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The News

1549 96015 02/05/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


Are There Things That Men Can’t Face Up To? Don’t Wanna Face Up To?
Or Simply Have No Need To Confront?

On the holiday calendar of one city were listed celebrations of
Poor People’s Day, Sick People’s Day, Old People’s Day,
even Lonely People’s Day,
but not one of Dumb People’s Day — you figure this omission is purposeful?
…I mean, consider:
in their overall pursuit of entertainment,
they unflinchingly glorify that which is base
and regressive in man’s behavior,
so why the lack of specific commemoration of the sluggish mental state
which is the most visible and immediately apparent source of such behavior?

…Yeah — who but the few
wanna know more than they actually need to?

…And, of course, oh yeah!: No one can be said to be dumb,
stupid, or living in a daze who has not already, with some
success, struggled to escape therefrom.
…So, from an expanded mental position:
none can be said to be actually ill
who have not at some time been
actually well.


In one land,
mystics who live past the age of fifty are driven from the city
due to their later-year tendency to become mere social critics.


In the world of thought,
if you can only be right by others being wrong, you’re not right.


A lad asked his dad,
“Is it better that the blind never even get a glimpse of the world?”
And the old man replied,
“Have you been watching that curious cable show again?”


To the alert ear,
everything life says to man it prefaces with a loud, “Yo!”


A viewer writes:
“I’d like to know more about that story you read that claimed a
hormone had been discovered that distorts the way we think.”
— I’ll bet you would!


A man wrote to The Doctor Who Knows Everything and asked him:
“How can you make people ‘snap-out-of-it’?”
“You can’t,” he replied.


On one world,
the ultimate disguise and defense of anyone who knew-The-Secret
was to appear to be a comedian of some kind.


According to legend, there was once a planet on which
the thinking creatures began to develop too quickly,
and life took care of the situation by giving them “serious ears.”

…(And from somewhere in this galaxy a voice said,
“Is that supposed to be a joke?”)

Deep down in the recesses of one man’s skull,
his thinking looked around and noted,
“It sure is weird-d-d in here.”


Since all submit, only the unenlightened feel fatalistic.

– – –

Cows uncertain of Chicago’s location can’t fully enjoy the train ride.

– – –

Those who know, know, and those who don’t, don’t. End of story.

* * *


Today’s Literary News: Only ordinary people have a biography.


For Halloween, one man would dress up as Commander Obvious,
but his costume never won a prize since no one could see him.


How To Escape The Confinement Of Natural Thought:
Go to a place where there is no up or down, left or right, true or
false, and there will you first discover freedom.


Ships going nowhere in particular
have the most passenger faces
staring out of portholes.


The Question Ordinary Minds Never Attempt:
Is the human experience determined by the mind,
or is the mind merely a recorder of same?
…and a less-than-objective one at that?


One man gave his own natural mental conclusions
the dismissive name: “Yeah, yeah….”


A man once discovered a new oasis in the desert,
but when he told the others back at the old one, none were interested.
And for a while he continued to talk about it, then lost interest himself.
…”Do you mean that he himself lost interest in his discovery,
or that he lost interest in talking about it to disinterested ears?”

New discoveries are always but a few sand grains away.


One way by which life keeps unscheduled discoveries from upsetting the
overall routine of things
is by causing men to eventually establish a systemized organization
around the discovery.


Once every eight years of so,
one man would gather together all of his presently active
thoughts, theories, beliefs, opinions, hunches, dreams, etc.,
and direct them all to, “Form a line! —
arranging yourselves according to age, height, weight, or however you wanna
do it.”
And when they’d done so,
and were all neatly lined up in a single file, he’d shoot ’em all — dead!


One man’s poem:
“Ideas of change make me feel uneasy,
and uncertain moves tend to make me queasy;

when conditions shift, I feel like a whore.”
And so saying this, nailed his feet to the floor.

“Permanency” — The elusive family name of middle-class minds.


There was once a time in which
men could entertain extraordinary ideas
only after the one who’d originally thought them had gone.


One man was held captive in a tall building,
and though he was eventually able to get partially free from his
upper-story captors,
the lower-floor ones were another story altogether.


The meaner, dominant wolf leading a pack can seem to the subordinate ones
to possess mystical powers.


The benefit in being less than fully committed to The Quest is in the
fun you can still have just hearing about it.


The unrecognized chronology of man is that he
physically lives seventy years, while mentally dead fifty.

The unstable reminder to the interested is that
the ordinary mind hears all unexpected observations of man as criticism —
and is thus able to resist and even deny them.


There is a fairground known but to a few,
wherein is collected all things pleasant, and all things not —
it is known to those there as The Objective Familiarity With Life.


The simple like to hang out with those even more simple
so they can pretend to help them.


Today’s Fact: You’re not fully awake or enlightened until
you’re more so than anyone you’ve ever heard of.

– – –

One man’s song:
“It’s easy when it’s greasy,
but rough when it’s not.”
And so saying that, filed the corners off his brain.


At city level, there are two major, ready audiences for
“Things Which Seem Mystical”:
the first group consists of those who want it to sound simple and specific,
and the other of those who want theirs vague and occult.
…(And remember, right now we’re just talking about ordinary ears & minds.)

– – –

One man named the bridge that connected his right frontal lobe to his left
one: “Sequence Makes Me Sick.”


The history of man is whatever life wants it to be —
thus the
uselessness of looking outside yourself
to see where he has been.


Taking up a temporary position on the hillside not normally occupied,
a man looked out and pondered,
“Which is the more pathetic, men’s routine belief in the mystical,
or the standard ways in which they attempt to pursue it?”
…And, as soon as he was sure you’d heard that, he left.

– – –

Rather than curing gum disease,
there is a way in which you can brush that will make it worse.

…Thus, the mystic’s reminder: Rinse out your mind
after every lifetime.