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1548   (96014)    02/02/1996
Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


Concerning What Seems To Be, Ofttimes, Common Sensations:

One man said he felt like life told him not to stand there,
and a friend asked, “Stand where?”
And the man thought about this for a while, then replied,
“Anywhere, I think.”

The reason that everyone’s loved in their own home town
is because that’s why they stay there.

Author’s Variation: No sensation is worth attention that is not concerned
with consciousness.

A common man can be a happy man…if he doesn’t get too big for his
commonness…like in trying to leave town (and stuff like that).

Mystic’s Interpretation: “Consciousness which is common is too common for

Sheep think only of things sheep-like,
and ordinary men, only of that which everyone else is.

…And one man arranged his affairs in such a way that he eventually
said to himself, “Don’t stand there,” and understood what he meant.

A certain band of men once discovered a great river,
one of such singular attributes that they decided they must locate its
they all agreed on this —
but, as it turned out, only a few actually undertook the search.

One man began telling his neurons not to play with the neighbor’s children.


Fun And Games

Simple men have simple pleasures,
the sophisticated, more complex ones,
and those directly familiar with life…well…you take it from here.

Legend tells of a certain mystical school
which would allow those involved therein
to only “feel bad”
if they were actually sick…and had a note from their doctor…or mother.

To alligators were lying in the sun, and one of them said,
“You know, if I was dying, I don’t think I’d wanna know about it. Would
And the second one mulled this over for a bit, then replied,
“Well, once you do know about it,
isn’t it kinda, like, too late to talk about not wanting to know? —
plus, us being alligators and all,
and not normally able to think about anything,
am I to assume that you were speaking metaphorically, anyway?”
And the first alligator gave himself a big stretch — and just smiled.

Simple men have their simple pleasures,
while the more expansive must wander farther and farther from the water


Songs That Get Sung ‘Twixt Here And There

You can look at your feet,
you can look at your heart,
you can look at your head…but you can’t see much.

…One reason you so seldom hear ditties
from the more conscious is simply because
they have discovered how to look in places, and at things,
that others can’t,
so singing about it later’s kind of a wasted effort.

You can look at your feet,
you can look at your heart,
you can look at your head, but through all of it,
still not get hypnotized and turned into stone.

…And as the more alert began to leave her there,
Lot’s wife thought: “Guess I’ve still go a lot to learn.”


From The More Conscious Man’s Secret Handbook,
this item (page 12, second paragraph):
The danger in trying to lead other people
is in the natural tendency to take them where you want to go.

…(Is probably a good thing that more people, and even less, don’t see this
book — especially in the everyday world!)

A man moaned, “Ohhh, I feel like I’m dying!”
And, unexpectedly, life responded, “You’re not dying — you’re living.”
And the man replied, “Ohhh, but it feels like dying.”
To which life responded, “Yeah, that’s it —
that is living.”
“Ohhhhh,” groaned the man.

Author’s Notation: No story is worth anything that is not about
consciousness — no matter what it may seem to be about.

Little Known Fact: Buddha did some of his best writing at a desk he
kept in his weight room.

Quiz Time In The City:
What’s the difference in ridiculing a man’s religion,
and making fun of his shoes? —
One seems more important that the other.

Fact Time In The City:
Without the inclusion of “S” in civilization, it could not stand.
“But there’s no letter S in the word civilization!”
Sure there is, fool — “S” for seriousness.

Back to Quiz Time again:
What’s the difference in pointing out a man’s ignorance,
and noting that his suit is out of style? —
That’s right, one of them seems of more significance than the other.

Okay, back to Fact Time In The City:
Then tell me this, could the developed, civilized life man head have ever
occurred without some things seeming more important than other? —
Well, certainly not, but what’s that got to do with it?

Moral Time In The City:
It sure is hard to ever come to any real firm conclusions over there,
ain’t it?

One guy said, “I’m on drugs.” And his friend said, “How can you tell?”
And he said, “I’m alive, aren’t I?”
The Pharmaceuticals Of Being Extant And (If Human) Possibly Conscious

A viewer writes:
“I used to have real trouble distinguishing fact from fiction —
that is, I thought I did…’til I started watching you.”


A man who’d read some books,
ranging from the areas of astronomy to zoology, said to a friend,
“It’s amazing: we’re composed of the same materials that make up stars and
And his friend replied, “Which are you?”

At earthbound level,
both the overly simple and sophisticated
take themselves to be of too much personal significance
…which they’re supposed to
…but which doesn’t help them much in the way of understanding.

“If you beat on people enough, will they finally ‘snap out of it’?”
“Either that, or get black and blue.”

As the stranger walked from the village, he looked back and said to the
people, “I’m glad I was able to be of assistance.” And a voice in the crowd
shouted out, “I knew you weren’t a mystic!”


The mere physical circumstances of existence
make the red red, blue blue, and green green,
and the mere physical needs of physical growth require that
one of the colors eventually begin to deny its shade.

The matter of Expansion & Development — spelled with a capital In Yo Face!

The ordinary evolve gradually, subtly, and piecemeal,
while those who really wanna “have at it” have at it!

Our Toll-Free Number: If you wait for a bus, it’ll never come.

…Which, of course, is why the bus stops are always
full. “Hey, wait a minute: you mean they’re full
because no bus ever arrives to pick anyone up? —
or they’re full because people know that
one’s not coming, and that’s precisely where
they want to be?” …Hey, you’re getting better.


Once the crowd had settled down, the speaker commenced his remarks:
“Look at it this way (allegorically of course)…
think of it as…everyone who’s alive is ill in some way, and it’s only the
more conscious who aren’t, so how come the hell that they appear to be
alive? — Huh-h-h?”
…And following that, the crowd became so much more settled down that,
for all real intentions, it ceased to be.
…And a head hearing this said to itself,
“No story regarding a speaker addressing an audience
is worth thinking about that is not actually pointing to something having
to do with a man’s own consciousness. …Now, is it?”


There are two kinds of reality:
the reality which the ordinary speak of — which is their speculations —
then the other one…which the ordinary never, ever dream of
…much less talk about.

And a viewer writes:
“Didn’t I write to you last week
asking why almost everything you ever mention
you eventually say exists in two forms?
And note, this is the second time I’ve written to you about the same matter.
…What d’ya think?…What’m I supposed to think?”


The simple experience being alive mostly as a physical thing,
while the more civilized feel it to be primarily a mental experience;
how the hell a more conscious person might feel about it, who knows? —
and who cares, anyway?

On a certain planet was once a race of beings
who knew that, after thirty-six years, they’d go to another nearby world;
this knowledge had such a profound impact on them — I mean so profound —
that none of them seemed particularly aware of it.

Two crocodiles were lying by a river, and one of them said,
“How can you tell that you’re becoming civilized?”
And the second one ventured the guess,
“You start straying farther and farther away from the river?”
And the first crocodile was suddenly much impressed by the fact that
he was able to ask such a question,
and excused himself, and began walking away.

According to legend in one land:
After you die sufficiently, your liver and intestines can leave you
and go to a better world — but not your consciousness.


One guy’s theory as to the origins of all religious and mystical rituals is
that ordinary men were so annoyed over the fact that a few seemed to have
actually discovered The Secret, and they apparently could not,
that in retaliation and reaction thereto they came up with them.

Many of the strange activities going on at train stations,
promoted by those who never leave the building and go anywhere,
are, by this explanation, better understood.

Auditory Corollary: When the mystical express is up to speed,
from its passing windows little is heard.


A man’s expanding awareness initially reveals to him that
things can be taken literally or metaphorically,
but there is a level of comprehension beyond that which at first
encompasses then transcends both the literal and the metaphorical.

A man’s expanding awareness initially reveals to him that
things can be taken literally or metaphorically,
but there is a level of comprehension beyond that which at first
encompasses then transcends both the literal and metaphorical,
and, while it has no natural name, the one I will give it is:
“The nonverbal consciousness of life by a conscious creature.”

After all’s been thought and said,
what’s left is what caused men to think and say what they did.

…No one tours the back lot like a mystic does…nor do they want to.

A father so noted to a son,
“To routine perception, around the edges things seemed to get frayed —
which, to a more perceptive observer, is a good and useful thing.”

A king in the middle of his kingdom is too close to the middle.


A man once swallowed a tiger, and became much more physically alert —
he later swallowed a second tiger, and became more emotionally so —
he then swallowed a physics instructor and became more mentally alert;
now he wonders if all the effort was wasted,
inasmuch as he was a man to begin with.

Once upon a time a guy jumped out from behind a tree,
and grabbed a mystic by the throat, and demanded to know
just what is the point of knowing where you’re going
if you’re not actually going anywhere.
…Are you aware of how consistently life replays this little scene thru

…Just as a reminder to himself, you know what one man did?
…just as a reminder?…

The way you can tell that you’re in the real mystical Parisian terminal
is by the fact that those on the platform in charge of calling out the
trains won’t give you any information.


One man began to experience what he’d always heard others refer to as
“supernatural abilities and sensitivities,”
and the more he became familiar with them
the more was he struck by their similarity to his sexual energy.



A more conscious man never prescribes for himself mental-drugs-of-ideas
which are depressants.


A man wrote to a mystic:
“Over the last several years, I have heard you speak on numerous occasions,
and at first I was impressed with what you had to say,
then I seemed to become more taken by your style of speech,
but now I’ve come back to being more interested in what it is that you say,
and here’s my question — has what I’ve described been tracking and
reflecting something happening in me regarding my attention-to and
awareness-of my own mental processes?”

…Well, look at it from the animal’s viewpoint:
a well-endowed, blue-breasted titmouse
has no business whatsoever
playing accordion in a marching band.


In support of his efforts regarding eating and sitting,
one man, whenever he’d go in the kitchen, would always stand on the counter.

Little-Known Cosmic Fact: On every consciously inhabited planet,
up is up, down is down,
left is left,
and some is left to some of us more than others.

If you live where everyone else does, you begin to look like them.
…(You begin to see like them also.)


In that grand pursuit to understand life,
long past the place where it should have given up,
the mind will persist — insisting that
it is forever
right on the verge of a “major breakthrough.”


Now another in that series that we hate to call
“Never Say ‘Die’ ‘Til You’re Completely Dead,
And No One Totally Is As Long As They Can Take Another Listen”:

Everyone has the sound of a stream running through their yard —
and most people are never satisfied until they amp it.


A man who lived in a cave, up in the mystical mountains,
one day was talking to the animals that stayed there with him, and said,
“Shortly after the first man left the original garden of peace & nothing-
to-say, he began to think —
and shortly after that, he began to have urges to think transcendentally! —
and soon after he was able to have a few
they split into two separate lines — one serious, the other not so much
so — and one became Religion, and the other, this kinda thing.
…And you know what really gets me? —
the fact that that first man has never even sent me a thank-you note.”
And, upon hearing this,
one of the goats seemed to get as ticked off about it as the man was.


Now for some old news — really old news:
Those who don’t know what they’re doing
are delighted to have you join them in their efforts.


A man once offered a mystic a large sum of cash if he’d tell him whether
the payoff to the mystical life is in something you learn,
or something you experience.

…Okay, the rest of the story:
The mystic, being an honest sort and all,
didn’t take the man’s money,
knowing that he couldn’t hear the answer…even assuming there is one.

Okay, Moral: Never buy anything unless you know what it is —
in which case it’s already too late,
and it’s a good thing for you that life won’t take a postdated

Okay, Double-Layered Moral: One reason that mystics are known to travel so
much is due to the difficulty of getting someone somewhere else
to accept anything from you drawn on an out-of-town account.
…See, in contrast to what you’ve already heard about,
that’s why the more anxious-&-alert will push their kids to
play with their neighbors! —
especially if they’re weird…and different…
and maybe from a foreign country and stuff.


After many years of struggling for enlightenment,
one man did begin to sense his tongue becoming a bit more conscious.

…(“And I’d settle for that!” cried out many an alert ear.)

There was once a mystical activity that went by the name “I Don’t Get It.”
It named itself that since it knew that’s what people would
end up calling it anyway.

In a faraway kingdom, once lived a king who told his son that,
in case he ever found himself before a firing squad,
the way to avoid the incoming bullets was to
run out to meet them.