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The News

1547 96013 01/31/96 Copyright J. M. Cox 1996


Legend says that
a sign once suddenly appeared in a town which announced:
“If there are enough people interested,
I will come there & reveal to you the secret-of-secrets, and
will remove all of the mystery from the mystery of life.”
Legend further says that whoever it was, for whatever reason, never showed

Nonlegend hereby informs you that
ordinary people say that they want to know a lot more than they actually do.

According to cosmic myth:
There was once a most strange planet on which the creatures would not accept
mail if they did not like the looks of the letter carrier.

Nonmythological data tells of an earthling who once opened his own skull
and looked in, only to, also, not care for what he saw.


What Can Men Be Held Responsible For?

Their physical make-up?
Their mental condition?
Their emotional cycles?…well…obviously
no one can be liable for aspects of themselves (such as hair color) that are
determined by the act of merely being born.
So what does that leave?…Cleve?…


In the span of one man’s lifetime,
only the individual has any potential — not the collective.


The Mind And The Question Of It Trying To Figure Things Out

One man put it to his, thusly:
“Hey, old dear,
look a’here,
just what the hell you think you’re a doin’?”

…And faced with it in that fashion, it had no reply.

* * *


Seating Arrangements

The simple tend to take up too much room,
while the more civilized will often show signs of
being concerned about the amount of space they occupy.

…Can anyone relate this to different types of ideas,
and how they fit into a man’s thought processes?


It’s easier to emotionally feel bad alone than in a crowd.


The natural state of man’s mental awareness is one of just drifting &
wandering, unless something external demands its focused attention.
Query: How is this related to what mystics seem always up to?


Thought it is quite understandable for the damp to feel that life is all
wet, what is it about man that inhibits a constant remembrance of the fact
that nothing stays wet forever?


One man continually used a variety of aliases,
and for no other reason than to remind himself of what little significance
is a name.


There is a religious cult that claims that after death, in heaven,
men will find themselves separated into certain groupings
which will exactly match the cliques they experienced in high school.


A hippo and a hawk were discussing which of them was the more graceful,
and their attention eventually turned to the question: In what context
would such a judgement be appropriate?

…Can anyone tie this to the earlier “seating arrangements” story
regarding how the simple tend to take up too much space (etc.)
and it’s application to mental processes?


A kingdom too isolationist can implode.


One man had a wild body
which he eventually brought under control —
he also had wild emotions
which he also managed to tame —
and he lastly had a wild mind
which he also finally subdued —
but, after that,
he began to look back and have doubts as to the actual control he had
brought to bear on emotions.


Not satisfied to let sleeping certainties lie,
the next time they met, the head monk again tested the neophytes
with this question,
“Okay, then — which disturbs your peace most,
the fact that half the world lives in substandard housing,
or that you have a sore in your mouth?”



The simple don’t take life seriously enough,
while the more civilized take it too seriously,
which leaves the rest of the field wide open for those who understand life.


A man asked a mystic,
“Is it really possible to think too much?”
And the mystic squinted his eyes, began rubbing his chin,
and generally fidgeted about reflectively for a few minutes,
then asked the man, “What d’you think?”
And the man replied, “Well, I’m glad you asked…”


The only rules worthy to live by are any developed by you.


Compared to the natural pleasures of the body,
it seems that, for similar mental experiences,
drugs of various types (physical and otherwise) must be introduced.

…(And for those of you phone-in-hand,
ready to call the pharmacist, consider this,
there are two types of mental drugs: those which stimulate,
and those which depress.)


Pursuant to his desire to keep the various aspects of his life properly
separated, one man would not read in the bathroom, nor take a dump in the


“What D’Ya Think” Time:

Do those-who-know-The-Secret speak in metaphors to delude or impress others,
or because that is how they learned from themselves?


At the heroic level:
None can be cured save those who absolutely will not tolerate their illness.

“That sounds much easier said than done.”
“Not only that, but if you can’t do it, it can’t be done.”


A Question Regarding Unrecognized Charitable Needs

If ideas are to the mind as food is to the body,
then why is there no widespread concern over mankind’s condition of
near neural starvation?


Only two kinds of men are ever satisfied: the dead and the awakened.


The more civilized you are, the more you tend to take “feeling bad”
to be mentally based.


A man with slack attention never wants for a friend —
he is continually reintroduced to the same old aspects of himself
over and over again.


Taking his cue from a tag he found on some marked-down clothing,
one man named his normal thinking processes: Torn In Places.

Why is it that watching other people eat can make you hungry,
and watching other people sleep can make you tired,
and watching other people screw can make you horny,
but seeing someone else exercise their intellect in a more conscious manner
has no such reciprocal effect on the observer?

Those on The Quest shouldn’t think of their thinking as “thinking,”
but rather as “thought management.”


Regardless of the fact that men say they will die for their ideas
(and that in fact some apparently do),
it is not so —
in the realm beyond the instinctive, that is, in the world of ideas,
no one really gives a damn one way or the other about anything!

“Wow, listen to those wolves howl!”
“Yeah, but they don’t take the sound itself personally.”


One mystic,
on his business card,
listed himself as “Agent For The Obvious.”


A Double-Decker:
No matter how good they feel, most people don’t believe it’ll last.
No matter how good they feel, most people don’t believe that it’s good

One man,
rather than run the risk of feeling either good or bad,
decided he’d try not to feel either way — in particular.


According to one legend:
When the tracks of his particular mystical express ran out,
one traveler laid his own.

…And according to still another legend: That’s the only kind there are.


Spare yourself potential ear damage by trying to hear that which doesn’t
exist — Life never tells a real man to “give it a rest.”


Some Instructional News For Those Who Might Want To Withdraw

Don’t become a hermit in your own home town.

…(That is: don’t seclude your consciousness amongst your own,
old, mental environment.)


One man says,
“If everything can be seen as a metaphor for something else,
and the something else can then be seen as a metaphor for yet something
else, then where should man be looking for that which is literal and


Thought one man,
“After death, I’d like to come back as a dog,
with all the emotions of a dog,
but also with my mind still intact — but unable to interfere with the


From a certain view:
on the more simplistic level,
many ordinary people use their “human suffering” as a kind of unrealized,
unfocused “walk on the mystical side.”

…Having said that,
do be reminded that the basis of all discomforts unique to man
is the fact that he is forever an unfinished piece of business —
which recollection should make the above more sensible.


To a fully realized and awakened ruler, the mind alone is too small a


Only two kinds of people don’t care about health: the sick, and the well.


The power of sex can make the simple smile,
that of ideas, the more sophisticated —
but leave it to the more conscious to find a place of delight between the
two…and everywhere else, for dat matter.


Is the ultimate test of a mystic whether or not
anyone else ever finds him as entertaining and informative as he does?