
but few attempt anything remotely similar with their intellects.


The simple love dogmatic statements! …No! I mean it!

A chap wrote to the Anti-Meretricious Man and asked him:
“Just what constitutes being ‘simple’?”
And the nonpretentious one replied:
“Doing and especially thinking
only that which is natural to you.”


Several Of The Many Legends Concerning The Mystical Orient Express

One is that it never really leaves the station, and it is the passengers who
Another is that there is no engineer up front,
and that it is the conductor, who the passengers see in the aisle,
who’s actually operating the train.
And still another says that on some of its journeys
the conductor dresses up like a clown…as a test of some sort.
And perhaps the strangest of all the legends is that
the Express does not even exist! —
and that the belief that it does is kept alive solely by those on it.

…”Yeah-h-h!” says one man, “there’s the benefit of History over myth! —
one of ’em’s not true! Yeah-h-h!”


The ordinary mind looking for The Secret
is like a kid in a closet who wants to see what the dark’s like in there,
but won’t close the door.

As soon as a man became sufficiently conscious to invent language and
grammar, he came up with the idea of the period,
so’s to enjoy at least some passing sensations of finality and conclusion.

…Yet another reason you see so few dead awakened people.


Although such is likely not required by the up-to-date and sophisticated,
we nonetheless bring you this health tip for solid city living:
To treat his headaches, one man developed a good case of diarrhea.

Even before men could think in any manner resembling focused,
they could point here and there to distract themselves.


Subservient wolves will await the dominant one to feed them,
same as men will wait for other men to tell them what’s what —
but lest to conclusions you too hastily leap, note this:
both camps are doing quite nicely, thank you.

And a viewer writes:
“What you just said is the very type of thing that keeps ordinary people
like myself from ever getting really interested in the kinds of things you
generally talk about.
I say this in spite of the fact that, while I understand what I mean by
this, it actually makes no sense whatsoever if you reread it and think about
My question to you, sir, is
why do you persist in saying things that are so confusing
amidst all the other stuff you talk about?
And: P.S. I am aware that I misspelled ‘whatsoever.’
A Viewer.”


The normal balance of mental interest amongst men is such that,
for every thousand works of art devoted to man’s possible
higher level of consciousness,
there’re a hundred and eighty billion zillion not.

…”Least,” mused one guy, “makes ’em easier to find.”

(…Hey-y-y!…was that a joke or sumthin’?…)


One small way to keep yourself from ever getting close to The Secret
is to continue to say things that you have no real interest in nor

In city ballrooms,
you don’t need music “to dance” —
all you need is talk.

But now, in the general interest of health,
we feel obliged to offer an opposing view of the above:

Without the normal flow of natural talk,
adults are not properly immunized.


If anything was as sticky to the body as thoughts are to the mind,
we’d spend all our time pickin’ stuff off us.

…Which, in reference to things intellectual, might not be such a bad idea.


As long as you can name your oppressors, you will have oppressors.


The young dream of their future,
while the old look back on their past,
but the minds of man in toto
cannot be said specifically to be either here or there
at the present moment.


For select passengers on the Express,
the danger in undiagnosed train sickness is that it can
come up on you simply through aging,
and get you heaved off like a dead sack of last month’s mail.


At normal, horizontal city level,
one sure sign that you’ve become “a mental being”
is that you’ve developed mental problems.

One guy at the zoo
looked at a baboon in his cage and said,
“Believe me, you’ve got no idea how weird it is being here!”
Which the primate interpreted to mean:
“You’ve got no idea how weird it is being human!”

…(One technical note you might find of interest is the fact that
in his thinking the baboon misspelled the word “human.”)


As part of Life’s continuing dedication to making man’s existence here
as fair and equitable as possible under the circumstances,
things are arranged so that most people never get smart enough to realize
how dumb they are.


When the simple get sick they simply get sick,
but as men become more horizontally advanced and sophisticated
they begin to ascribe metaphysical significance to all their ills.
…A curious turn, wouldn’t you say?


The Total Picture Of All Human Dissatisfaction And Nonfulfillment
Exposed And Explained In Four Words

Stomachs growl — minds dream.

(Class dismissed)

* * *


The heroics of the more conscious are mostly myths.

The Unstated City Credo:
“I don’t fully admire nobody ’til they’re completely dead!”

…But on the other hand,
an awakened man
doesn’t miss himself after he’s gone.


On some evolving worlds, men live in a fog —
on others, it in them.

After a long, long voyage, one man said,
“I can almost put my finger on it.”
…Which of course is not the correct part of the anatomy,
but we assume he speaks metaphorically.


The Subsequent Song Of A Seeker Who Finally Found Something

“Oh, you can
look out the windows,
or look under the bed,
but everywhere you look’ll just be
a prelude.”

Query: What kind of idiot blind man blames objects for not being seen?


The nose can be smashed — the mind only offended.
…Which is one reason you so seldom see the more conscious bleeding from
the head.